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Leadership at harley davidson   draft 122010
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Leadership at harley davidson draft 122010


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Published in: Business, Automotive
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  • 1. Leadership at Harley Davidson Brandon Furlow Ray Lee Gene Lewis Kyle Mohn MGT 247 – Ethical Leadership December 20, 2010
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company
      • History of Harley Davidson
      • Model the Way (Gene Lewis)
      • Inspire a Shared Vision (Ray Lee)
      • Challenge the Process (Brandon Furlow)
      • Enable Others to Act (Brandon Furlow)
      • Encourage the Heart (Kyle Mohn)
      • Conclusion
  • 3. History of Harley Davidson
    • Started in 1901 with a drawing for an engine for a bicycle by William S Harley
    • In 1907, Harley-Davidson is incorporated
    • By 1920, Harley-Davidson had become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer
    • In 1969, Harley-Davidson was purchased by American Machinery and Foundry (AMF)
  • 4. History of Harley Davidson
    • In 1984, after years of declining customer base because of poor quality, 13 investors bought Harley-Davidson back from AMF and implemented a command and control leadership style.
    • In 1987, Harley-Davidson implemented an employee engaged leadership style under the guidance of Rich Teerlink.
    • By 2009, Harley-Davidson’s revenues are $4.781 billion
  • 5. Model the Way
    • Former CEO, Rich Teerlink, had new ideals for everyone to be involved at Harley Davidson
    • A complete re-organization of the company
    • Leadership involvement
    • Salaried and Union employee contribute knowledge for a better company
    • All parties must agree to a new commitment on new set of values and stay firm on ideals
  • 6. Inspire a Shared Vision
    • Company Vision
    • Diversity
    • Community
    • Customer
  • 7. Challenge the Process
    • Changed from top down leadership to self directed work teams
    • Not common in American companies, especially manufacturing/union environment
    • Shared decision making with employees, spread power across the organization
  • 8. Enable Others to Act
    • Shared decision making with employees, spread power across the organization
    • Put power in employees hands and removed road blocks to change
    • Increased employee satisfaction and buy in
    • Improved productivity and customer satisfaction
  • 9. Encourage the Heart
    • Harley Davidson employed a “ command and control” leadership style
    • Authoritarian style worked well in crisis times, leadership drove decisions
    • Rich Teelink, promoted to COO in 1987, wanted to initiate change, failed with gain sharing
    • Drove employee involved leadership style which encouraged outside the box thinking
    • Rewarded with annual H.O.G. celebrations
  • 10. Conclusion
    • Harley Davison was able to overcome adversity from AMF days
    • Change in leadership style and moving to self-directed teams created employee involvement
    • Worked through learning curve of leadership change (i.e. failure of gain sharing program)
    • Harley Davidson continues to remain profitable
    • Number one motorcycle manufacturing company in the United States
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