The facebook of dorian gray

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  • 1. THE FACEBOOK OF DORIAN GRAYDorian Gray Dinner with Lord Henry Wotton tonight ;)2 minutes ago – Like –CommentLord Henry Wotton likes this.Basil Hallward: Question: Where is the dislike button on facebook?Adrian Singleton: Sadly, it doesnt exist. T_TSibyl Vane: Um, what about my play tonight….?Dorian Gray: Who are you again?Sibyl Vane: O.OAdrian Singleton: BURN!James Vane: -death glare- You want to pick a fight?Adrian Singleton has logged out.Sibyl Vane: -sobs-James Vane: Dont worry sis, Ive got this.Dorian Gray: Again, who are you people…..!Dorian Gray Just got home from having some fun :D50 seconds ago – Like –CommentLord Henry Wotton likes this.
  • 2. Lord Henry Wotton: Well done. The best way to resist totemptation is to yield to it. Never let life get in the way of pleasure.Basil Hallward: Dont listen to him! Hes a bad influence. Youshould be praying Dorian, PRAY!Sibyl Vane: Dorian….dont….-sobs more-Dorian Gray: Seriously, I need to unfriend you….Alan Campbell: Im sure you have TONS of fun WITH HARRY….Lord Henry Wotton: You can bet on that.. ;)Basil Hallward: FMLAlan Campbell: Seriously, get a grip on your life, you infamouscreature.The Picture of Dorian Gray: I agree. Look what youve done tome! Im hideous!Dorian Gray: O.o WTF! Youre supposed to be….wtf!Sibyl Vane I feel like killing myself….6 minutes ago –Like –CommentDorian Gray and Lord Henry Wotton like this.Lord Henry Wotton: Are you dead yet?Dorian Gray: Who is this emo girl on my page?Basil Hallward: Thats horrible! Dont say that! Love is morebeautiful than art.
  • 3. James Vane: No sis! Ill never forgive whoever caused this on toher!Alan Campbell: ^^^^Dorian GrayDorian Gray: Hey, I have nothing to do with this. I told you, I dontknow this girl.The Picture of Dorian Gray: There goes my beautiful hand…..Adrian Singleton I need some "stuff"30 seconds ago –Like –CommentDorian Gray and Lord Henry Wotton like this.Dorian Gray: Right there with you, man.Adrian Singleton: Then bring me some….out of money T_TDorian Gray: Get George to cover it. All you need is to "pay himback."Dorian Gray: Or you could pay me back….Alan Campbell: Now I remember why we broke up…..Dorian Gray: Because you were a jealous b****?Alan Campbell: F You Dorian Gray!The Picture of Dorian Gray: Ouch, that hurts, right in the soul.Basil Hallward Painting…..
  • 4. 8 minutes ago – Like – CommentDorian Gray, Lord Henry Wotton, and Lord Cawdor like this.Lord Henry Wotton: We all know who you are painting…..Victoria Wotton: Could it be the subject of your 27 photos..?Dorian Gray: -blush- (everyone likes me…)Alan Campbell: Ya, not really.Lord Cawdor likes this.Lord Cawdor: Dorian Gray Youre seriously an infamous,despicable man with no shame. Basil Hallward Try to move on!You can do better!Sibyl Vane: Hey dont you dare talk about my Dori-woei that way!Lord Henry Wotton: O.o I thought you were dead.Sibyl Vane: Nah…I was going to suicide but I accidently drank thatthing Juliet drank so it was only temporary.Dorian Gray: Dislike.Lord Henry Wotton: Dislike.Basil Hallward: Dislike.Adrian Singleton: Dislike.Alan Campbell: Dislike.Lord Cawdor: Dislike.Victoria Wotton: Dislike.
  • 5. James Vane: ….