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The alamo The alamo Presentation Transcript

  • THE ALAMO fact v.s fiction
  • WHAT IS THE ALAMO?the Alamo is a battle fought between the US andMexico for control of a fort that guarded one of tworoads into Texas. The americans fought to defend theAlamo but were greatly outnumbered and eventuallyoverran.
  • WHAT WE BELIEVECol. David Crocket, Col. William Barrett Travis andJim Bowie were cast as heroes who came to fight forfreedom and against tyranny. Santa Anna became theinvader.
  • WHAT IS TRUETravis and Bowie were heroes at the Alamo butscoundrels up to then. Travis fled wife, child and debts afew years earlier. Crockett sought military glory to revivea failed political career.Travis was one of the first killed. His slave Joe survived. IfBowie was alive when the battle started, he was bedriddenand dying. Crocket may have survived the battle and beenexecuted, facing death bravely.“Before the fall of the Alamo in March 1836, Texas wasMexican, not Spanish”
  • WHAT WE BELIEVEThe states fourth-grade social studies textbookpresents as fact a well-worn legend that Lt. Col.William Travis, commander of Texas troops duringthe battle, drew a line in the sand with his sword andtold his men to cross if they were willing to die fightingthe Mexican army.
  • WHAT WE BELIVElyrics to a folklore song written of the Alamo:“A courier sent to the battlements, bloody andloud.With words of fare well in the letters he carriedwere proud.‘Grieve not, little darlin, my dyin if Texasis sovereign and free.Well never surrender and everwill liberty be!’”
  • WHAT IS TRUEno one went to the Alamo to die; they all thought theywere going to win."If volunteers from the United States will join theirbrethren in this section, they will receive liberalbounties of land. We have millions of acres . . .unchosen and unappropriated."
  • INTERESTING FACTSthere a significant number of Tejanos--ethnic Mexicans living inTexas--fighting in the fort alongside the AnglosThe first historian who dared suggest, in 1978, that Davy Crockettwas captured after the battle and executed--rather than fighting,gloriously, to the end--received death threats. (Most experts nowagree with this interpretation.)The defenders numbered close to 250 men, but were still far toofew to defend the grounds of the Alamo. Santa Anna spent 13 daysbombarding the walls. The defenders spent 13 sleepless nightsrepairing them.In films the battle is fought in daylight, but the real battle was overby sunrise on March 6, 1836.