009 intro to powerpoint 01


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presentation given to year 1 textile students at NUA Norwich

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009 intro to powerpoint 01

  1. 1. PowerPoint is a metaprogram, one that organises and presents stuff created in other applications.
  2. 2. Initially PowerPoint is limiting, inflexible, and biased, like most software.
  3. 3. "using PowerPoint is fun and relatively easy. The pleasurable rewards come quickly and often. Your amateur presentation looks at least as good as any professional's". David Byrne
  4. 4. PowerPoint's order and structure give it the appearance of rationality and scientific rigor. This appearance is easy to emulate.
  5. 5. "Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely." Vint Cerf.
  6. 6. PowerPoint has the potential to make any content look like a serious statement about anything.
  7. 7. PowerPoint communicates within certain limited parameters really well and very easily. The genius of it is that it was designed for any idiot to use. You can learn it in a few hours, and that's the idea.
  8. 8. "PowerPoint is like a school play - very loud, very slow, and very simple" Edward R. Tufte.
  9. 9. "It's very reductionist, there is a crude linearity to the way the program works. Unlike a book or a Web site, you can't flip around the pages. It's more like a teleprompter.“ Nancy Halpern, a PowerPoint specialist at the Strickland Group
  10. 10. Nelson Mandela did not use PowerPoint to inspire people
  11. 11. so
  12. 12. consider your story linear narrative chronological thematic
  13. 13. images choose images that you can talk about that are part of your story choose images so that they can be prompts text consider the text as titles
  14. 14. to start 1 2 3 4 5 build a good filing system open PhotoShop find image open in Photoshop image – resize – image size
  15. 15. image resize image size
  16. 16. image resize image size
  17. 17. open up a new document in PowerPoint save as - give the presentation a title Decide on its location.... - within the same folder as images - within a folder with all presentations - within the unit
  18. 18. design typography images background layout
  19. 19. background
  20. 20. design design Design typography images typography images background layout background layout typography images background layout
  21. 21. design Typography images background layout design Typography images background layout
  22. 22. sign ypography mages background yout
  23. 23. design  design typography  typography images  images background  background layout  layout
  24. 24. design typography background layout
  25. 25. design design • design typography typography • typography images images • images background background• background layout layout • layout
  26. 26. open up the document in PowerPoint
  27. 27. open up the document in PowerPoint insert title insert image insert text insert image etc, etc, etc, etc.
  28. 28. transitions transitions between frames transitions within frame
  29. 29. transitions between frames
  30. 30. transitions within frames
  31. 31. performing the presentation images use images as prompts – tell at least one fact per image text do not read off the screen – it is really boring and –your audience can read.