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Drawing human bodies
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Drawing human bodies



It may require some explanations

It may require some explanations



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Drawing human bodies Drawing human bodies Presentation Transcript

  • Drawing Human Bodies Powerpoint by Kyomi López ; IIIº 2011 PD2 – August 05 / Public Presentations Images by Sarah Stone and Mirjam http://sixhoursstarlight.blogspot.com/ http://bittersweetdisease.deviantart.com/
    • Content
      • First lines
      • Proportions
      • Head
      • Arms
      • Hands
      • Torso
      • Legs
      • Feet
      • Exceptions
  • Starting At first you may need to do it step by step , after practice you’ll reach a point where you will be able to skip this or won’t need it at all.
  • Proportions The hands keep their position . When drawing a person you count heads to size their body parts
  • Balance Unless they’re flying, falling or trapped in an ungravity room, the bodies must be in a position of balance . Even at dancing you have it. This tip will help you with postures.
  • Head The ear is in line with your eyebrows and has the size of the nose . The face is 5 eyes wide.
  • Arms When you’re flecting your arm, the zone of the elbow takes the shape of a diamond . In perspective, some parts may be shorter or thinner than usual. http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm
  • Hands Look at your hand if you need to see how a pose looks. People’s finger lengh is different, always, it’s up to you how long you draw them.
  • Torso Boys don’t have curves, usually . So you use boxes instead of circles. Leave space between the legs , because forgetting that will make you suffer with poses
  • Legs LEGS HAVE CURVES , REMEMBER THAT. Muscles decide their shapes; the middle bottom is sighly shorter than the middle top. http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm
  • Feet An easy way of drawing feet is drawing a circle and a triangle . A second circle appears when you curve your feet.
  • Exceptions Cartoons exaggerate shapes in any way posible Anime focuses on eyes, pointy heads, exaggerates tall characs, and fat people. Cartoons Anime pika-la-cynique ; ktshy ; purplekecleon at deviantart.com
  • Conclusion If you don’t remember how it looks, get a picture or look at someone doing the pose. Some people have problems just because they don’t actually look at their models. TIPS: LOOK PRACTICE KEEP PRACTICING