Dynamic Duo MS SHRM District Directors
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Dynamic Duo MS SHRM District Directors

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Meet the Mississippi SHRM District Directors.

Meet the Mississippi SHRM District Directors.

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  • 2. DYNAMIC DUODistrict DirectorsSunday, May 12, 13
  • 3. From Tunica to Taylorsville...Greenwood to Gulfport...Collins to Corinth....Hot Coffee toHernando....when local Mississippi SHRM chapters need help...who do they call? No, notGhostbusters.....they call the Dynamic Duo of District Directors, Amanda Ford and JannaRogers!District Director: Secret OriginsAlmost every hero has a secret origin and a District Director is nodifferent. But, today...on a day unlike any other...we uncover thatsecret. So, gather around.....listen closely. It all began when SHRMsetup their structure on how to categorize the chain of information fromthe chapter to the state to the regional to the national level. (You getthe idea.) Every State Council has a Director but almost all Directorhas a District Director who assists the chapters in more one-on-onetasks. (Yes, this is simplified but...again...you get the idea.)In Mississippi, there are two. The Northern District Director patrols thestreets and rescues chapters such as the Delta Area HRA,NorthCentral MS HRA, NE and NW Mississippi HRA and GoldenTriangle HRA. On the other hand, the Southern District Directorpatrols the streets and rescues chapters such as the Capital AreaHRA, South MS SHRM, Gulf Coast HRA and East Central MS HRA.Sunday, May 12, 13
  • 4. The District Director for the NorthMississippi is Janna Rogers.  She is a dualmember of both the NW Mississippi HRAand the Memphis SHRM chapters.  TheDesoto County Board of Supervisorshas carried the privilege of having her astheir HR Director since 2oo8.  In addition,Janna is also an Adjunct Instructor withUnion University.   She has a Bachelors,Professional Studies in HealthcareAdministration and a Masters in BusinessAdministration.Ive personally had the pleasure of workingwith Janna on the State Council and knowfirst-hand that she has the spirit of a hero!  Discovering that she has a background inhealthcare only serves as a testament to hercaring personality.  The chapters in NorthMississippi have a caped crusader ready tolend a helping and a heartfelt word ofencouragement.Sunday, May 12, 13
  • 5. Janna doesnt do it alone.  She has a counterpart inthe Southern District ready to hold back the tides ofinexperienced applicants and promote the HRprofession.  That person is Amanda Ford.Amanda is the manager of the Gulf Coast office ofElwood Staffing and has served on the MississippiState Council of SHRM in various capacities over theyears.  Most recently, before taking the SouthernDistrict role, Amanda was the Chapter President ofthe Gulf Coast HRA (then known as HarrisonHancock HRA).She is a graduate of the University of SouthernMississippi and specializes in staffing andrecruitment.I met Amanda in 2008 on a trip to Washington, DCfor the 2008 Society for Human ResourceManagement (SHRM)s Leadership Conference.  Ithas been my pleasure to work with Amanda sincethen as part of the State Council.  She is a dedicatedmember and a team player.Sunday, May 12, 13
  • 6. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWant to know more about Amanda andJanna?   Are you an SHRM At-LargeMember in Mississippi wanting toconnect with a local chapter?   If so, thisDynamic Duo can help!Click here to visit Janna Rogers LinkedIn profile.Click here to visit Amanda Fords LinkedIn profile.Sunday, May 12, 13