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Official Story Of Boston Tragedy Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks
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Official Story Of Boston Tragedy Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks



The horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon, to hear the FBI and the Boston Police tell it, is ...

The horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon, to hear the FBI and the Boston Police tell it, is
solved: One bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is dead, gunned down by police and then run over for
good measure by his fleeing brother Dzhokhar, who was captured a day later in a citywide
manhunt, after being hit by a fusillade of police bullets fired into a trailered pleasure boat he was
hiding in.



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    Official Story Of Boston Tragedy Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks Official Story Of Boston Tragedy Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks Document Transcript

    • Official Story Of Boston Tragedy Has OddWrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The BostonBombing Backpacksby David LindorffMay 21, 2013The horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon, to hear the FBI and the Boston Police tell it, issolved: One bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is dead, gunned down by police and then run over forgood measure by his fleeing brother Dzhokhar, who was captured a day later in a citywidemanhunt, after being hit by a fusillade of police bullets fired into a trailered pleasure boat he washiding in.Among the reasons law enforcement sources are so confident they “got” their men were videosurveillance photos from a Lord & Taylor storefront area showing the two brothers as they arrived atthe finish-line area, each wearing a backpack, allegedly carrying what the FBI now says were twoidentical 6-quart steel pressure cookers marketed by the Canadian corporation Fagor. Fragments ofthose pots, which the FBI says were packed with black powder (gathered from a collection offireworks) as well as nails and BBs, were recovered at the scene.Besides the photos of the two brothers wearing their packs, the FBI also has released a photo of theremnants of one of the backpacks, allegedly the black, or dark-colored, one worn by the elder TamerlanTsarnaev. There is also a photo of what is described as a white backpack, which was placed on thestreet side of a metal crowd-control fence. It was said to contain the second bomb, which exploded 10seconds later, further from the finish line. This is presumed to be the same light-colored pack Dzhokharis seen wearing in the store video as he arrives on the scene.There are a number of serious problems with this supposedly damning evidence, however.First of all, nobody looking at the evidence to date has tried loading up one of these Fagor pots with the
    • amount of weight that would have been created by a big four or five quarts’ worth of black powder,perhaps two quarts of nails, and perhaps a pound or two of BB shot, to see what it would look like in abasic unstructured book bag of the type the two men were wearing.WhoWhatWhy decided to do that.***The first problem was buying the pot. This reporter looked it up online and found that it was being soldby Macy’s. Going to the nearest Macy’s at the Montgomery Mall in Montgomeryville, PA, wediscovered that the cookware section had no pressure cookers. The store clerk in charge of that sectionwas asked where pressure cookers were.“We don’t sell pressure cookers,” she said.“How can a cookware section not sell pressure cookers? Anyhow, your website says you sell a line ofFagor pressure cookers.”She replied, “We stopped selling them after the Boston Bombing.”So it goes. Guns—even the gun used in the incident, still get sold in stores after the Newtown, CT,school massacre, but when someone makes a bomb with an ordinary kitchen implement, they are takenoff the shelves. (What’s next, a demand for licenses to buy canning equipment?)Luckily, we found several of the Fagor six-quart pots in a nearby Sears store, and purchased one, onsale for $76.00. The dimensions of the kettle are 10 inches in diameter and 7.7 inches bottom to top,not counting the handle (which cannot be detached without exposing four bolt holes through the topand side of the lid).After getting a calculation that a quart of black powder weighs about two pounds (a very generalmeasurement, because the compound changes weight according to the humidity, and can be loosely ordensely packed like any powder), and testing a bag of small nails to find that they weigh about sixpounds per quart, and after weighing the pot itself, we found that the whole contraption, fully loadedwith four to five quarts of powder, two quarts’ worth of nails and BBs, and a battery and ignitiondevice, would weigh about 30 lbs. So we put a sufficient number of exercise weight plates into ourcontainer, shut the lid, and tried carrying it in two backpacks similar in construction to the ones on thetwo brothers’ backs.
    • The results were instructive.If you look carefully at the first set of photos, showing the surveillance photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaevand the model wearing a similar pack containing the loaded pot, both packs being slung over the rightshoulder using the right strap only, you can see a dramatic difference. There are stress wrinkles underthe jacket of the right image on the model, caused by the 30-lb. weight pulling downward, butDzhokhar’s jacket can be seen to be completely smooth under the strap. His pack is clearly extremelylight on his shoulder (which may be why he’s not wearing it slung over both shoulders). As well, youcan see that the weight of the pot, pulling down and outward in the model’s bag on the right, is causinga downward sloping of the top of the backpack, and is also causing many vertical stress lines on theface of the bag itself. Dzhokhar’s bag, however, is flat across the top, indicating no such downwardpulling force, and it does not exhibit any downward wrinkles on its side. Whatever he is carrying, it isclearly not a 30-lb., or even a 20-lb. cylinder.Here’s a close-up image of the shoulder straps on Dzhokhar’s and the model’s right shoulders:Moving to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, check out the model’s slightly larger pack, which like Tamerlan’s isbeing worn with both straps over the shoulders. Again, the pack on the right, containing the loaded pot,is causing obvious wrinkles on the winter coat where the straps are bearing down on a small section ofpadded coat. Once again the weight of the straps of the shoulder— this time 15 lbs. per strap—can beseen causing prominent wrinkling on the winter coat worn by the model underneath the straps. Thedownward sloping of the face of the backpack, and also the vertical stress wrinkles are prominent andclearly visible also. In the video surveillance photo of Tamerlan, however, his coat can be seen to beunwrinkled under the straps, and there are again no vertical stress lines on the face of his pack. Again, itis hard to imagine a 30 or even a 20-lb. weight in the bottom of that pack.
    • There are other questions too, that need to be asked, and that demand answers.First of all, there is the matter of the photo released by the FBI of an exploded backpack, said to havecontained one of the pressure cooker bombs. The material is dark black, and it is not because ofcharring, because the color is uniform, and also there are white images on it, including a white square(more on that later). That would have to have been Tamerlan’s pack, given that Dzhokhar’s is white orlight-colored. But looking at the image of Tamerlan wearing his pack, and contrasting the light color ofthe pack relative to his clearly black winter coat, it appears that the pack is more of a gray than a black.It’s possible that it’s a matter of the lighting and the quality of the video, but it does not seem to be a jetblack color, especially as there are much darker lines on it that appear to be real black, along the seamlines. So was that exploded pack really Tamerlan’s?As for Dzhokhar, the photo of a pack set on the sidewalk in front of a bunch of spectators, in the spotwhere bomb number two exploded bears no resemblance to the pack he was photographed wearing,which had wide black seam lines and zippers.Meanwhile, there were people on the scene near the finish line who were wearing backpacks that wereboth very dark black and large enough and full-enough looking to be containing a loaded pressurekettle. These men were observed and photographed wearing baseball caps and shirts bearing theuniquely drawn white skull logo of a Houston, TX-based mercenary-for-hire firm called CraftInternational Security (whom no governmental agency will admit to having hired). Curiously, imagesof several of the men wearing those packs show them to have an unusual white square image on the topof the pack, quite like the white square visible in the FBI’s image of the exploded black pack. The Craftpersonnel’s packs are made of material that looks remarkably similar to whatever was used to make
    • the exploded pack. (The man on the rightbelow is photographed before the bombing.He is also seen, in an image taken after theexplosion, running alongside a secondidentically-dressed Craft man wearing apack and the company’s logo-emblazonedhat. Note that the left runner, interestingly,now no longer has on his pack. Where did itgo?)Note: Stay tuned for more information onCraft, its origins, management andrelationship with the US government. Wewill try to determine what these private“soldiers” were doing at the end point ofthe marathon wearing large backpacks (ormysteriously losing those large backpacks) right around the time of the explosions. Of course it’spossible there is some benign explanation. It’s equally possible they were hired to guard against somethreat that runners and spectators were never cautioned about, which could explain all the secrecy nowabout them.Some may argue that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has confessed to the crime, and even that two days ago hiswritten confession was found scrawled on the inside wall of the boat he was captured in. But while thecorporate media is reporting that as evidence, let’s not rush to judgment here. Those reports of aconfession have been sourced by the media only to unnamed “law enforcement sources” and there havebeen many such leaks and statements that have turned out to be false, such as the report of a 7-Elevenbeing robbed by the brothers, and a lengthy shootout between Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and police before hewas captured in the boat (unarmed). Since Dzhokhar has not said a word since he was finally providedwith a lawyer, these “law enforcement sources” are reporting things that Dzhokhar would have had tohave said during an unrelenting 16-hour interrogation by the FBI’s crack post-9/11 terroristinterrogation unit, who interrogated him while he was in serious condition from having been shotmultiple times, including through the neck, possibly blowing off part of his tongue, after he hadsuffered massive blood loss and shock, and while he was heavily sedated and handcuffed to his bed.We’re supposed to accept that “confession” without question?
    • A copy of the transcript of a hospital bedside visit toDzhokhar in Beth Israel Hospital by Federal JudgeMarianne B. Bowler, who had finally called a halt to theinterrogation (all conducted without a lawyer or witnesspresent, despite reports that Dzhokhar had repeatedlyrequested and been denied an attorney), gives a goodidea of how aware and capable of talking he actuallywas:The Court: I will ask the doctor whether or notthe patient is alert.You can rouse him.Dr. Odom: How are you feeling!Are you able to answer some questions?The Defendant: (Defendant nods affirmatively)There follow a series of questions and answers between judge and attorneys, and then some questionsto Tsarnaev, which are only answered by nods.Later, the Judge asks:The Court: Can you afford a lawyer?The Defendant: No.The Court: Let the record reflect that I believe the defendant has said “No”.This is the quality of “conversation” of which Dzhokhar was capable almost a week after his capture, ata time when the hospital was listing him in “fair” condition. Just what level of “conversation” did helikely have with his FBI interrogators in secret when he had just been captured and was listed in seriouscondition and when there was some question as to whether he would even survive his shooting ordeal?Meanwhile, the purported writing on the inner hull of the boat was not reported for several weeks, untilCBS Senior Correspondent John Miller—himself a former FBI spokesman—broke the story. Was itreally written by a frightened and severely wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev while he was on the lam froma city-wide manhunt? Or is it perhaps some cop’s prank? At this point who knows? As far as we know,nobody has tried to match the scrawl with his own handwriting to date.So that brings us back to those two backpacks. What could have been in them for them to be hangingso lightly on the two suspects’ backs? And if it wasn’t two explosive-laden pressure cookers—if—thenwho put those bombs at the finish line?These are precarious times. We owe it to ourselves to fully investigate all aspects of this singular affair,not to take anyone’s word for what we should think.Boston Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yy-hWcOWL60#!www.infowars.com