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Finishedness 2014
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Finishedness 2014


Published on

presentation given to MA Book Art Students at Camberwell

presentation given to MA Book Art Students at Camberwell

Published in: Education

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  • 1. when is a piece of work finished? 2014
  • 2. OED dictionary definition finish bring or come to an end, complete; to reach the end of a task or race etc consume all of; put final touches to; last stage point where a race etc ends, complete state.
  • 3. making books does the book have specific concerns around the idea of finish? consider various elements and their relation to finish in the context of book.
  • 4. idea where do they come from? what if any is the role of research? are they moulded to ‘consider’ the format/form of books? what are you attempting to communicate?
  • 5. content design layout form/structure how does the content relate to your intention?
  • 6. choice of materials paper wood plastic ink etc do certain materials have a finished state?
  • 7. physical qualities of materials appearance weight texture colour size is there a particular balance in relation to the materials and the factors above?
  • 8. factors effecting choice intention - brief function - functionality timescale budget audience is it important to know the ‘brief’ to make a judgement around ‘finishedness’?
  • 9. location - space gallery library shop on-line how does the space complete the work?
  • 10. what do you need from a piece of work in relation to the idea of finish? as a maker - as a viewer
  • 11. what judgements do you make?
  • 12. what makes it finished?
  • 13. so
  • 14. consider the role of maker viewer around the criteria you use to evaluate when/if a piece of work has finishedness
  • 15. what elements would you have in your diagram or equation?
  • 16. material / matter content intention
  • 17. F=Ci F=finished piece i=idea fully communicated
  • 18. I+C+M=finished M=materials C=content I=intention
  • 19. Shared experience maker - purpose viewer - respect/understanding = finished(
  • 20. maker = viewer decide - display
  • 21. i r t u _ _+ = f maker i = intention t = thought process r = realisation u= understanding viewer o = open mind ( ) o
  • 22. to say something + durable + well made + to produce + = define = reaction = wholeness = finite
  • 23. PP + M + U + T = F 2 2 2 PP = physical presence M = meaning (intent & readability) U = understanding intent T = taste (target audience) F = finished 2 2 2
  • 24. 8 = making finishedness intuition reaction inspiration
  • 25. a work is finished when 2 + 2 = 5
  • 26. viewer artist I A P O M B M M A
  • 27. An + - / x = zn x ) - ; + ( z = tools .. . . -. 8 8 (F1+c1=u)x( - + - )=F1 F = form C = content U = understanding M = maker V = viewer C = communication I = interaction M V C I
  • 28. o v m u - + - ( )= success O = objects M = materials V = viewers U = understanding A = action
  • 29. f = s f = finished s = started
  • 30. (g+l) x C = Finished g = goal reached l = looking polished c = contentness h = happy
  • 31. your turn
  • 32. attempt to create an equation/diagram for the idea of finishedness
  • 33. individually
  • 34. in pairs
  • 35. OED dictionary definition finish bring or come to an end, complete; to reach the end of a task or race etc consume all of; put final touches to; last stage point where a race etc ends, complete state.
  • 36. Entry: finished Function: adjective Definition: cultivated Synonyms: accomplished, all-around, classic, consummate, cultured, elegant, expert, exquisite, flawless, impeccable, many-sided, masterly, perfected, polished, professional, proficient, refined, skilled, smooth, suave, urbane, versatile Concept: superiority
  • 37. Entry: complete Function: adjective Definition: finished Synonyms: accomplished, achieved, all over, all-embracing, all-inclusive, attained, compassed, concluded, consummate, done, done with, down, effected, ended, entire, executed, fini, finished off, full, full-fledged, home free, perfect, plenary, realised, sweeping, terminated, thorough Concept: achievement
  • 38. Entry: finished Function: adjective Definition: complete Synonyms: accomplished, achieved, brought about, ceased, closed, compassed, completed, concluded, consummated, decided, discharged, dispatched, disposed of, done, done for, done with, effected, effectuated, elaborated, ended, entire, executed, final, finalised, fulfilled, full, lapsed, made, over, perfected, performed, realised, resolved, satisfied, settled, sewed up, shut, stopped, terminated, through, tied up, worked out, wound up, wrapped up Concept: completeness
  • 39. Entry: done Function: adjective Definition: accomplished Synonyms: a wrap, all in, all over, brought about, buttoned up, compassed, complete, completed, concluded, consummated, depleted, done in, done with, down, drained, effected, effete, ended, executed, exhausted, finished, fixed, fulfilled, over, perfected, performed, realised, rendered, set, spent, succeeded, terminated, through, used up, wired, wrought Concept: completeness
  • 40. is finished an issue ? can we (do we want to) create a structure/model where finished is not an issue ?
  • 41. what specific role do the audience have in the completion of a bookwork ? can/do the audience finish the work ? physically spiritually emotionally
  • 42. does an idea only succumb to the concept of finish, finished, finishedness within a capitalist structure? i.e. commodity tradable commercial
  • 43. dematerialization of object role of artists skills process experts lateral thinking creative problem solving material understanding communicators
  • 44. alternative structures ‘buying’ an idea authorship intervention internet
  • 45. is an object on the journey to what it is? or is it is destroyed as it finished, completed, exhausted - dead ?
  • 46. Jessica Hagy –
  • 47. Jessica Hagy –
  • 48.
  • 49.