How The Looming Bitcoin Crash Will Be Exploited By Globalists
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How The Looming Bitcoin Crash Will Be Exploited By Globalists



There’s a bigger agenda happening with bitcoin that needs to be publicly stated, and this goes far ...

There’s a bigger agenda happening with bitcoin that needs to be publicly stated, and this goes far
beyond the issue of the financial harm that w ill be caused when the bitcoin bubble finally implodes.



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    How The Looming Bitcoin Crash Will Be Exploited By Globalists How The Looming Bitcoin Crash Will Be Exploited By Globalists Document Transcript

    • How The Looming Bitcoin Crash Will BeExploited By GlobalistsMike AdamsNatural NewsApril 10, 2013…to outlaw decentralized crypto currenciesThere’s a bigger agenda happening with bitcoin that needs to be publicly stated, and this goes farbeyond the issue of the financial harm that w ill be caused when the bitcoin bubble finally implodes.Central banks hate bitcoin. They hate it because it doesn’t allow them to loot bank accounts (Cyprus)and control the movement of capital around the globe. Bitcoin, in fact, threatens the very foundation ofmonetary control that underlies all the corrupt governments of the world. As such, bitcoin is a hugethreat to the status quo, making it an obvious target for the globalists to attempt to destroy.Discrediting bitcoin isn’t enough, however. To really be effective, they need to make bitcoin illegal.The plot to criminalize bitcoinHow do you criminalize bitcoin? The same way you get guns banned: Plan an attack, make sure lots ofpeople get hurt, roll out all the victims in front of the cameras, then use the sob stories as moraljustification to crack down with oppressive new laws.This is the agenda being planned right now with bitcoin. The recipe works like this:Step 1) Central banks buy up massive quantities of bitcoin currency, driving the prices into thestratosphere and encouraging millions of people around the world to jump on board the “get rich”bandwagon.Step 2) Once bitcoin valuations reach a sufficient level of insanity, start a massive selloff by dumpingthe bitcoins you already bought onto the market, offering them for sale at any price (i.e. sell into falling
    • prices, accelerating the loss invaluations).Step 3) Watch panic take hold as thebitcoin crash accelerates, end ing in acatastrophic wipeout of “valuation” of allbitcoins.Step 4) Find “victims” of the bitcoincrash who can tell a good sob story forthe mainstream media about how theyinvested little Johnny’s college money inbitcoin and lost it all. Roll them out onCNN and MSNBC where they cry oncamera and talk about how they wereripped off by bitcoin and now they onlytrust the government from now on.Step 5) Demonize bitcoin by characterizing it as a “libertarian pyramid scheme.” Lash out against bothdecentralized currencies and libertarians.Step 6) Once the demonization gains traction, have traitors in the U.S. Congress announce a“Consumer Currency Protection Act” that outlaws non-central bank currencies such as bitcoin. It’s all“for your safety,” of course. Shut down all online bitcoin wallets and exchanges, calling them “criminalpyramid schemes” and arrest a few people using bitcoin to send a warning message to the rest.Mission accomplished! You’ve now made bitcoin look like a “pyramid scheme,” you’ve scared thepublic into being wary of “anti-government currencies,” and you’ve criminalized their use byconsumers.That’s the goal the central banks are trying to achieve right now. It’s all be set in motion by thebitcoin bubble which will inevitably lead to a bitcoin crash.Bitcoin is being manipulated as a pawn in the globalist scheme to destroy freedomThe bitcoin bubble is to currency freedom as the Sandy Hook shooting was to firearms freedom. Inboth cases, governments will use a crisis to destroy freedom while claiming to be “saving” the people.The government WANTS bitcoin to be a disaster, and the mainstream media, which has so far refusedto give bitcoin much attention, will leap all over the story like vultures once it crashes.For the record, I’m a proponent of bitcoin and I want it to succeed in the long run, but the maniaspeculation happening with bitcoin right now is going to be disastrous for its reputation. It is the worstthing that could happen to bitcoin.What we would prefer to see is a slow, steady rise that reflects stability with low volatility. Instead, wesee extremely high volatility, wild price ranges, desperate purchasing patterns and even purchasequeues at some exchanges where the demand for bitcoins is so high that it exceeds the limits of theservices (such as Coinbase, where you now have to stand in line to buy bitcoins two days later atwhatever “market” prices are offered that day).Why the bitcoin craze is the modern-day equivalent of tulip bulb maniaBitcoin has become a casino. It is almost a perfect reflection of the tulip bulb mania of 1637 in thesetwo ways: 1) Most people buying bitcoins have no use for bitcoins (just like tulip bulbs), and 2) Therapid increase in bitcoin valuations cannot be substantiated in any way that reflects reality.
    • In other words, there is no fundamental reason whybitcoins should be 2000% more valuable today thanfour months ago. Nothing has changed other than thecraze / mania of people buying in.Mark my words: A bitcoin crash will occur, and a lot ofpeople are going to be financially hurt by it. More andmore, this bitcoin craze is looking like a “pump anddump” operation, where the only winners are thosewho are the first to sell.When bitcoins were in the sub-$20 range, I was notconcerned about any of this. I actually encouragedpeople to buy bitcoins and support the bitcoinmovement. But alarm bells went off in my mind when itskyrocketed past $150 and headed to $200+ virtuallyovernight. These are not the signs of rational markets. These are warning signs of bad things yet tooccur.By the way, the simple way to prove to yourself that everything I’m saying here is true is to askyourself this simple question: What do the people who are buying bitcoins plan to spend them on?The answer is NOTHING! They don’t plan to spend bitcoins on anything. They have no use forbitcoins. Their only play (for 90+% of those buying them) is to buy low and sell high. That’s it! Forthem, bitcoin is nothing more than a speculative vehicle for gambling with some of their money.Every speculative bubble market that goes up must come down. And it will usually come down at amultiple of the speed at which it went up.The velocity of bitcoins is a huge red alertNow, if most bitcoin buyers were actually using the currency on a day-to-day basis, purchasing thingsonline, sending bitcoins to pay off debts, exchanging bitcoins for services, etc., then that would bedifferent. The circulation of a currency is classically known as its velocity. The higher the velocity, themore frequently the currency is being routinely used for transactions.But the velocity of bitcoins after the initial purchase is shockingly low. What this indicates is thatpeople are buying lots of bitcoins but then sitting on them. Once bitcoins are purchased, in other words,they basically just sit around and aren’t used for any practical, for example, doesn’t accept bitcoins. You can’t buy gas for your truck with bitcoins. Youcan’t shop with bitcoins at the local grocery store. Until bitcoins are more widely accepted and thevelocity rises, there is no fundamental reason why their value should suddenly skyrocket.Of course, those who are deep into bitcoins right now will call me a doom and gloomer. Sure, it’s okayfor them to talk about how the dollar is going to crash, or how the Fed is a criminal operation, but theminute I start invoking mathematical reality with bitcoins, suddenly I become the bad guy.Well, my answer to the critics is that I have more faith in the laws of mathematics than the self-deluded logic of people who own millions of dollars worth of bitcoins and who therefore have astrong self-interest in promoting the bitcoin mania.They are blinded by their own positions in bitcoins and cannot see through the fog of self delusion. Incontrast to that, I own only two bitcoins worth approximately $400 or so, meaning that I have nosubstantial position in bitcoins to speak of. Whether bitcoins go up or down does not impact me in any
    • meaningful way. My sole motivation in writing this is to warn others away from the extreme risksthat are now clearly associated with buying bitcoins at present-day prices.There is nothing new under the sunAs always, there will be people (we call them “noobs” or “suckers”) who think they have stumbledupon the one exception in the universe to the laws of mathematics and that bitcoin somehow representsa galactic shortcut to universal wealth where everyone can become billionaires by trading each otherelectronic chunks of data with higher and higher numbers encoded in them. These people are fools, andhistory will prove them so.After the bitcoin crash takes place, people will ask me, “Mike, how did you know bitcoin was going tocrash when everybody else thought it was going to keep going up forever?” And my answer will be,“Because I believe that 2 + 2 = 4.”If you understand mathematics, you know that the bitcoin bubble is doomed. Sell while you still canand be happy with the profits you’ve made so far. Importantly, remember that the only reason you cansell is because there’s a “greater fool” on the other side of that transaction who is buying your bitcoins.The problem with all bubbles is that sooner or later the world runs out of greater fools.Final notes: Why 95% have no clue what I’m writing aboutFrustratingly, perhaps 95% of the people who will comment on this article in social media websiteshave no understanding of high-level mathematics, no understanding of economics, no understanding offree markets, no understanding of greed vs. fear psychology and no historical context through whichthey might understand what’s happening with bitcoin. Almost no one buying bitcoins has any clue whatthey are. They don’t even understand the meaning of the phrase “decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency” and they have absolutely no working knowledge of public / private key cryptography. Theyhave no idea what they are buying and they have no qualifications whatsoever to even discuss thetopic.This is a case where 95% of the people talking about bitcoin need to be told, simply, “Shut the hell up!”because they literally have no clue what they are talking about.If you are going to talk about bitcoin, make sure you understand the fundamentals of mathematics,cryptography, free markets, economics and human psychology before opening your mouth. Otherwise,you are only announcing to the world that you’re a complete fool who will soon be parted from hismoney.And to all those who think they are going to “get rich” by buying bitcoin today and selling it off whenbitcoin goes higher, let me offer you a piece of practical advice: After the bitcoin crash, when you arescreaming bloody murder and selling your bitcoins at perhaps 1% of what you paid for them, it will bepeople like me who will buy them and thus receive a 99% discount on the bitcoins you once bought ata hundred times the price. That discount is called the “IQ discount.”You know how lotteries are called a “tax on people who can’t do math?” The bitcoin crash will be amassive global wealth transfer from people who can’t understand the dynamics of decentralized crypto-currencies to those who do understand.If you don’t follow what I’m saying here, then don’t buy bitcoins. You will only be led to themathematical slaughter.