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Obama Information Czar Confronted Over “Ban Conspiracy Theories” Paper

Obama Information Czar Confronted Over “Ban Conspiracy Theories” Paper



Claims to have no memory of saying free speech should be taxed

Claims to have no memory of saying free speech should be taxed



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    Obama Information Czar Confronted Over “Ban Conspiracy Theories” Paper Obama Information Czar Confronted Over “Ban Conspiracy Theories” Paper Document Transcript

    • Obama Information Czar Confronted Over“Ban Conspiracy Theories” PaperSteve WatsonInfowars.comMay 1, 2012Claims to have no memory of saying free speech should be taxedDuring a rare public appearance, the Obama Administration’s Information Czar Cass Sunsteintold a crowd gathered at the NYU Law School in NYC yesterday that he has little recollection ofwriting a 2008 paper that called for a ban on conspiracy theorizing.In the question and answer portion of the lecture, We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowskiconfronted Sunstein concerning his avocation of a “provocateur” style program to silence whathave become the government’s most vociferous and influential critics.With tongue firmly in cheek, Rudkowski introduced himself as “Bill de Berg from Brooklyncollege,” before directly asking Sunstein to explain his comments.“I know you wrote many articles, but I think the most telling one about you is the 2008 one called‘Conspiracy Theories,’ where you openly advocated government agents infiltrating activist groupsfor 9/11 truth, and also to stifle dissent online,” Rudkowski stated.“Why do you think the government should go after family members and responders who have
    • questions about 9/11?” he askedSunstein.“I’ve written hundreds of articles and Iremember some and not others,”Sunstein replied, denying that he has afirm recollection of the paper.“I hope I didn’t say that, but whateverwas said in that article, my role ingovernment is to oversee federalrulemaking in a way that is whollydisconnected from the vast majority ofmy academic writing, including that,”Sunstein added.“I know that, I’m just asking becauseyou may be the next Supreme CourtJustice if Obama appoints you, and youdid write those things,” Rudkowski replied.“I may agree with some of the things I have written but I’m not exactly sure. I focus on what myboss wants me to do,” Sunstein said, intimating that he was just following orders.When Rudkowski asked if Sunstein would retract his comments about banning opinions that differfrom those of the government, Sunstein again claimed he did not remember the article he hadwritten and his personnel intervened to prevent Rudkowski pressing him on the matter.Watch the video: Below Obama Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on CognitiveInfiltration of Conspiracy Groupshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OIiOztc52g&feature=channel&listWithin his infamous paper, which can be downloaded here, Sunstein outlined plans for thegovernment to infiltrate “conspiracy groups”, including the 9/11 Truth Movement, in order toundermine them via postings on chat rooms and social networks, as well as real meetings. The specifics of the plans must be read in full in order to gauge their extreme nature and the threat Sunstein poses to the freedom in America. On page 14 of the paper, he proposed that “under imaginable conditions” the government “might ban conspiracy theorizing” and could “impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.” In effect, Obama’s information czar called for taxing or banning outright, as
    • in making illegal, opinions and ideas that thegovernment doesn’t approve of.Sunstein’s definition of a “conspiracy theorist”encompasses those who question manmade globalwarming and, most bizarrely, anyone who believes thatsunlight is healthy for their bodies.Presumably if Sunstein had been in power in the lattermiddle ages he would have attempted to tax and thenban the work of Galileo Galilei for subscribing to thetheory that the Earth was not the centre of theuniverse and that it actually revolved around the Sun.When he’s not going after those evil sunlight lovers,Sunstein advocates Internet censorship via enforcedand regulated links in news pieces to opposingopinions.Sunstein himself later retracted that proposal,explaining that it would be “too difficult to regulate[the Internet] in a way that would respond to thoseconcerns”, and admitting that it was “almost certainly unconstitutional.”Sunstein has also called for the re-writing of the First Amendment, and has even proposed amandatory celebration of tax day in America.His views on the Second Amendment have also raised serious concerns. In his book “Radicals inRobes,” he wrote: “[A]lmost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine.”Sunstein is on record attacking the Second Amendment. Watch in the following clip as he says“The Supreme Court has never suggested that the Second Amendment protects the individualright to have guns.”Cass Sunstein On The Right To Bear Armshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flfHZgT-SeIGiven his extreme actions and stated intentions, Cass Sunstein should be forced out of office andbarred from practicing law with immediate effect. If president Obama has his way, however, wemay very soon see his good buddy Sunstein elevated to the highest judicial position in thecountry. http://www.infowars.com/