Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens
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Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens



The immigration reform measure the Senate ...

The immigration reform measure the Senate
began debating yesterday would create a national
biometric database of virtually every adult in the
U.S., in what privacy groups fear could be the first
step to a ubiquitous national identification system.



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Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens Document Transcript

  • Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? ANational Biometric Database for CitizensMichael KriegerLiberty BlitzkriegMay 12, 2013The immigration reform measure the Senatebegan debating yesterday would create a nationalbiometric database of virtually every adult in theU.S., in what privacy groups fear could be the firststep to a ubiquitous national identification system.Buried in the more than 800 pages of the bipartisanlegislation (.pdf) is language mandating the creationof the innocuously-named “photo tool,” a massivefederal database administered by the Department ofHomeland Security and containing names, ages,Social Security numbers and photographs of everyonein the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.Employers would be obliged to look up every newhire in the database to verify that they match theirphoto.This piece of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act is aimedat curbing employment of undocumented immigrants. But privacy advocates fear the inevitable missioncreep, ending with the proof of self being required at polling places, to rent a house, buy a gun, open abank account, acquire credit, board a plane or even attend a sporting event or log on the internet. Thinkof it as a government version of Foursquare, with Big Brother cataloging every check-in.“It starts to change the relationship between the citizen and state, you do have to get permission to dothings,” said Chris Calabrese, a congressional lobbyist with the American Civil Liberties Union. “Morefundamentally, it could be the start of keeping a record of all things.”For now, the legislation allows the database to be used solely for employment purposes. Buthistorically such limitations don’t last. The Social Security card, for example, was created to track yourgovernment retirement benefits. Now you need it to purchase health insurance.“The Social Security number itself, it’s pretty ubiquitous in your life,” Calabrese said.David Bier, an analyst with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, agrees with the ACLU’s fears.“The most worrying aspect is that this creates a principle of permission basically to do certain activitiesand it can be used to restrict activities,” he said. “It’s like a national ID system without the card.”For the moment, the debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee is focused on the parameters oflegalization for unauthorized immigrants, a border fence and legal immigration in the future.The committee is scheduled to resume debate on the package Tuesday.
  • Why Are Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah andWarren Buffett Meeting on South CarolinaIslandwbtw.comMay 12, 2013Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoftand one of the richest people in theworld, is spending time in theLowcountry.WCBD confirmed the Americanbusiness magnate is at the Sanctuaryon Kiawah Island.Suspicion was raised when nearly 20very expensive jets were seen lined upat the Charleston International Airporton Johns Island.Officials with the Beach Companyconfirmed to WCBD that other bignames such as New York MayorMichael Bloomberg, TV host OprahWinfrey and Billionaire Warren Buffetflew into the Charleston Executive airport on Johns Island Wednesday night.Other prominent people said to also be staying there this weekend are Jeb Bush and Dan Gilbert,owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.The famous guests were attending a two day long conference led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.Officials say the meeting was about the foundation Gates and his wife Linda run.The meeting rented out the entire Sanctuary Hotel on the gated island. Security has been highthroughout the entire week, keeping the public away from the hotel.WCBD spoke to the Mayor of Kiawah by phone who said the town is happy to serve as host to theevent."We wish them luck with what theyre doing," Mayor Charles Lipuma said. "If they want to play golf,they couldnt have picked a better weekend. We are glad we could offer them great weather."
  • Homeland Security Funded ExercisePortrayed Homeschoolers as TerroristsKurt NimmoInfowars.comMay 11, 2013Taken on its own, the KOMO 4 News reportbelow out of Seattle paints a stark and frighteningpicture of police battling “angry parents” in asimulated shooting at a school. The practice ofpolice training to take on everything fromhomeschoolers to patriots and constitutionalists –“rightwing extremists” in government parlance –is anything but a rarity. Such exercises are now aprominent feature of the expanding police state.Police Hold Shooting Drills "TheyrePretending To Be Angry PARENTS At ASchool" VIDEO BELOW 2002, Alex Jones covered school shootingpolice exercises targeting homeschoolers, atopic included in his film, Police State Trilogy.Since that time, the effort to malignhomeschooling parents as extremists andterrorists has only increased.Police State Exercises Now Part of Public Education LandscapeIn 2004, cops in Muskegon, Michigan conducted a “mock attack” on a school bus as part of a terrorismresponse exercise. The terrorists portrayed in the exercise were not fanatical Muslims or even phantomrightwing extremists – they were said to be fanatical homeschoolers.According to the Muskegon Chronicle, the exercise was a simulated “attack by a fictitious radicalgroup called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled,”Homeschool World reported in September, 2004.The simulated attack was funded by the Department of Homeland Security.Prison reported:The mock attack was funded by a Homeland Security grant and required the participation ofstudents to act bloody and injured, also involving hospitals, morgues and mannequins painted upto look like dead children, as parents were ordered to dash to emergency rooms frantic in the
  • belief that their child had perished.The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District later had to apologize for characterizinghomeschoolers as terrorists after hundreds of complaints poured in.Stereotypes consistently propped-up by the media demonize homeschoolers as hicks, retards andextremists, despite the fact the local and national spelling bees are routinely won byhomeschooled children.The ceaseless attack on homeschooling is an attempt to neutralize any alternatives parents have toplacing their children in the state run re-education gulags known as the “public school system.”“Michigan is the epicenter of the agenda to mould all schools into youth internment centers,indoctrinating all children to accept the presence of surveillance cameras, biometric scanning to accessbuildings and buy food, ID tracking cards and men in uniforms pointing guns at them as normal,” PaulJoseph Watson and Alex Jone wrote on November 6, 2008. “Allied to this is the openly stated agendanot to educate but to dumb down students and brainwash them with bizarre humanist rhetoric about theevils of the family, all in preparation for their smooth acquiescence into enslaved adulthood as adowntrodden worker bee under the control matrix of the elite.”But it is not simply homeschoolers who are portrayed as terrorists in government school exercises.In 2011, Pottawatamie County, Iowa, and Homeland Security conducted an exercise simulating aschool shooting. The shooter was portrayed as a “white teen boy, whose family is involved in anti-illegal immigration rallies” and supports the Second Amendment. The father of the shooter wasportrayed as a member of an “underground white supremacist group,” according to an email sent School children are now routinely subjected to unannounced exercises. In a Michiganschool in 2006, militarized cops took students “from the classroom into the halls, patted down byofficers and asked what they had in their pockets.” The Associated Press reported that some of the
  • children “were so scared, they just about wet theirpants.”“In the years since 9/11 and the Columbine schoolshootings, there has been a concerted effort to makeschool emergency drills much more ‘realistic’ andmuch more intense,” writes Michael Snyder.“Unfortunately, the fact that many of these drills aredeeply traumatizing many children does not seem tobother too many people. Do we really need to have‘active shooter’ drills where men point guns at ourkids and fire blanks at them?”Snyder documents numerous instances whereschool officials, in coordination with localmilitarized police often operating with Departmentof Homeland Security grants, have relocated children during mock terror drills and active shooterscenarios. Schools also routinely engage in lockdown drills, an activity that naturally acclimates youngminds to accept an ever-encroaching police state.“Schools have become hi-tech prisons,” Steve Watson wrote in 2007. “Children all across America andthe UK are being conditioned to accept that they are not free and that they must submit to draconianlaws and measures for their own safety… Everyday we post reports from mainstream news sourcesdocumenting this disturbing trend.”Homeschooling: Part of Domestic Terror ConstructThe demonization of Americans who are opposed to interning their children in public reeducationfacilities predates the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the attacks of September11, 2001.According to Time Magazine, the rhetoric that supposedly contributed to the bombing of the federalbuilding in Oklahoma City came from “well known-elements of far-right thought: tax protesters,Christian homeschoolers, conspiracy theorists… and self-reliant types” in opposition to the federalgovernment.Lew Finch, the superintendent of schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, went further and directly placed theblame for the bombing on homeschoolers. “There is a dedicated, very well organized, very wellfinanced movement in America that is very anti-public schools, very anti-government,” he told theDes Moines Register on May 4, 1995. “The ultimate example of that sentiment is the bombing of thefederal building in Oklahoma City.” “We will continue to see armed men terrorize our children, aimguns at their head and indoctrinate them to accept living under tyranny unless parents and teacherorganizations band together to file huge lawsuits against those responsible and we vehementlydenounce the insidious Sovietization of the public school system,” Watson and Jones noted.Homeschool parents and organizations, as well, would be wise to combat insidious governmentpropaganda that likens them to terrorists. Left unopposed, this massive brainwashing effort will convertan entire generation into believing that homeschooling is not only evil and socially harmful, but itbreeds terrorists. The goal is to completely eradicate parent directed education and the threat it poses topublic indoctrination mills that train children to passively participate in their own destruction whilesimulatenously worshipping