Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over Traffic Violation
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Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over Traffic Violation



Activist targeted in order to prevent him ...

Activist targeted in order to prevent him
organizing DNC protest
Activist James Ian Tyson was listed as a terrorist over
a traffic violation in a deliberate effort by police to
prevent him organizing a protest at the Democratic
National Convention taking place in Charlotte this
week. As we reported yesterday, Charlotte resident
Tyson was arrested on Sunday morning as he was
driving to a protest just days before the start of the
DNC with his initial bond set at a huge $10,000



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    Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over Traffic Violation Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over Traffic Violation Document Transcript

    • Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over TrafficViolationPaul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comWednesday, September 5, 2012Activist targeted in order to prevent himorganizing DNC protestActivist James Ian Tyson was listed as a terrorist overa traffic violation in a deliberate effort by police toprevent him organizing a protest at the DemocraticNational Convention taking place in Charlotte thisweek. As we reported yesterday, Charlotte residentTyson was arrested on Sunday morning as he wasdriving to a protest just days before the start of theDNC with his initial bond set at a huge $10,000dollars.Although the reason for the arrest was not known until today, prosecutors were keen to keep Tysonlocked up for the duration of the DNC, according to Tyson’s lawyer. Tyson spent 36 hours in jail, 24 ofwhich were in a tiny cell.It has now emerged that Tyson, an activist with the Rainforest Action Network, was arrested for drivingwith a suspended license when he was only a passenger in the car.“Tyson’s lawyer, Derek Fletcher, says a police report of the arrest claimed his client was on a terroristwatch list and should be held until the convention ends Thursday,” reports the Associated Press, addingthat Tyson thinks he was targeted to prevent him from organizing a protest.In other words, Tyson was arrested on a bogus charge, declared to be a terrorist and kidnapped bypolice simply in order to stop him from exercising his First Amendment rights.This means that cops in America are now mimicking the actions of the NKVD, Joseph Stalin’s fearedSoviet secret police, and abducting political dissidents to prevent them from organizing rallies.“I’m a local Charlottean, I’m a farmer, I’m a carpenter, I’m a family member and a communitymember. I am not a terrorist,” Tyson told the Charlotte Observer, adding that he has no clue how heended up on a terror watchlist.“They have no reason to have me on that list,” Tyson said. “I haven’t done anything remotely criminalinvolving politics.” As we previously highlighted, efforts by the state to characterize protest asterrorism have been ongoing for years.A 2009 Department of Defense anti-terrorism training program entitled Antiterrorism and ForceProtection Annual Refresher Training Course used material that defined certain First Amendment-protected activities as “low level terrorism.”“I think they’re watching me and looking for a reason to arrest me,” Tyson said. “I’m not afraid ofpolice, but I don’t want to be arrested again.”
    • Protesting is Now TerrorismInfowars.comSept 5, 2012An activist was designated as a terror suspect, put on a watchlist and arrested, ostensibly it seems toprevent him attending a protest at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.Protesting is Now Terrorism VIDEO BELOW Reporter Confronts Obama OverKill-listInfowars.comSeptember 5, 2012A local Fox News journalist (again!) came offsounding more like an Infowars reporter than amainstream mouthpiece when he confrontedObama regarding his “kill list.”Reporter Ben Swann was on the floor ofthe Democratic National ConventionTuesday and was able to procure anexclusive interview with Mr. Soetoro.Specifically, Swann asked how the “president”can justify the killing of Americans without trial,as has been revealed through leaks of a kill list.
    • Swann’s passion for the truth seems genuine. In July, we covered a report Swann produced questioningthe official narrative of the ‘Dark Knight’ massacre. Here is an excerpt from that report: It’s astounding to watch the mainstream media being forced to behave like alternative media outlets which the establishment previously derided as “conspiracy theorists” in an attempt to remain relevant, but kudos to Fox 19 for at least making the effort to ask the hard questions.Once again, kudos Mr. Swann.Reality Check: 1 on 1 With President Obama, How Does He Justify A Kill List? VIDEOBELOW, United Face Trial Over 9-11Towers DestructionPatricia HurtadoBloomberg BusinessweekSeptember 5, 2012American Airlines and United ContinentalHoldings Inc. (UAL) lost a bid to avoid afederal trial over negligence claims tied to thehijacking of jetliners used in the Sept. 11,2001, terrorist attacks that killed about 3,000people in New York, Washington andPennsylvania.World Trade Center Properties LLC, whichowned the twin skyscrapers in lower Manhattandestroyed in the attacks, sued the airlines in2008 alleging negligence against the carriers forallowing terrorists to board and hijack the planesthat were flown into the buildings. U.S. DistrictJudge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan yesterday said a trial is required. On the day of the attacks, twoplanes were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed intothe North Tower of the World Trade Center. Minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into theSouth Tower.
    • After the attacks, the owners sued insurers, eventually settling for $4.09 billion, the judge said. WorldTrade Center Properties sued the airlines seeking $8.4 billion, or the estimated cost of replacing the twotowers as well as claims of negligence, the judge said in yesterday’s ruling. Hellerstein said hepreviously rejected the airlines’ bid for summary judgment, or a ruling before trial.Limited RecoveryHellerstein also limited the owners’ recovery and determined its destroyed lease on the day of theterrorist attacks to be worth $2.805 billion, the price the World Trade Center Properties agreed to paythe Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the lease a few months before the 2001 attacks, hesaid. The judge yesterday rejected the air carriers’ argument that since the buildings’ owners recovered$4.09 billion from insurance, World Trade Center Properties couldn’t also recover the $2.8 billionsought for the lease. “On this record, before trial, I am not able to make such findings,” Hellersteinsaid in his ruling. Matt Miller, a spokesman for American, said the airline has no comment about thecase. Desmond Barry, a lawyer for the airlines, didn’t immediately return a voice-mail message left athis office seeking comment about the ruling. The case is In Re September 11 Litigation, 21-MC-101,U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).Architects and Engineers 9/11: Blueprint for Truth VIDEO BELOW and Engineers 911Truth Experts Speak Out VIDEO BELOW Change 9/11 2ND Edtion VIDEO BELOW