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Who Is Tract Builder
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Who Is Tract Builder


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General slide show about TractBuilder Products adn Services

General slide show about TractBuilder Products adn Services

Published in: Technology
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  • 1.
  • 2. Products & Services
    Tools for ArcGIS
    Compatible with ArcMap 9.3.x and 10.0.x
    Integrated Feature Creation and Attribute Entry
    Metes & Bounds
    Well Spotting
  • 3. Products & Services
    Blink Server (Web Portal)
    GIS Mapping Services
    Valtus Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data
    Custom Programming
  • 4. Tools for ArcGIS
  • 5. Metes & Bounds Tool
    Text-to-Polygon Auto Conversion
    Guided Entry
    Direction Bearing
    XY or Lat/Lon
    Arc Length
    Extracts the Calls of Existing Features
  • 6. Reads Through Descriptionsto Create Your Feature
  • 7. Extracts Calls of Existing Features
  • 8. Guided Entry: Direction/Bearing
  • 9. Guided Entry: Curve Calls
  • 10. Guided Entry: XY (Lat/Lon)
  • 11. Integrated Attribute Entry
    The TractBuilder Tools streamline the adding of attribute values to a feature.
  • 12. Surveyor Options
    Set an offset angle or a distance factor for an entire feature, or on a call-by-call basis.
  • 13. TractBuilder VS. the Competition(Metes and Bounds Drafting Tool)
    Works with ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo.
    Creates Polygons or Polylines.
    Can edit shapefiles, geodatabases, and more!
  • 14. TractBuilder VS. the Competition(Metes and Bounds Drafting Tool)
    Reads through legal descriptions to create features.
    Handles multiple types of Curve Calls.
    Allows for XY coordinates of different projections within one layer.
  • 15. Quartering Tool
    Standard Calls (Halves and Quarters)
    Diagonal Calls (EX: The Northwest Half)
    Distance Calls (EX: North 200 Feet)
    Multi-Part (EX: NWNW and NWNENW)
    Less & Excepts (EX: NW less NWNW)
    Multiple “Cut” Methods
  • 16. Standard Calls
  • 17. Diagonal Calls
  • 18. Distance Calls
  • 19. Distance Calls
  • 20. Less & Excepts
  • 21. Multi-Part Features
  • 22. Works on Irregular Features
  • 23. Multiple “Cut” Methods
  • 24. Multiple “Cut” Methods
  • 25. Integrated Attribute Entry
    The TractBuilder Tools streamline the adding of attribute values to a feature.
  • 26. TractBuilder VS. the Competition(Quartering Tool)
    Works on irregular shapes.
    No need to create multiple features and subtract or union them.
    Performs “Less and Excepts”.
    Allows multi-part features (“And” calls).
    No limit on how small the feature is.
  • 27. What Clients Are Saying
    “I was introduced to the TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS a few months ago. It is just so great to have a program that improves my workflow, delivered on what was promised, and is backed by a good team. I have never seen these tools pop-up an error message, crash Arc, or just stop working; they truly increase my output without sacrificing quality.”
    - Joey King, Drafting Specialist, Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services
  • 28. Blink Server
  • 29. Web Portal
    Easy to Use
    Web-Based GIS
  • 30. Customizable
  • 31. View Your GIS Data Online
  • 32. Works on Virtually Any Operating System with Every Major Browser
  • 33. TractBuilder VS. the Competition(Blink Server Map Portal)
    Can be housed on our servers or yours.
    Built using cutting-edge technology using standardized formats and processes.
    Portal can be customized to your needs.
    Low Cost.
    No Training Necessary.
    Easy Maintenance.
  • 34. What Clients Are Saying
    “We’ve started using TractBuilder Tools and data services and I can’t describe how wonderful these products are. Our time spent creating maps was reduced to a fraction of what it used to be.”
    - Joel English, Owner, CEC Brokerage
  • 35. GIS Mapping Services
  • 36. GIS Mapping Services
    We take legal descriptions and turn them into polygons!
    We have experience plotting points and lines as well!
    We can perform drafting work for you and return GIS data or paper maps.
  • 37. GIS Mapping Services
  • 38. Create Polygons
  • 39. Spot Points
  • 40. Finished Maps
  • 41. TractBuilder VS. the Competition(Drafting Services)
    The client owns the data.
    We use the most efficient tools possible.
    A network of data and service providers to compliment TractBuilder Drafting Services.
  • 42. What Clients Are Saying
    “We had a mapping need come up that we could not address in time by doing it in-house. We contacted TractBuilder to see how their specialists could help. Within a matter of minutes from the time I submitted the parameters and data, Kyle Souza contacted me with an estimate of time and dollars to complete the project. I received all my polygons, nicely drawn with the attributes I requested, by the end of business the next day.”
    - Yvonne Durham, Lease and Title Analyst, Comet Ridge Resources
  • 43. Valtus ImageryandLiDAR Data
  • 44. Orthoimagery
  • 45. LiDAR Data
  • 46. Color Infrared
  • 47. Satellite
  • 48. Custom Programming
  • 49. Giving You What You Want
    Tractbuilder needed tools that were easy to use, easy to learn, and dependable; tools that allowed us to do what we wanted, how we wanted. So we created them ourselves.
    And we can create new tools for you too!
  • 50. Types of Programming
    Web Applications
    ArcGIS Programming
    Database Integration
    Stand-alone Applications
  • 51.