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Presentation given at HighlightMidwest.org conference after being redesigned

Presentation given at HighlightMidwest.org conference after being redesigned

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  • 1. A New Omaha Rising
  • 2. Dusty Davidson Matt Secoske Jeff Slobotski
  • 3. silos
  • 4. Artists Musicians Innovators Entrepreneurs Techies Web Designers
  • 5. Interesting people doing interesting things, without knowing about each other.
  • 6. We are changing that.
  • 7. Social Media is helping to bring our divergent communities (developers, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, etc) together.
  • 8. How did we get here?
  • 9. Sarah Lacy’s money shot
  • 10. quot;Omaha is looking at what is has — a different culture of innovation, ... a creative class — and trying to build a community that will support anyone who has a good idea and the stomach to try to start something.quot; quot;They live and breathe the Web 2.0 movement, are excited by it, and want to jump in.quot;
  • 11. Barcamp Omaha • 30+ attendee-led sessions • 100+ attendees • 15+ sponsors • Great opportunity for networking / sharing ideas with our “creative class” • Building Community!
  • 12. Video Updates Podcasts Ustream
  • 13. Soo...where to from here?
  • 14. Keep moving forward
  • 15. events, events, events Infotec 2009
  • 16. BIG Omaha 2009 May 7th & 8th 2009
  • 17. Warren?
  • 18. Bring together local resources
  • 19. Creative incubator
  • 20. Market-driven innovation • National partners • Identifying key “pain points” amongst companies, and pairing seasoned entrepreneurs with then to solve those problems
  • 21. Other social media initiatives...
  • 22. Wrapping up • “Siloed” but lots of people out there • Number one priority is to keep building community + events, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, interviews, stories... + without community, the other endeavors are difficult (or impossible) to foster • Work with city leaders and other entrepreneurs to build infrastructure around this community • Begin to launch companies, highlight existing companies, showcase cool things 
  • 23. Thank you!