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Monsanto Can’t Explain How Gmo Wheat Survived

Monsanto Can’t Explain How Gmo Wheat Survived



Monsanto claims it has no idea how its herbicide-resistant strain of wheat made its way onto an Oregon ...

Monsanto claims it has no idea how its herbicide-resistant strain of wheat made its way onto an Oregon
field. The global biotech giant based in Missouri says it abandoned research on it in 2004 and is
mystified by its emergence nearly a decade later.



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    Monsanto Can’t Explain How Gmo Wheat Survived Monsanto Can’t Explain How Gmo Wheat Survived Document Transcript

    • Monsanto Can’t Explain How Gmo WheatSurvivedRTJune 4, 2013Monsanto claims it has no idea how its herbicide-resistant strain of wheat made its way onto an Oregonfield. The global biotech giant based in Missouri says it abandoned research on it in 2004 and ismystified by its emergence nearly a decade later.Monsanto tested the GMO varieties in 17 US states between 1998 and 2004. Although it also tested theGM wheat in Oregon, the company claims it destroyed all of the material upon the conclusion of theprogram and that it never grew the wheat strain on the farm where it was found last month.“The company’s internal assessments suggest that neither seed left in the soil nor wheat pollen flowserve as reasonable explanations behind this reported detection,” the biotech giant said in a newsrelease Friday.The company claims that even if the wheat seed had been left in the ground, it would not have survivedlonger than one or two years in the soil. Monsanto also states tha t its seed varieties could not havepossibly traveled across the state, since 99 percent of wheat pollen is deposited within 10 meters of theplant.“This report is unusual since o ur program was discontinued nine years ago, and this is the only report
    • after more than 500 million acres(200 million hectare) of wheathave been grown,” the companysaid in its statement.Since May 29, the USDepartment of Agriculture’sAnimal and Plant HealthInspection Service has conducteda multi-state investigation todetermine how the GM wheatreached the Oregon farm.A local farmer discovered it afterdousing his field with Monsanto’s“Roundup Ready” pesticide andrealizing that some of the wheatplants were resistant to it. Healerted the USDA, which soondetermined that the herbicide-resistant wheat crop was the samevariety Monsanto tested nearly a decade ago. The USDA never approved the strain, andenvironmentalists have expressed deep concern about potential health risks involving the mysteriousGM crop. The finding has already had a detrimental impact on US trade: Japanese authorities last weekannounced that they would suspend imports of US wheat.Shortly after the announcement, wheat for July delivery fell by 8.25 cents to $6.945 per bushel on theChicago Board Trade.And Monsanto’s asserted bewilderment serves as no comfort to those concerned about the presence ofunapproved GM crops in the US, particularly foreign importers who fear that the GM variety may havebeen present in their crop purchases.A USDA spokeswoman told Reuters on Monday that there are “no indications that there is any GEwheat in commerce.” But if investigators find any more of the unapproved wheat variety growing onUS farms, the agriculture industry could take an even harder hit.Genetically modified wheat has not been approved for commercial growing, and Asian and Europeanbuyers have expressed little interest in it, which in large part influenced Monsanto’s decision not tomarket the GM crop after testing it.A team of 15 investigators is continuing its probe into the mysterious crop’s emergence – aphenomenon that Monsanto says it cannot explain.The World According to Monsanto VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_DbVdVo-kFood, Inc. VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.watchdocumentary.tv/food-inc-documentary/
    • The Monsanto Tipping Point Has Been Reached: WeShall Overcome Global Food Injustice (GMO)Mike AdamsNatural NewsJune 4, 2013Monsanto is now in fullretreat against a globalgrassroots rejection of itspoisons and lies. Thecompany is backpedalingon every front now, evenadmitting defeat in Europeand now trying to focus itslast, desperate efforts onthe United States andBrazil.But even in the Americas,Monsanto is losing onevery front: GMO labelinglegislation is cropping up inover a dozen states, theglobal March AgainstMonsanto demonstratedglobal grassroots unityagainst GMOs, and eventhe so-called “science”behind the “safety” GMOsis revealed as utterhogwash now that GMOshave escaped Monsanto’sexperimental wheat fieldsand contaminatedcommercial wheat crops inAmerica.Japan has halted U.S. wheat imports and South Korea joined in as well. Ben & Jerry’s ice creamcompany has announced it is going 100% GMO-free, and massive boycotts are under way againstbrands that tried to block the GMO labeling ballot measure in California (Prop 37).We’ve reached the tipping point against MonsantoJeffrey Smith of www.ResponsibleTechnology.org has always talked about a “tipping point” beingreached on GMOs, after which the flood of consumer awareness and demand would force foodmanufacturers and retailers to begin the process of ditching GMOs. I believe that tipping point hasnow been reached. In fact, I believe the March Against Monsanto was the final push over the fulcrumof the tipping point, and I am ecstatic that so many people all around the world marched in the streetsto protest global food injustice while the wholly-discredited mainstream media sat back and pretended
    • the march never even took place!In one fell sweep, the tipping point against Monsanto was triggered and the whole world realized themainstream media has zero credibility. I’ll call that a victory any day!MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwdPh-rRVMs&feature=player_embeddedNext steps: Commands from headquarters?If you’re waiting for “commands from headquarters” to figure out what’s next in the war for foodjustice and farming justice — the war against Monsanto and GMOs — you don’t really understand thismovement. The beauty of everything that’s happening today is that there IS no headquarters!Activists against Monsanto are simply making this up as we go along. There is no “leader.” There is nosecret strategy meeting. There are no talking points. There is no overarching set of milestones beingdiscussed. There is no one person that makes all this happen.The anti-GMO movement is all just large numbers of courageous individuals waking up and doingwhat needs to be done, whether that’s organizing a march, posting videos online, boycotting foodbrands that use GMOs, or holding home viewing parties of DVDs that educate people on the truthabout GMOs.This is the movement’s strength. This is why nobody can be intimidated, sued or shut down byMonsanto. Behind every activist there are a thousand more carrying the torch for food justice. The anti-GMO grassroots movement absolutely will not stop until GMOs are banned from the global foodsupply, and that bold statement is just as true in Venezuela and Portugal as the United States.Everywhere that people eat food and grow food, everyone who is informed supports the idea ofoutlawing GMOs entirely.This goal will be achieved. I can see it now with clarity. The grassroots energy behind this movement isunstoppable. And while everyone in the grassroots anti-GMO movement may come from slightlydifferent viewpoints on other social, political and economic issues, they all agree that GMOs have noplace in the food supply, period!As I recently said in my speech at the March Against Monsanto in Austin:The fact that you are here, in all your beautiful diversity… is proof that they cannot divide us! They canonly unite us with their insanity!If you are part of the effort to stop Monsanto and outlaw GMOs, you are winning. You are making ameasurable, effective difference in the world, and the positive shockwaves of your efforts will be feltfor generations to come. Keep up the good work.Millions March Against Monsanto! VIDEO BELOWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifa33dLp6OA&feature=player_embeddedSeeds Of Death VIDEO BELOWwww.youtube.com/watch?v=KoAaYWBWRFIwww.infowars.com