Skin cream contains aborted fetal proteins
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Skin cream contains aborted fetal proteins



Company's antiaging products built on cells harvested from aborted ...

Company's antiaging products built on cells harvested from aborted
A pro-life organization is blasting a Switzerland-based cosmetics
manufacturer whose website openly admits some of its products were
developed from the tissues of an aborted baby.



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    Skin cream contains aborted fetal proteins Skin cream contains aborted fetal proteins Document Transcript

    • Skin cream contains aborted fetal proteinsby Drew Zahn10/28/2009Companys antiaging products built on cells harvested from abortedbabyA pro-life organization is blasting a Switzerland-based cosmeticsmanufacturer whose website openly admits some of its products weredeveloped from the tissues of an aborted baby.Children of God for Life is a nonprofit organization focused on the bioethicsof embryonic-tissue use in medicine and manufacturing. One of its currentcampaigns includes petitioning pharmaceutical companies to produce safe,effective alternatives to vaccines derived or cultivated from aborted fetaltissue.Deliver the pro-life message with a “Former embryo on board” magnetizedbumper stickerBut the organization’s attention has now turned to Neocutis, a company withoffices in San Francisco, which has developed a line of antiaging productsthat include an ingredient the company has trademarked as Processed Skin-Cell Protein, developed from skin cells harvested from an abortion.“It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting theremains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain,” saidDebi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of God for Life, in a statement. “There is simply nomoral justification for this.”The website for Neocutis, which is privately held with estimated annual sales of in excess of $2million, explains that its research began years ago, when scientists discovered fetal skin’s unusualability to heal without scarring. Scientists at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, thencreated a process to extract proteins from fetal cells in the attempt to obtain an optimal, naturallybalanced mixture of nutrients.The scientists then infused those nutrients into a line of cosmeceutical antiaging products: Neocutis skin cream, Journée day cream, Lumière eye cream and Bio- Gel bio-restorative hydrogel – products Vinnedge is advising women to throw in the garbage before contacting Neocutis to voice their concerns. “There is absolutely no reason to use aborted babies for such selfish motives,” Vinnedge said. “It is antilife, antiwoman and counterproductive, as Neocutis is about to find out!” Children of God for Life boasts that it has been a watchdog on pharmaceutical companies using aborted fetal-cell lines in medical products and has received thousands of inquiriesfrom the public on the use of aborted fetal material in cosmetics. But this is the first time, the
    • organization says, that any company was bold enough to put the information right on its own websiteand in product literature.In fact, the Neocutis website openly explains the history of its PSP ingredient:“A small biopsy of fetal skin was donated following a one-time medical termination,” the websitestates, “and a dedicated cell bank was established for developing new skin treatments. Originallyestablished for wound healing and burn treatments, today this same cell bank also provides a lastingsupply of cells for producing Neocutis’ proprietary skin-care ingredient Processed Skin-Cell Proteins.”The company adds, “No additional fetal biopsies willever be required.”But Children of God for Life finds little consolationin the company’s statement.“You note in your literature that ‘no further fetalbiopsies will be needed,’ as though the life of the onechild you have exploited has no value,” wrote theorganization in a letter to Neocutis’ CEO. “It isdeplorable that you would attempt to mollify thepublic and whitewash your badly tarnished image sothoughtlessly.”Vinnedge also told WND that companies aren’trequired to disclose their research history to thepublic, so there may be facts conveniently omittedfrom the Neocutis story.“What we don’t know is how many other fetuseswere involved before they perfected that one cell line,” she surmised. “There’s a possibility there weremore.”WND contacted Neocutis repeatedly for comment, but phone messages were not returned. ABusinessweek web report says the company was founded in 2003 and its directors were identified asFrederic-Edouard Koehn, Patrick Hohlfeld, Diego Braguglia and Jennifer Pearson. Children of God for Life, however, is actively calling for a boycott of all Neocutis products, beginning a campaign to contact the company’s investors and even offering free publicity to companies that will certify in writing their products are free from ingredients derived from aborted babies. “We know there are companies using moral sources for collagen and skin proteins,” Vinnedge said. “We intend to publicly promote these other cosmetic companies competing with Neocutis that are willing to step forward and contact us.”
    • Aborted Baby Tissue Used for CosmeticInjectionsby Steven EditorClinics Use Tissue From Babies Killed in Abortions for Cosmetic InjectionsLondon, England ( -- Women fromaround the world are traveling to clinics in variouslocations that are now offering face lifts andcosmetic surgery using tissue from babies who havebeen killed by abortions. Pro-life advocates arestrongly condemning the practice and saying thetaking of human life is never warranted --especially for such a self-serving purpose.Women like Susan Barrington, a 52-year-oldhousewife from England, are heading to placessuch as Barbados, the Dominican Republic,Moscow and Rotterdam to obtain thetreatments.She has been given the final go-ahead form alocal clinic to travel abroad for the treatment that promises to make her look 10 years youngerand doesnt mind that lives have been sacrificed to enhance her beauty.To produce the treatments, clinics are using tissue from babies killed in abortions from 6 to 12weeks into pregnancy and stem cells obtained from destroying human embryos to inject into aclients face. The fetal cells then begin a supposed rejuvenation process that makes the skinlook younger.To obtain the cells, women in underdeveloped nations are paid up to $200 dollars to carry ababy up to the optimum eight to 12 week period when the fetuses are “harvested” for theirstem cells which are then sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.Both pro-life advocates and scientists who favor stem cell research are upset by thepromotion of these injections. UK stem-cell researcher Colin Blakemore told the London Daily Mail newspaper that the therapies are "highly experimental" and risk damaging the reputation of legitimate stem cell researchers. He also complained that these clinics were located in tourist destinations and unregulated by any international body. "And if anything goes wrong afterwards, it is hushed up to prevent damage to the business," he told the newspaper.
    • In a statement given to, ConcernedWomen for America condemned scientists for usingtissue from abortions and embryonic stem cells forthe treatments.“This fad illustrates the extremes to whichembryonic stem cell use can lead," CWA seniorfellow, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, said. “It is hard tobelieve that such atrocities are going on today.""The ethical and moral ramifications of suchtreatments are staggering; the experimentalaspects are equally troubling," Crouse explained."Not only is the origin of the fetuses immoral andinhumane; there are medical problems andcomplications associated with the injections," Crouse concluded. "This savage and repulsive ‘brave new world’ of human sacrifices in the quest for eternal youth is a prime example of the end results when all moral boundaries are destroyed.” Some of the clinics include the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Barbados where injections are done using tissue from aborted babies. The clinic is located in the luxurious Villa Nova hotel, where American and Russian scientists have targeted upper class British and American women. More than 50 clinics exist in Moscow, the Russian capital, including the Cellulite Clinic. There, cells from a wide range of sources including aborted babiesPEPSI ABORTED FETUS SODA2012patriot.wordpress.comAugust 4, 2011 by politicolPepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring?Update: June 2/2012June 2, 2012 After their year long boycott of Pepsi, appealsto the Security and Exchange Commission, and theirappearance at Pepsi’s shareholder’s meetings, the Childrenof God for Life group have effected change. PepsiCo hasannounce it will no longer use aborted human embryokidney cell lines for flavor enhancers in its products.
    • There appear to be over 70 patents related to flavor additives known as : HEK-293 (supposedlyHuman Embryo Kidney for short) made by the biotech company known as Senomyx Inc., fromSan Diego, California. Debi Vinnedge who is the executive director of Children of God for Life said“we are absolutely thrilled with PepsiCo’s decision”. COGFL also enjoined 30 other pro-lifeorganizations to join in the boycott of Pepsi products. Pepsi denied they use theSenomyx cell lines but said they would not use them further. (Lawyer double-speak).Original Post: Aug 4, 2011Just when you think today’s food and beverages have reached their limits of disgusting salmonellabacteria, hormones, chemicals, pesticides and coloring, now comes embryo kidney cells inflavorings in Pepsi soda drinks.Don’t Tread on my Food and Beverages- PepsiA story in Life Site News stats that a bio-medical firm has removed from their websites, theirpartners in using HEK-293 (human embryo kidney cells in their R&D department for flavoringsadded to soft drinks.Their partner is Pepsi Company amongst others who’s names are hidden from the public.The backlash from Pro-Life groups has produced this response from Pepsi:” withrespect to the flavor discovery researchwith Senomyx, we utilize techniques that havebeen the gold standard for several decades”.Therefore, consumers have been drinking human embryo kidney cells (usually derived fromhuman fetuses) for the past 20 or 30 or more years and didn’t even know it?Is this the kind of bio-medical- science fictional advancements that science has produced? Kidneycells in your Pepsi?The gold standard in soft drinks is: Human Kidney Cells for flavoring a soft drink? Usually coladrinks are made from the cocoa plant, not from other humans, it can set up a negative immuneresponse and is totally unnecessary to be used in a soft drink.If it was the gold standard then why did Senomyxremove Pepsi’s name on their website? Why are theyhiding who their partners really are and what are theyhiding?The Pro-Life Group Children of God for Life or (COGFL) which is targeting Pepsi Co for a boycottand have written the company protesting the use of human embryo cells in artificial flavorings intheir soft drinks. The Pro-Life Director Debi Vinnedgre says: “Pepsi and Senomyx have done everything in their power to trivialize what they are doing, when in fact what they are doing is only further damaging their public image”. The group have written to all of Pepsi’s board of directors to protect their shareholders interests, as they are funding the research for Senomyz but no response from the board was given. If Pepsi is doing this, you almost bet all major soft drink companies are using embryo cells in soft drinks also and there is no report to the contrary.
    • Consumers find it disgusting toknow that what they are drinkingin a Pepsi is:human aborted baby kidney cells!!The other issue is the public isnever even made aware of thisingredient and Pepsi sells millionsof gallons of Pepsi every dayaround the world.So what is next? Will beeating dead babies in ourMcDonald’s hamburgers?Oh what…don’t tell me.Human Embryo Cells in Pepsidrinks? Unbelievable!!Dead babies kidney cells for flavoring? Um….that’s pretty darn awful and gross.If we have not been told for decades that human embryo which is dead fetal cells are in the verydrink that was America’s favorite, what else are we not being told about in our food and drinks?You can believe there is a lot of secrecy when ti comes to corporate welfare and profits.Most comments on this subject are very revealing on how the public feels”“I don t buy anything that is with pepsi,kraft ,lipton ,anything that has to do with pepsi andsynomix ,and all of my family have also stop buying all there products ,and heinz in LeamingtonCanada have stop pepsi and frito lays chips in there company, my sister works there and all thepepsi machine and frito-lays chips have been remove .That is a good start a company with a souland conscience .”Senomyx Website states the are “innovative flavoring” company and produce flavorings for:food, beverage and ingredient supply companies. The website boasts they achieve a “competitiveadvantage and improve the nutritional profile of their products”.Innovating flavoring with human cells and flesh? Isn’t this a littlebarbaric? What is even more strange is why the U.S. Patent Office is issuing patents for embryo fetal cells to be used in human food consumption and again we have to point the finger at the U.S. government for allowing patents on aborted baby fetal cells used in US foods and drinks. You can thank the morons at the U.S. Patent Office for issuing such ridiculous patents on dead baby cell lines for human consumption and flavoring in foods, really this is where it starts. This is where the rubber meets the road, and people are fed up with the constant poisoning of our food supply by an insane government that allows this all.
    • Obama agency rules Pepsi’s use of abortedfetal cells in soft drinks constitutes ‘ordinarybusiness operations’Ethan A. HuffNatural NewsMarch 17, 2012(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration hasgiven its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizingthe services of a company that produces flavorchemicals for the beverage giant using abortedhuman fetal tissue. reports thatthe Obama Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangementwith San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, whichproduces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsiusing human embryonic kidney tissue, simplyconstitutes “ordinary business operations.”The issue began in 2011 when the non-profitgroup Children of God for Life (CGL) first brokethe news about Pepsi’s alliance with Senomyx,which led to massive outcry and a worldwideboycott of Pepsi products. At that time, it wasrevealed that Pepsi had many other options at its disposal to produce flavor chemicals, which is what itscompetitors do, but had instead chosen to continue using aborted fetal cells — or as Senomyxdeceptively puts it, “isolated human taste receptors” ( few months later, Pepsi’ shareholders filed a resolution petitioning the company to “adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.” But the Obama Administration shut down this 36-page proposal, deciding instead that Pepsi’s used of aborted babies to flavor its beverage products is just business as usual, and not a significant concern.
    • “We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use — we are talking about exploitingthe remains of an aborted child for profit,” said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of CGL, concerningthe SEC decision. “Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for theirbeverages is a far cry from routine operations!” To be clear, the aborted fetal tissue used to makePepsi’s flavor chemicals does not end up in the final product sold to customers, according to reports —it is used, instead, to evaluate how actual human taste receptors respond to these chemical flavorings.But the fact that Pepsi uses them at all when viable, non-human alternatives are available illustrates thecompany’s blatant disregard for ethical and moral concerns in the matter. Back in January, OklahomaSenator Ralph Shortey proposed legislation to ban the productionof aborted fetal cell-derived flavor chemicals in his home state. Ifpassed, S.B. 1418 would also reportedly ban the sale of anyproducts that contain flavor chemicals derived from human fetaltissue, which includes Pepsi products as well as productsproduced by Kraft and Nestle ( for this article include:http://www.lifesitenews.comSoylent green movie below Obama Deception The Truth About Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama video below of the Republic The Destruction of America video below