29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding
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29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding



Did you know that the number of Americans on welfare is higher than the number of Americans that ...

Did you know that the number of Americans on welfare is higher than the number of Americans that
have full-time jobs? Did you know that 1.2 million public school students in the U.S. are currently
homeless? Anyone that uses the term “economic recovery” to describe what is happening in the United
States today is being deeply insulting to the nearly 150 million Americans that are considered to be
either “poor” or “low income” at this point.



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    29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding 29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding Document Transcript

    • 29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding Michael Snyder Economic Collapse October 28, 2013 Did you know that the number of Americans on welfare is higher than the number of Americans that have full-time jobs? Did you know that 1.2 million public school students in the U.S. are currently homeless? Anyone that uses the term “economic recovery” to describe what is happening in the United States today is being deeply insulting to the nearly 150 million Americans that are considered to be either “poor” or “low income” at this point. Yes, things are great in New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, but almost everywhere else economic conditions continue to steadily get worse. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is at a level that America has never seen before, and this is beginning to create a “Robin Hood mentality” that could cause a tremendous amount of social chaos in the years ahead. Anger at the “haves” in America continues to rise at a very alarming pace, and the “have nots” are becoming increasingly desperate. At some point all of this anger is going to boil over, and you won’t want to be anywhere around major population centers when that happens. Despite unprecedented borrowing by the federal government in recent years, and despite unprecedented money printing by the Federal Reserve, poverty in the United States keeps getting worse with each passing year. The following are 29 incredible facts which prove that poverty in America is absolutely exploding… 1. What can you say about a nation that has more people getting handouts from the federal government than working full-time? According to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people receiving means-tested welfare benefits is greater than the number of full-time workers in the United States. 2. New numbers have just been released, and they show that the number of public school students in this country that are homeless is at an all-time record high. It is hard to believe, but right now 1.2 million students that attend public schools in America are homeless. That number has risen by 72
    • percent since the start of the last recession. 3. When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was from a middle class home. But now that has all changed. One recent study discovered that nearly half of all public students in the United States come from low income homes. 4. How can anyone deny that we are a socialist nation when half the people are getting money from the federal government each month? According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program. 5. Signs of increasing poverty are even showing up in the wealthiest areas of the nation. According to the New York Post, New York subways are being “overrun with homeless“. 6. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one out of every six Americans is now living in poverty. The number of Americans living in poverty is now at a level not seen since the 1960s. 7. The gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is at an all-time record high. The wealthy may not consider this to be much of a problem, but those at the other end of the spectrum are very awareof this. 8. The “working poor” is one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population. At this point, approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line. 9. According to numbers provided by Wal-Mart, more than half of their hourly workers make less than $25,000 a year. 10. A recent Businessweek article mentioned a study that discovered that 300 employees at one WalMart in Wisconsin receive a combined total of nearly a million dollars a year in public assistance… “A decent wage is their demand—a livable wage, of all things,” said Representative George Miller (D-Calif.). The problem with companies like Wal-Mart is their “unwillingness, not their inability, to pay that wage,” he said. “They hand off the difference to taxpayers.” Miller was referring to a congressional report (PDF) released in May that calculated how much Walmart workers rely on public assistance. The study found that the 300 employees at one Supercenter in Wisconsin required some $900,000 worth of public assistance a year. 11. The stock market may be doing great (for the moment), but incomes for average Americans continue to decline. In fact, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row. 12. The quality of the jobs in America has been steadily dropping for years. At this point, one out of every four American workers has a job that pays $10 an hour or less. 13. According to a Gallup poll that was recently released, 20.0% of all Americans did not have enough money to buy food that they or their families needed at some point over the past year. That is just under the record of 20.4% that was set back in November 2008. 14. Young adults are particularly feeling the sting of poverty these days. American families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent. 15. As I wrote about a few weeks ago, one out of every five households in the United States is on food stamps. Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. 16. The number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain. 17. According to one calculation, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the combined populations of “Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa,
    • Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.” 18. We are told that we live in the “wealthiest nation” on the planet, and yet more than one out of every four children in the United States is enrolled in the food stamp program. 19. The average food stamp benefit breaks down to approximately $4 per person per day. 20. It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps before they reach the age of 18. 21. Today, approximately 17 million children in the United States are facing food insecurity. In other words, that means that “one in four children in the country is living without consistent access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life.” 22. It may be hard to believe, but approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are currently living in homes that are considered to be either “low income” or impoverished. 23. The number of children living on $2.00 a day or less in the United States has grown to 2.8 million. That number has increased by 130 percent since 1996. 24. In Miami, 45 percent of all children are living in poverty. 25. In Cleveland, more than 50 percent of all children are living in poverty. 26. According to a recently released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty. 27. According to a Feeding America hunger study, more than 37 million Americans are now being served by food pantries and soup kitchens. 28. The U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollarson welfare programs over the past five years. 29. It has been reported that 4 out of every 5 adults in the United States “struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives”. These poverty numbers keep getting worse year after year no matter what our politicians do. So is there anyone out there that would still like to argue that we are in an “economic recovery”? And as I mentioned above, the “have nots” are becoming increasingly angry at the “haves”. For example, just check out the following excerpt from a recent New York Post article… The maniac who butchered a Brooklyn mom and her four young kids confessed that he did it because he was jealous of their way of life, a police source told The Post on Sunday. “The family had too much. Their income (and) lifestyle was better than his,” the source said. The bloody suspect was caught holding the kitchen knife he used during the Saturday night rampage inside the Sunset Park apartment where he had been staying with the victims, the source added. Sadly, this was not an isolated incident. All over the western world, a “Robin Hood mentality” is growing. This is something that I am so concerned about that I made it a big part of my new book. At this point, even wealthy Hollywood-types such as actor Russell Brand are calling for a socialist-style
    • “revolution” and a “massive redistribution of wealth“. Perhaps Brand does not understand that what he is calling for would mean redistributing most of his own wealth away from him. When the next major wave of the economic collapse strikes, I fear that all of this anger and frustration that are growing among the poor will boil over in some very frightening ways. I believe that we will see a huge spike in crime and that we will eventually see communities all over America looted and burning. But I am not the only one that is thinking along these lines. A new National Geographic Channel movie entitled “American Blackout” attempts to portray the social chaos that could erupt in the event of an extended national power failure… American Blackout, National Geographic Channel’s two-hour, edge-of-your-seat movie event imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack — told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. You’ll learn what it means to be absolutely powerless. You can view a clip of the film that was made available by NatGeo for the SHTFplan.com community right here. What would you do if something like that happened to you? How would you handle desperate, hungry people at your fence asking for food? And what if those people were armed and were not “asking nicely” for your food? Don’t ignore what is happening in America right now. It is setting the stage for some very chaotic times. Get ready while you still can. What Job Creation? Eric Peters lewrockwell.com October 28, 2013 How addled is the electorate? I think a good measure is the extent to which office-seekers bray about “creating jobs.” In the first place, a politician no more creates jobs than a mule creates new mules. Politicians redistribute other people’s property. Qua Dr. Evil, it’s what they do. It’s all they do. A politician creates or expands an existing bureaucracy. He panders to the make-workers therein employed by using the coercive power of the state to increase their wages or their benefits. In this way, he shifts resources – other people’s resources. But he does not create anything. He takes from the creators – without whom he’d have nothing to redistribute. It’s a zero sum game. For every winner, there is always a loser. Predation, nothing more. In the second place, since when did it become the job (accepting the false premise
    • for discussion’s sake) of elected officials to create jobs? Err. Pardon me – but I thought we lived in a constitutional republic, not a bad rehash of Mussolini’s Italy. In a constitutional republic, the job of elected officials is (so we were once told) to make sure people’s rights are protected. That the provisions within the Constitution are preserved and protected to the best of one’s ability. I’ve read the Constitution quite closely more than a couple of times and for the life of me, I cannot find a single reference to “job creation” anywhere. I suppose it has emanated from penumbras. Or perhaps it is implied . . . Whatever its source, it makes the bile rise in my throat. Politicians today have become contestants for the role of paterfamilias – a kind of Santa-Claus-meetsStalin who knows what’s best for you – and you’d better damn well do as he says. The odious ex-Clintonista Terry McAuliffe, for example. This piano-toothed carpetbagger is running for Dear Leader of Virginia, my home state. His campaign slogan is “Putting Jobs First.” No comment as to where he puts your rights. Lots of chatter about “investing” – that is, stealing other people’s money to be used in ways Terry deems more pressing. Ditto “incentives” for (favored/connected) businesses with (to use Ayn Rand’s excellent term) pull. See his platform here. Terry, like virtually all politicos, speaks in the plural. It sounds better, you see. Instead of “I will take your money to finance the education of your neighbor’s kid,” it is: “We will invest in our childrens’ future.” No one bothers to ask who “we” is, of course. And “our” children? I guess I never realized I’d had any. Thought they were yours. Of course, the opposition is no better – because of course it is not opposition. It is echo. Well, usually. Republican contender Ken Cuccinelli (see here) does not claim he will create jobs if elected. The crazy bastard actually wrote, in a public forum, that “The government does not create jobs.” Ye gods! I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. However, the next line – “our people do” – is less encouraging, being a reversion to the pluralisms of the great collective. He then wades, inevitably, into the “family values” swamp. Conservative Republicans may not be out to “create jobs,” but they are just as determined to stick their noses in our business as the other side of the American Political Janus is about sticking its hands in our wallets. But it’s not the fault of these office-seekers, these people who want to lead – that is, to direct the lives of others according to their whim, sanctifying it by claiming that they are channeling the vox of the populi. No, friends – the problem lies with us. With those among us who continue to be afflicted by the delusion – the sickness – that some guy prattling on about “jobs” is actually someone who can “create” them. That the government is a kind of bottomless (and benevolent) piggy bank – as opposed to a machine that takes from some in order to reward others. A mechanism for making the odious and unthinkable palatable and acceptable. Even today, after decades of immersion in the miasma of collectivism and authoritarianism, very few people – including the most ardent “progressive” Democrat, the most fervid right-wing Republican – would ever walk over to their neighbor’s place and say: “Hey, my kid needs a new computer. Can you help?” Much less insist on such “help” by producing a gun. Yet, somehow, exactly the same thing is washed clean by the transfigurative power of the ballot box. By the ethical evasion of that darkened booth. So much easier to pull a lever (or tap a touchscreen) than it is to confront a fellow flesh and blood human being and threaten to kill him or place him in a cage if he does not agree to “help” the children.
    • Or “create” jobs. It’s been almost 100 years now since the Sage of Baltimore laid it all out in plain, honest English: “An election is nothing more than a kind of advance auction of stolen goods.” So wrote H.L. Mencken – who even then was considered something of an oddball for his strange insistence on self-ownership and its essential corollary: leaving other people be. Such notions are even stranger today, of course. One might as well walk around in a toga and speak Greek. The response you’ll get is largely the same. Throw it in the Woods? PS:This site is almost entirely reader supported now. No Google. (They blacklisted us – so we dumped them. See here for the full story about that.) So, please: We need your support to make a go of it and keep EPautos rolling. If you like what you see, consider supporting this site. The link to our “donate” button is here. You can also mail stuff our way – if you prefer to avoid PayPal and all that. The Google Unemployment Index zerohedge.com With even the Federal Reserve throwing doubt on the veracity (or usefulness) of the ‘official’ unemployment data (having finally caught on to the reality we have highlighted for a number of years), Petr Pinkhasov has created a more ‘real’ unemployment index reflecting the reality of every day for the average American… The following is an index tracking unemployment related searches on Google. The official description of this chart is the following: “unemployment, food stamps, social security, edd, disability” and so forth. INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND