Immigration Influx Is About ‘Re-Education’ Of Society
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Immigration Influx Is About ‘Re-Education’ Of Society



University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into ...

University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into
the United States is part of a plan to create a new underclass of people who can be re-educated in order
to create a subservient underclass.
Hamamoto, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, exclusively
contacted Infowars to express his shock at what he sees as a clear “plan to destroy national
sovereignty” through mass uncontrolled illegal immigration.



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    Immigration Influx Is About ‘Re-Education’ Of Society Immigration Influx Is About ‘Re-Education’ Of Society Document Transcript

    • Immigration Influx Is About ‘Re-Education’ Of Society by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON | JUNE 25, 2014 University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States is part of a plan to create a new underclass of people who can be re-educated in order to create a subservient underclass. Hamamoto, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, exclusively contacted Infowars to express his shock at what he sees as a clear “plan to destroy national sovereignty” through mass uncontrolled illegal immigration. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and by extension into the college education system is part of a deliberate plot, “to exclude the American middle class from a UC education and create a new demographic of largely immigrant or foreign national undergraduate population that can be re-educated from the ground up and controlled much more readily.” Hamamoto’s warning is noteworthy given his position at one of the most liberal institutions in the United States. The professor acknowledged that his vocal stance against illegal immigration has already prompted a backlash, but that he had no reservations in going public. “I am fairly certain that this is also going on at UT and other “public” institutions of higher learning, so Infowars subscribers will “get it,” wrote Hamamoto. “Everyone else will be really pissed off at me….I am already being harassed by the administration and informed on by trained student-rats, so truly this is not a risk for me.” The professor added that UC Davis, “is gearing up for what they call the “Hispanization” of the University of California, which means in-state or full-ride tuition to both illegals and the offspring of illegal immigrants.” Seeking to draw more attention to the issue, Hamamoto is preparing to launch a stunt based around, “a campaign calling for racial “equality” by demanding that thirty million Asians of different nationalities
    • (be) brought into the USA and integrated into the National Security Welfare State.” Making reference to this week’s controversy surrounding the DHS’ purchase of 42,000 pairs of extra large underwear that are needed to clothe an influx of overweight illegal immigrants, Hamamoto writes, “One of my purposely ludicrous arguments will be that the US govt. will save hundreds of thousands of dollars buying XS-size underwear for Asians as opposed to XXXXXXL-size drawers for illegal immigrants from Central America.” “La Raza, MeCha, and all the other ethno-nationalist interest groups will really get their pantalones in a bunch thanks to this campaign. This plan to destroy national sovereignty cannot be argued through rational means, so I will orchestrate a complete parody of this bogus crisis,” writes Hamamoto. Professor Hamamoto will appear on the Alex Jones Show soon to discuss his campaign in more detail. Illegals Bankrupting Small Towns In Border States by JON BOWNE & KIT DANIELS | INFOWARS.COM | JUNE 27, 2014 Numerous small towns receive little to no help from the feds who orchestrated the influx of illegals Small towns and counties in states bordering Mexico are drowning in debt due to the swarm of illegals stealing and destroying property, requiring expensive medical care and needing proper burials, all of which the federal government has largely refused to pay for. For example, in Brooks Co., Texas, which is 75 miles north of the Mexican border, county judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars that autopsies of dead illegal aliens are rapidly draining his county’s resources which were already meager after the oil & gas industry left town. “It was the loss of oil & gas revenue, compounded with the amount that we spend dealing with autopsies, wear and tear of [county] vehicles, the sheriff’s department, the JPs [Justices of the Peace],
    • the magistrates, death certificates, all the paperwork that’s entailed and getting out to areas that are very, very remote,” he said. “I personally have been taken to pronounce a body [of an illegal immigrant dead] when the sheriff’s officer said ‘oh, there went the transmission’ and we had to call a wrecker to come get us.” “Thank God for the Border Patrol; they were able to take us to where the immigrant was.” But that was about the only federal help Brooks Co. has received, even though the Obama administration has admitted that it is responsible for this mass influx of illegals, which has hit over 90,000 since last October and will more than double by this October. “All [the costs] occurs on the county,” Ramirez stated, adding that his county has received no financial assistance from the federal government. “All these expenses we don’t budget for and the losses we have to pay for.” Only the State of Texas has stepped in and offered the county $150,000 to help defray the costs, and as we reported on Tuesday, Texas state troopers are also heavily patrolling border highways which are practically absent of Border Patrol activity. One state trooper told Infowars that the border is now an explosive hotspot of violent crime, which is now rapidly spreading miles inland. “I just got a report from a couple of days ago from a local rancher that they [illegal immigrants] broke into his ranch and we are getting more and more reports of either [Border Patrol] agents who are being accosted or deputies who are fighting resistance from these individuals,” Ramirez added. Illegal Invasion Destroying Small Town America VIDEO BELOW Stand Down: U.S. Border Gate Left Wide Open, Unguarded by INFOWARS.COM | JUNE 27, 2014 Reporters observe de facto open border policy in real time The U.S. Border Protection agency is either abiding by a stand down order, or is so busy performing other tasks they’re completely leaving entire sections of the border unguarded and indeed wide open, Infowars reporters observed yesterday. In El Paso, Texas, investigating the Central American immigrant surge, reporters Joe Biggs and Rob Dew ventured near the Rio Grande river, where they encountered a large border fence on the U.S. side sitting wide open and unguarded for a lengthy period. “As we’ve documented, the Border patrol has been paying to ship these kids in, bus them in, fly them
    • in to our country, and now the gates are left completely wide open,” Staff Sgt. Biggs reports. We learned last week the federal government is securing travel accommodations for illegal immigrants and procuring bus tickets for them to go virtually anywhere in the U.S. We’ve also documented some agents are so frustrated with being forced to break immigration laws, in addition to having to prepare sandwiches, make food and drink runs and perform mass laundry detail, they’re leaving the agency in search of new employment. Last week Infowars reporters also traveled down to the Rio Grande Valley, ground zero where immigrants from Central America are staging a virtually uncontested U.S. invasion, and were amazed to find little to no Border Patrol vehicles in the area near the Brownsville & Matamoros International Bridge. “In and around Brownsville, far more Border Patrol vehicles could be seen parked at various government facilities than patrolling the streets and surrounding areas,” Kit Daniels reported, “contrary to what one would expect considering the current flood of tens of thousands of immigrants from Central America crossing the border.” Border Standdown: El Paso Border Gate To Mexico Left Open & Unguarded VIDEO BELOW Illegal Invasion Destroying Small Town America VIDEO BELOW Fact Or Fiction: Humanity Still Surprised That ‘Megalomaniacal Pricks’ Decide Everything by TYLER DURDEN | ZERO HEDGE | JUNE 27, 2014 Countless examples of counterproductive practice of entrusting power to world’s least scrupulous individuals This satire piece from the Onion rings true…
    • Fact or Fiction… Noting that it has had thousands of years to develop a more agreeable option, humankind expressed bewilderment this week that it has yet to devise a better alternative to governing itself than always letting power-hungry assholes run everything, sources worldwide reported. Individuals in every country on earth voiced their frustration that, in spite of generations of mistreatment, neglect, and abuse they have suffered at the hands of those in positions of authority, they continue to allow control over the world’s governments, businesses, and virtually every other type of organization and social group to fall to the most megalomaniacal pricks among them. “We’ve all seen what this system leads to, so you’d think that by now, someone, somewhere would have sat down and thought up another way to keep our societies functioning without giving all the power to arrogant, amoral dicks whose only concern is improving their own status,” said Mumbai software designer Ankan Rao, one of 7.1 billion humans who conveyed continued surprise that their species has so far proven incapable of formulating a method of governance that was even slightly more tolerable. “Everybody dislikes the people in charge and everybody knows they’re only serving their own personal agendas at the expense of everyone else, but we just keep allowing these jerks to make our decisions time and time again. And it’s not just here—it’s everywhere in the world.” “Boy, maybe we shouldn’t do that anymore,” Rao added. “Anyone have any better ideas?” Speaking with reporters, citizens across the planet unanimously expressed their bafflement at the consistency with which they either formally or informally select corrupt and self-obsessed sacks of shit for leadership roles in all facets of life, including positions atop corporate boards, judicial and legislative bodies, religious institutions, parent-teacher associations, the military, intramural softball teams, and international and national professional associations, as well as groups of friends deciding where to eat. In addition, sources offered countless examples of the counterproductive and perplexing practice of entrusting power to the world’s least scrupulous individuals, ranging in scale from a domineering dictator who plunges his country into civil war in order to consolidate his power, to a Foot Locker shift manager who forces his subordinates to close up without him so that he can go home early.
    • Moreover, everyone across the planet acknowledged that the tradition of allowing an exploitative asshole to take charge of a given situation has been the principal system for group decision-making from the earliest formation of tribal societies to the present day, an admission that caused each member of the human race to either emit an exasperated sigh, shake his or her head, or mutter a profanity. “My old boss, my sorority president, my congressional representative, my current boss —they’ve all been soulless, backstabbing dickheads whose only concern is getting what they want,” said administrative assistant Sheryl Gittens of Fort Worth, TX, who went on to list the bully back in her seventh grade class, her homeowners association president, and the coordinator of her Bible study group among the legions of selfish jagoffs who have inexplicably been granted commanding roles by the acquiescent masses. “What’s even more annoying is that we essentially reward these people for only thinking of themselves and repeatedly screwing us over. If you stop and think about it, that’s pretty messed up.” “Jesus,” she continued. “What the hell’s wrong with us?” Given the prevalence throughout history of compassionless, two-faced leaders whose lust for control and inflated self-importance have led to disastrous results for society at large, many individuals questioned if, going forward, they should instead try giving power to someone other than a greedy, self-serving bastard. “Maybe we should try letting a kind, responsible person run things for a change,” Cairo resident Nathifa Bakhoum told reporters. “I, for one, don’t want to be told what to do by another narcissist who’s drunk on power and who has absolutely no regard for my well-being. It’s just a thought, but perhaps we could go with a good, decent human next time, or at least someone who’s not a completely egotistical pile of dogshit. That seems like a good thing to try at least once, right? Could we even do that? It’s probably worth a shot.” When pressed for further comment, however, every member of humanity agreed that the current system, though deeply flawed, remains far better than one in which they actually have to make decisions for themselves. INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND