Tyranny Alert Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation
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Tyranny Alert Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation



The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming – or so we’ve been told. Why else would ...

The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming – or so we’ve been told. Why else would
Homeland Security buy up more than 2 billion bullets, purchase more than 2700 tanks and stock pile
weaponry all while government white papers outline preparations for a martial law containment of



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Tyranny Alert Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation Tyranny Alert Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation Document Transcript

  • Tyranny Alert Troops Deployed Ahead ofEconomic Collapse & Gun ConfiscationAaron DykesInfowars.comMarch 5, 2013The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming – or so we’ve been told. Why else wouldHomeland Security buy up more than 2 billion bullets, purchase more than 2700 tanks and stock pileweaponry all while government white papers outline preparations for a martial law containment ofsociety?Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Kgoi4TT9r9YWhat is the Federal government preparing for?:Feds Buy Two Billion Rounds of AmmunitionWhy is government stockpiling guns, ammo?Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet StockpileArmy ‘Strategic Shock’ Report Says Troops May Be Needed To Quell U.S. Civil UnrestDetention Camp Order Follows Preparations For Civil UnrestHR 646: U.S. Preparing for Civil UnrestArmy Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In AmericaCivil Disturbance Operations (April 2006) [PDF]U.S. Army Purchases Riot Gear As Fears Over Civil Unrest GrowFederal Solicitation: 84–Riot Gear Solicitation Number: 0010165648 Agency: Department of theArmyIs DHS Preparing for Civil Unrest with Massive Ammo Order?Kentucky Guardsmen prepare for this weekend’s DerbyThe Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.Washington Post: 20,000 More U.S. Troops To Be Deployed For “Domestic Security”Unrest Caused by Bad Economy May Require Military Action, Report SaysGuardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in AprilFM 3-29.40 Internment and Resettlement OperationsU.S. Army Military Police School Civil Disturbance Operations CourseWashington on the Brazos Historic SiteCommand and Control: Command and Control of Military Forces in the HomelandGovernors Lose in Power Struggle Over National GuardNational Guard of the United StatesNew Jersey Contracted RFID Evacuee Tracking Tech Just Days Before Sandy FormedRadiant RFIDTXSG Flies High With Austin Kite FestivalAhead of that breakdown of society, Washington and the powers that control it have deployed troopsacross America to train for domestic operation and acclimate the public to their presence. Thefriendlies, engaging in benign and innocuous activities, will foster trust among the people and let downtheir guard when things go dark later. It is classic psyops at work.
  • In that context, we see an acceleration of National Guard and regular Army troops used at publicsporting events, in crowd control at festivals and operating with police in law enforcement checkpoints,all in violation of Posse Comitatus. Small examples of this have been occurring regularly in Texas, witha National or State Guard presence at kite festivals, Texas Independence celebrations and other publicevents.For more on the presence of guard units controlling bus traffic at the Austin Kite Festival, read myearlier article: Military Patrol Austin Kite Festival in Martial Law Prep.Military Patrol Austin Kite Festival in Martial Law Prep VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jR0Uu3Ml3t4Yes, Your Government Can Use ArmedDrones Against YouAdan SalazarInfowars.comMarch 5, 2013Despite reassurances following the Christopher Dorner manhunt that lethal drones won’t be used totarget American citizens on U.S. soil, a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder to Kentucky SenatorRand Paul states otherwise.“It is possible…to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary andappropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President toauthorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,” the letter partiallyposted by Mother Jones states.Sen. Paul’s concerns that the government may use armed drones to target American citizens was themain reason he threatened to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan to head up the CIA.
  • When Brennan referred Sen. Paul to theDepartment of Justice, this is theresponse he got from Holder:As members of this administration havepreviously indicated, the USgovernment has not carried out dronestrikes in the United States and has nointention of doing so. As a policy mattermoreover, we reject the use of militaryforce where well-established lawenforcement authorities in this countryprovide the best means forincapacitating a terrorist threat. We havea long history of using the criminaljustice system to incapacitate individuals located in our country who pose a threat to the UnitedStates and its interests abroad. Hundreds of individuals have been arrested and convicted ofterrorism-related offenses in our federal courts.The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one wehope no president will ever have to confront. It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinarycircumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution andapplicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal forcewithin the territory of the United States. For example, the president could conceivably have nochoice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland in thecircumstances like a catastrophic attack like the ones suffered on December 7, 1941, andSeptember 11, 2001.“The U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizensand on American soil is more than frightening,” Sen. Paul said in a statement on his Senate websiteTuesday. “It is an affront the constitutional due process rights of all Americans.” The Department of Homeland Security faced criticism following an unsubstantiated report that surveillance drones were being used to aid the manhunt for suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner in California earlier this year. U.S. Customs and Border Protection were quick to issue a response denying their use of drones – in attempts to quell public outrage – and shortly thereafter, the Federal Aviation Administration reassured the public that lethal drones would never be used. Many, however, were dismissive or oblivious of the fact that government surveillance drones have already been used to spy on members of the public.
  • In 2011, police in Grand Forks, NorthDakota called in a favor from their buddies at the Department of Homeland Security to use one of theirdrones to monitor the Brossart family farm after six cows had reportedly wandered onto their property.Drones are also routinely used to survey agricultural conditions and enforce environmental lawsthroughout the country.Last June, the EPA responded to a letter from Nebraska’s congressional delegation saying they “woulduse such flights in appropriate instances to protect people and the environment from violations of theClean Water Act,” a fact they later denied following intense media scrutiny.Indeed, the FAA has already secured authorization to have anywhere in the neighborhood of 30,000drones criss-crossing the skies by 2020.Public sentiment towards drone use in America has shifted greatly in response to rumors of allegeddrone use in the Dorner manhunt. Also, last month a 16-page Justice Department memo concerninglegal drone assassinations of American citizens was leaked fueling further concerns that drones can andwill be used to hunt and target American civilians.“Just six months ago, a survey conducted by The Associated Press and The National ConstitutionCenter found that more Americans supported than opposed the use of surveillance drones by domesticlaw enforcement agencies,” writer and editor for PrisonPlanet.com Steve Watson wrote recently.“Now, in the latest poll, 57 percent of respondents say it is unconstitutional to order the killing ofAmericans overseas. Even more — 59 percent — believe that the federal government abuses its powerwhen it comes to targeted strikes.”Moreover, “47 percent of respondents to the latest poll said they believe they have a right to destroy aUAV if it flies over their house without their permission.”Despite the formality of Holder’s letter, the fact of the matter is drone strikes have already been carriedout on American citizens, as was the case with 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, born in Denver,Colorado.. http://www.infowars.com/