Nobama Is “Firearms Salesman Of The Year.”
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Nobama Is “Firearms Salesman Of The Year.”



Firearms production has nearly tripled since 2000

Firearms production has nearly tripled since 2000
Earlier this month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released figures
from 2012 on firearms manufacturing.



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Nobama Is “Firearms Salesman Of The Year.” Nobama Is “Firearms Salesman Of The Year.” Document Transcript

  • Nobama Is “Firearms Salesman Of The Year.” Kurt Nimmo February 24, 2014 Firearms production has nearly tripled since 2000 Earlier this month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released figures from 2012 on firearms manufacturing. The Annual Firearms Manufacturers and Export Report shows more than 8.57 million guns were made in the U.S in 2012, a 31 percent increase from the prior year and almost triple from 2000. The report is delayed a year because of the Trade Secrets Act. Government stats reveal the Obama administration has served as a boon to the gun industry. More than 26 million firearms were manufactured in the United States since the election of Obama. That overshadows the 25.5 million guns produced during the entire eight years of the Bush administration. The tally during Obama’s reign will likely surpass that of the Clinton administration when 33 million guns were produced. “The numbers reflect growing consumer demand. Wait until you see the data for 2013. The reason for increasing demand is multi-faceted but surely is driven by concern that state and federal legislation would infringe on the Second Amendment,” Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary & General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation told A number of state legislatures have reacted to efforts by the federal government to seriously hamper the Second Amendment. The latest bill was passed in Missouri. The Second Amendment Preservation Act, which declares federal gun laws null and void in the state, passed the Missouri Senate on a 23-10 vote last week. Legislators in the state also proposed a constitutional amendment that would define the right to bear arms as “unalienable” and require Missouri to defend against any infringement of the Second Amendment.
  • ‘Obama Assassination’ Cartoon Prompts Secret Service Visit Adan Salazar February 24, 2014 Paranoid national security state continues intimidation of dissenting media voices The creators of the Youtube animated series Conrad the Constitution say they’ve been paid a visit by the Secret Service concerning their latest work, entitled Obama Assassination. In an email sent to Infowars, Fox Bros. Studios claimed they, as well as members of their families, had been contacted by the Secret Service. “I just wanted to let you guys know the Secret Service has been in contact with my family and is coming to interview me sometime soon about our latest episode. If I end up disappearing you’ll know why,” the email says. On the Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, one of the show’s directors, Tim Fox, also told Alex he had been paid a visit by the federal agency. In their latest episode, the show’s protagonist Conrad unknowingly falls asleep and wakes up in a dystopic future where the Bill of Rights is in tatters and the Second Amendment little more than a faded memory.
  • In his dream, Conrad is enlisted by his future self, a physically mangled version of the Constitution, to go back in time using former Congressman Ron Paul’s time machine and assassinate President Obama. While the premise of the episode is indeed macabre, the fact that the series is an animation and clearly issuing a satirical statement on the current state of affairs, in addition to the fact that the cartoon far from advocates violence, places its content well within the jurisdiction of the First Amendment. This is just the federal government’s latest attempt to intimidate filmmakers who demonstrate a lack of reverence for the state and who refuse to produce content that falls directly in line with the establishment’s agenda. The 2006 film Death of a President, a dramatization which realistically depicted Secret Service members regretting mistakes made during the fictional assassination of the 43rd president George W. Bush, barely raised the national security states’ eyebrows, let alone required a personal visit. The difference is that film did not challenge the status quo.
  • Recently the federal government’s disdain for dissenting media voices was also made apparent when federal prosecutors indicted filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, the director of the immensely popular and critical documentary 2016: Obama’s America and former policy advisor to President Ronald Reagan, under the spurious charge he made illegal campaign contributions. Clearly the latest Conrad episode is satire and moreover a dream. Despite a cameo by radio host Alex Jones, obviously, Infowars does not endorse Obama being hurt, as he’s just the offshore banking elite’s current sock puppet, but the move to squelch free speech under the guise of protecting national security should be of concern to anyone that values freedom. Conrad the Constitution S2 Ep8 - Obama Assassination VIDEO BELOW Nobama Seizes Control Of Late Night TV Paul Joseph Watson February 24, 2014
  • Establishment moves into securing entertainment industry as primary conduit for political agenda The recent replacement of Jay Leno with Obama cheerleader Jimmy Fallon is part of a White House coup d’état to take control of late night television. With more and more young Americans deserting news networks and getting their information and opinions from late night comedy/discussion shows, the establishment is moving into using the entertainment industry as its primary conduit for state propaganda. Distrust in the institution of television news is hovering at all time lows, which is why one of the few places left that the White House can elicit a sympathetic response to its agenda and talking points is the cosy, make believe world of late night TV. While Barack Obama is pursuing a chillingly dictatorial political agenda based around executive tyranny, Jimmy Fallon is helping to massage Obama’s image as a down to earth, fun loving guy that you can trust. While Jay Leno savaged Obamacare in his final weeks as host, one of Fallon’s first acts was to afford Michelle Obama the platform of The Tonight Show to push Obamacare talking points. Fallon even once gushed that President Obama “booked himself”. While the media has pondered on the mystery of Leno being replaced (he enjoyed consistently high ratings for 20 years), the reality is strikingly obvious. As Politico and others have reported, this is part of the changing politics of late night TV, with the Obama White House now moving to seize control of late night TV, with Fallon acting as little more than a White House spokesman whenever the need arises. Watch the video above and read the articles below for more background. Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset The changed politics of late-night TV Was Jay Leno Canned by NBC For Criticizing Obama? Johnny Carson’s Head Writer Hints Leno Was Ditched Over Obama Jokes Obama Seizes Control of Late Night TV VIDEO BELOW INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND