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  1. 1. 6th Grade Physical Science Kyler Reattoir
  2. 2. Make Up of Energy Energy is all around you! You hear energy as sound, you see energy as light, you can feel energy in wind Living organisms need energy for growth and movement. You use energy when you kick a ball, catch a ball, or even lift a grocery bag.THEREFOR: ENERGY IS THE ABILITY TO DOWORK.
  3. 3. Other Forms of Energy 5 main forms of energy:  Mechanical Energy  Heat Energy  Chemical Energy  Electrical Energy  Gravitational Energy
  4. 4. Mechanical Energy Mechanical Examples: Energy: is the  Water in a waterfall energy of motion  Wind that does the work.  Moving Vehicles  Sound
  5. 5. Heat Energy Heat energy: is Examples: energy that is  Friction pushed into motion  Sun (also known as by using heat. thermal energy)  Radiation  Fire
  6. 6. Chemical Energy Chemical Examples: Energy: is energy  Digesting food, caused by chemical bonds are broken to reactions. A good release energy for example of chemical the body to store energy is food when and use it is cooked.  Photosynthesis  Using energy to play sports
  7. 7. Electrical Energy Electrical Examples: Energy: is when  Power lines carry electricity creates electricity motion, light or heat.  Electrical motors  Light (X-rays, radio waves, laser light etc.)  Lightning
  8. 8. Gravitational Energy Gravitational Examples: Energy: is motion  Water that is pulled that is caused by down a waterfall gravity.  The pull felt when you jump up that forces you to come back down.
  9. 9. Learning Goals What is energy? Can energy be transferred from one object to another? What are the different forms of energy?
  10. 10. States of EnergyThere are two states of energy:
  11. 11. Potential Energy Potential Energy: is stored energy. Examples of potential energy are oil sitting in a barrel, or water in a lake in the mountains. This energy is referred to as potential energy, because if it were released, it would do a lot of work.
  12. 12. Kinetic Energy Kinetic Energy: is energy that is in motion. Moving water and wind are good examples of kinetic energy. Electricity is also kinetic energy because even though you cant see it happen, electricity involves electrons moving in conductors.
  13. 13. The Lighter Side of Energy What would a barefooted man get if he steps on an electric wire? (Answer) A pair of shocks. Wind power is very popular because it has a lot of fans. What would you call a power failure? (Answer) A current event. Whats the best way to charge a car battery? (Answer) With a credit card.
  14. 14. Assignment!!! Identify the 5 TYPES of energy. List at least two different examples of the 5 main TYPES of energy. State the two FORMS of energy. List an example for each of the FORMS of energy
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