Finishedness For Ma Textiles 10
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Finishedness For Ma Textiles 10



a seminar that explores the idea of finish

a seminar that explores the idea of finish



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Finishedness For Ma Textiles 10 Finishedness For Ma Textiles 10 Presentation Transcript

  • finishedness
  • when is a piece of work finished?
  • OED dictionary definition finish bring or come to an end, complete; to reach the end of a task or race etc consume all of; put final touches to; last stage point where a race etc ends, complete state.
  • creating images does the making of images have specific concerns around the idea of finish? we will consider a number of elements and their relation to finish in the context of making images.
  • material/ matter content idea / intention
  • ideas where do they come from?
  • what are you interested in? what are you attempting to communicate? at what point do ideas become intention?
  • content layout form/structure design
  • how does content relate to your intention?
  • physical qualities of materials appearance weight texture colour size
  • is there a particular balance in relation to the materials and the idea?
  • choice of materials paper metal plastic ink etc
  • do certain materials have a specific finished state?
  • function audience context timescale intention budget
  • factors effecting choice intention - brief function - functionality timescale - budget - audience - who location - context
  • intention - brief
  • is it important to know the ‘brief’ to make a judgement around ‘finishedness’?
  • function – functionality
  • does function relate to the making of images or just the form they are placed in?
  • timescale
  • how do deadlines affect the finish of work?
  • budget
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • is it possible to buy finish?
  • audience
  • how does an acknowledgement of audience for the work affect the finish?
  • location - space gallery library shop book magazine on-line mediated by systems
  • does the context complete the work?
  • function audience context timescale intention budget
  • what do you need from a piece of work in relation to the idea of finish? reflect on your role as a viewer
  • what elements would you have in your equation ?
  • consider the relationship between maker viewer consider the criteria that you use to evaluate when/if a piece of work has finishedness. develop your own equation.
  • material/ matter content intention
  • F=C i F=finished piece i=idea fully communicated
  • I+C+M=finished M=materials C=content I=intention
  • Shared experience maker - purpose viewer - respect/understanding = finished (
  • maker = viewer decide - display
  • i r t u _ _ + = f maker i = intention t = thought process r = realisation u= understanding viewer o = open mind ( ) o
  • to say something + durable + well made + to produce + = define = reaction = wholeness = finite
  • PP + M + U + T = F 2 2 2 PP = physical presence M = meaning (intent & readability) U = understanding intent T = taste (target audience) F = finished 2 2 2
  • 8 = making finishedness intuition reaction inspiration
  • (F 1 +c 1 =u)x( - + - )=F 1 F = form C = content U = understanding M = maker V = viewer C = communication I = interaction M V C I
  • (g+l) x C = F g = goal reached l = looking polished c = contentness h = happy
  • viewer artist I A P O M B M M A
  • a work is finished when 2 + 2 = 5
  • is finished an issue ? can we (do we want to) create a structure/model where finished is not an issue ?
  • what specific role do the audience have in the completion of a bookwork ? can/do the audience finish the work ? physically spiritually emotionally
  • does an idea only succumb to the idea of finish, finished, finishedness within a capitalist structure? i.e. commodity tradable commercial
  • dematerialization of object role of artists skills process experts lateral thinking creative problem solving material understanding communicators
  • alternative structures ‘buying’ an idea authorship intervention internet
  • is an object on the journey to what it is? or is it is destroyed as it finished, completed, exhausted - dead ?