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The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates

The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates



One rule for you, another rule for them ...

One rule for you, another rule for them
The fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control
bill exempts government officials from the planned
semi-auto assault weapons ban illustrates the
astounding hypocrisy of gun control advocates who,
while working feverishly to disarm the American



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    The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates Document Transcript

    • The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun ControlAdvocatesPaul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJanuary 28, 2013One rule for you, another rule for themThe fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun controlbill exempts government officials from the plannedsemi-auto assault weapons ban illustrates theastounding hypocrisy of gun control advocates who,while working feverishly to disarm the Americanpeople, own firearms and surround themselves witharmed men. AWashington Times reported last weeksthe , “Mrs. Feinstein’s measure would exempt morethan 2,200 types of hunting and sporting rifles; gunsmanually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action;and weapons used by government officials.”Back in 1995, while carrying a concealed weapon forher own protection, Feinstein simultaneously called forMr. and Mrs America to “turn em all in.”Feinstein’s hypocrisy has been matched or surpassed by virtually every other public figure now pushingfor the second amendment to be eviscerated.- Barack Obama himself, while leading a gun control agenda he planned “under the radar” back in2011, admits that he goes shooting ”all the time.”- While Obama claims that semi-automatic assault rifles should only be in the hands of members of themilitary, the Department of Homeland Security has purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assaultweapons for the purposes of “personal defense,” in addition to more than 1.6 billion rounds ofammunition over the last 10 months alone.- While refusing to even consider the idea of arming teachers and school officials to prevent schoolshootings,Obama recently signed a law that would give him and all past and future presidents armedSecret Service protection for life.- During an ABC Nightline interview broadcast on December 26 yet recorded before the Sandy Hookshooting, Obama said one of the benefits of his re-election was the ability “to have men with gunsaround at all times,” in order to protect his daughters. In addition, the school attended by Obama’sdaughters in Washington D.C. has no less than 11 armed security guards on duty at all times.A newinvestigation by the Daily Caller has found that Media Matters For America, a pro-gun controlorganization that admittedly conspires with the White House to influence news, hired a staffer to carrya firearm to protect founder David Brock. The staffer had no permit to carry a concealed firearm andwas later hit with multiple felony charges. The Glock handgun used to defend Brock was bought usingMedia Matters’ funds. Journalist Accosted By Security Over Mayor Bloomberg Gun ControlQuestion http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RCC-rEx81PEWhen investigative reporter Jason Mattera asked New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg if he plans to
    • disarm his entire securityteam to comply with hisown gun controlmandate, Mattera wasaccosted, harrassed andfollowed by security andBloomberg refused toanswer the question.- Michael Moore, anothervehement proponent for guncontrol, also has armedbodyguards, one of whomwas arrested for carrying anunlicensed weapon at NewYork’s JFK airport back in2005.- Despite the fact that itssubsidiary Warner Bros.routinely distributes blockbuster movies that are replete with gratuitous gun violence, Time WarnerCable recently issued a company-wide ban on television ads that show “guns pointed at people.”- Numerous celebrities involved in a PSA campaign called ‘Demand a Plan’ that exploited the SandyHook massacre to push for gun control routinely star in movies and television productions in whichdepictions of gun violence is commonplace.- Prominent gun control advocates like Piers Morgan, who base their argument on reducing gun violence, routinely threaten violence against ideological adversaries. Morgan once spoke of his desire to use machine guns to “take out” his critics, while also making jokes with his guests about murdering second amendment advocate Alex Jones with a semi-automatic assault rifle during his CNN show on January 8. The agenda-driven and factually bankrupt political arguments of gun control advocates may be somewhat easier to stomach if the people making them were not rampant hypocrites who – while calling for the American people to be stripped of their right to bear arms – are precluding themselves from being subjected to the same treatment.
    • Media and Politicians Firing BlanksBrian Wilsonlewrockwell.comJanuary 28, 2013In advance of the introduction of her New and Improved “Assault Weapons Ban 2013″, Sen. DianneFeinstein (Duh-Absurdistan) was tweeting “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets”. That mightcome as a shock to the Tampa PD and other state and local police folks who take great pride paradingtheir new toys of citizen intimidation (acquired with a helping fistful of your taxpayer dollars courtesyof the DHS) that have become paramount in their local WOOP (War On Overtime Parking). Hey! Younever can tell when violent, terrorist-sponsored jaywalking may break out. Unexpectedly. With visionsof Waco dancing in their heads, a bullet-proof Public Service vehicle like this could come in mightyhandy. Jehovah’s Witnesses armed with the latest issues of the Watchtower and Awake! have beenknown to be courteously relentless in their magazine distribution ministries. That the Boys in Bluealready have instant access to M-16s/M4s, the standard issue shoulder weapon of today’s AmericanArmed Forces, would strongly suggest local PDs should re-think their armory content lest they comeunder the baleful stare of the Dreaded Di-Fi.My media colleagues were also feeling that Chris Matthew’s Leg Tingle™ as Dana Bash (CNNNewsreader) tweeted “Must see TV at 11a. I’m told difi will have lots of assault weapons at her bigevent calling for a ban. And yes, she got permission from dc”. Ooooo! “Lots of assault weapons“! (see“leg tingle”). And let her tell you: Di-Fi is no David Gregory!As the coverage of the fall-out from what has now become known in Mediaville as the “NewtownMassacre” , mis- and dis-information has riddled what passes for reporting on all aspects of the guncontrol issue. Sadly, print and broadcast journalism has a deep bench for the incompetent.So as a Program and News Director, here’s a Pop Quiz for my fellow media brethren and cisterns [sic]assigned to covering or commenting on this tragedy and its fallout. Before the ON AIR light comes onor the floor director gives you the finger (cue), correctly answer the following: Have you ever fired agun? (NB: water, cap, BB, paintball and fingers are not acceptable)How many guns have you seen become violent? If your answer acknowledges an individual isnecessary to operate the weapon, why, then, are you using the term “gun violence” and not “human
    • violence”?In 25 words or less: What is an “AssaultWeapon”? Be specific (Extra Credit: From Columbine to Newtown, how many involved “Assault Weapons”?)What is the difference between a “magazine” anda “clip”? Use both in a sentence.Is a .223 cartridge more or less powerful than thepredominant rifle cartridge used by Americanfighting men in WWII? (Extra Credit: What was the caliber of the predominant rifle cartridge used in WWII?)If you had to choose, would you prefer to shotwith a .22? .223? 30-06? 00Buck? (“None of the Above” is an understandable but unacceptable answer)Why is a black gun more dangerous than one made with differently colored components?If black guns are bad, isn’t that racist?How does a bayonet lug make the “assault rifle” more lethal? (Extra credit: How many drive-by bayonetings occurred in the US last year?)To the nearest 100,000, how many Assault Rifles are made of Nerf?Within 10,000, how many times a day do law-abiding gun owners prevent a crime without firing ashot?Approximately how many gun laws (State and Federal) are in force in America today?With so many laws already in force, what are the compelling reasons to believe criminals and massmurders will obey the new ones?If faced with a home invasion, would you want to be holding your phone or your firearm?Since nearly all newspapers, TV and radio News Departments have blown the bottom out of the septictank to set a new level of journalistic integrity and responsibility, all of the above questions had to beanswered correctly. Failure relieves you of any reporting/announcing/discussing responsibilitiespertaining to Newtown, the 2nd Amendment and any future stories involving firearms. If you fit thisdescription, please report immediately to the Assignment Desk to cover the latest on Lady Ga-Ga’s bra,Nicki Minaj’s hair or Manti Te’o’s undercover angel.If those of you watching at home don’t see an immediate improvement in news coverage, be comfortedknowing most everything you need to know can be found amongst the talented throng here atLewRockwell.com. Just remember: you can lead someone to knowledge but you can’t make themthink. (Insert “Heavy Sigh” sfx here).
    • DHS buys 7000 full-auto assault rifles,calls them ‘personal defense weapons’Mike AdamsNatural NewsJan 28, 2013In yet another huge blow to the rhetoricand narrative of the Obamaadministration and its desire to disarmthe American public, a DHS bid hasbeen uncovered (see documents below)showing that the Department ofHomeland Security recently put out anoffer to purchase 7,000 full-auto“assault weapons” to be useddomestically, inside the USA.Keep in mind that President Obama ison the record saying, “AK-47s belong inthe hands of soldiers, not in the hands ofcriminals; that they belong on thebattlefield of war, not on the streets ofour cities.”But it seems he really means they don’tbelong on the streets of our cities unlessthey are in the hands of homeland security enforcers, in which case they can be FULL-AUTOassault weapons.The DHS bid for 7,000 full-auto assault weapons is found by clicking here. The original credit fordiscovering this goes, to my best knowledge, to Awr Hawkins at Breitbart.com.In the hands of the government, they’re called “Personal Defense Weapons”The juiciest part of this bid is the use of the phrase “Personal Defense Weapons” to describe the full-auto AR-15s being purchased by DHS.Apparently, when YOU hold an AR-15, it’s an “assault rifle.” But magically, if you hand that same rifleto an armed government homeland security enforcer, it instantly transforms itself into a “personaldefense weapon.”The request for bid actually says:DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable forpersonal defense use in close quarters and / or when maximum concealment is required.So there it is, right in black and white: DHS enforcers need full-auto AR-15s which are “suitable forpersonal defense in close quarters” and for “maximum concealment.”But if you or I make the same claim, suddenly we are branded lunatics by the fringe left and all the gun
    • grabbers across Americawho apparently have no cluethat their own governmentis arming up like neverbefore.Senator Feinstein, the gun-grabbing Senator fromCalifornia, says she wants totake all the guns from allAmericans. “Mr. and Mrs.America, turn ‘em all in,”she says on the record. Butwhile Mr. and Mrs. Americaare turning in their guns,‘roid-head DHS goons arearming to the teeth with full-auto assault rifles.This is all on top of the 1.6billion rounds of ammunition the U.S. government has already stockpiled, as was discovered last year.What kind of government wants to domestically stockpile ammo and full-auto weapons, putting themin the hands of domestic agents who have nothing whatsoever to do with overseas wars? Well, thekind of government that plans to NEED 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and full-auto assault weapons, ofcourse.Read some language from the contract bid: Pistol grips, full-auto and moreClick here to see the bid.Here’s some selected text from the bid:ICE/Mission Support-DCImmigration and Customs EnforcementOffice of Acquisition Management801 I Street NW, Suite 980Washington DC 20536Troy Teachey, troy.teachey@dhs.govDelivery Location Code: ICE/AS/NFTTUICE Natl Firearm Tactical Trng UnitImmigration and Customs Enforcement500 12th ST SW, Washington DC 205365.56X45mm NATO Personal Defense WeaponDuring the base period and four option periods of this contract the maximum ceiling is $9,800,000.Click here for the PDF document containing the following text:The scope of this contract is to provide a total of up to 7,000 5.56x45mm North Atlantic TreatyOrganization (NATO) personal defense weapons (PDW) throughout the life of this contract tonumerous Department of Homeland Security components.The action shall be select-fire (capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire).
    • The action shall be capable of accepting all standard NATO STANAG 20 and 30 round M16 magazines (NSN 1005-00-921-5004) and Magpul 30 round PMAG (NSN 1005-01-576-5159). The magazine shall have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. The receiver top shall be equipped with an integral MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail for mounting sights and other accessories. The fire control selector shall have three positions; safe, semi-automatic, and automatic.The pistol grip shall be a fixed, vertical pistol grip constructed of a durable material.DHS admits AR-15 with 30-round magazine is “suitable for personal defense use in closequarters”This government document openly admits that AR-15s with 30-round magazines and capable of fullyautomatic fire are “suitable for personal defense” in close quarters (i.e. your home).CNN, of course, doesn’t want you to ever hear that. Nor does Feinstein, Cuomo, Schumer, Obama, EricHolder or any other gun grabbers. Even while their own government is arming up with 1.6 billionrounds of ammo and 7,000 full-auto “assault rifles” (plus lots more in other bids), they are trying tocompletely disarm the American citizenry through new gun registration and confiscation legislation.The whole point of all this, of course, is to create firepower disparity between the government andthe citizenry… To disarm the People while arming up the government agents who operatedomestically. That way, the people can be forced at gunpoint into doing almost anything the oppressivegovernment demands! (Taking vaccine shots, giving up private property, turning over farms andbusinesses, etc.)What’s really hard-hitting about this is that the radical left keeps claiming things like “no one needs anassault rifle for personal defense.” Okay, if that true, then the Department of Homeland Security shouldabandon all such rifles first! Let’s see DHS turn in all its rifles and ammo, thereby setting an exampleof the “fact” that “nobody needs an assault rifle” for self defense.In truth, a full-auto AR-15 is an outstanding weapon for self defense, which is exactly why DHS isbuying thousands of them. Nothing stops bad guys faster than a barrage of high-velocity lead aimed intheir direction. Again, that’s why DHS wants these rifles in the first place. One of these rifles in thehands of a citizen could have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting in seconds.Pay attention to the word games (which are really mind games)As you observe the highly manipulated gun control argument, pay special attention to the word gamesyou’re being subjected to:An AR-15 in the hands of a citizen is an “assault rifle.”But an AR-15 in the hands of a DHS agent is a “Personal Defense Weapon.”A full-auto-capable rifle in the hands of a citizen is called a “machine gun.”A full-auto-capable rifle in the hands of a DHS agent is called a “select-fire rifle.”According to the media, all government agents with assault rifles are presumed innocent and assumedto be stopping crime.
    • But all private citizens with assault rifles are presumed guilty and assumed to be causing crime.When one citizen goes crazy and murders a bunch of people, the call goes out for ALL citizens to bestripped of their firearms.But when one government agent goes crazy and murders a bunch of people, the calls goes out forMORE guns to be placed in the hands of MORE government agents!Thank you, DHS, for admitting the truthIn summary, it looks like we actually need to thank the DHS for admitting the truth that Obamawon’t: AR-15s are personal defense weapons, suitable for use in close quarters, especially whenequipped with 30-round magazines.That’s why I own one, and it’s why DHS wants thousands more (but theirs are full-auto, while mine isonly semi-auto).As a general rule, all freedom-loving Americans should want the same firepower their domesticgovernment possesses. That’s the whole point behind the Second Amendment, and it represents thedistribution of power in a free society.But instead of firepower being equal in America today, DHS is using our taxpayer dollars to purchasethousands of full-auto weapons for their own agents. This is apparently being done under ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement).This brings up the question for another entire article, and here’s the question: Why does immigrationneed 7,000 full-auto assault rifles? Is there a friggin’ Mexican invasion planned that nobody told meabout? Is ICE going to invade Mexico and start a shooting war with the Mexican drug cartels?Seriously: Why does ICE need 7,000 full-auto assault rifles? And why does DHS need 1.6 billionrounds of ammo?
    • Sources for this story include:http://www.nysenate.gov/press-release/department-homeland-security-la…http://radioviceonline.com/department-of-homeland-security-sport-rifl…http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/14/Who-Needs-An-AR-15http://www.infowars.com/