Be Anything
approach the starting   line and build
energize society
unmanage thought
accumulate renewal
perform intuitively
simply do it
surprise negative thinking
renew in a vacuum
exercise a policy change
play more
value instinct
challenge circumstance
express freedom
encourage constant renewal
manifest inborn energy
choose opportunity
value a relationship
meet fears
identify you
understand who we fail
resist "no"
speak enthusiastically
form acharismatic culture
continuously consider your          vision
err and add contradictions
serve numerous selves     - and others
push for opposing forces
stand for and against     a paradox
feel great when you work
abandon the limits of control
puzzle many people
resist routines
mobilize specific behavior
performspontaneous  behaviorautomatically
endure incremental  implementation
define willpower
establish something
feel hungry
resist safety
avoid assumptions
focus on renewal
keep learning
adopt a new behavior
work on passive activities
think vividly
leave a sweet emotion
energize people
travel with family
push yourself harder
challenge the consequences
experience environments
take a step further
generate satiety
apply a hidden rule
interrupt poor judgement
underestimate drawbacks
relax your work
build a ritual
create a project
experience adrenaline
turn off email
be counterintuitive
value heart arousal
unintentionally think
undervalue clocks
experiment randomly
guarantee a drawback
take time off
experiment with satisfaction
break tradition
reflect on your ability to         connect
underappreciateinstituted work
give it a go
act like anantidepressant drug
make waves
flex brainpower
adapt quickly
be extraordinary
experiment with regularity
resist training
value intensity
perform to grow
create the record
navigate the globe
develop likelihood
become alert
wrestle hunger
re-awake survival
fuel improvement
distort the workplace
respond tounconscious clues
secretly grow
drug a researcher
offend a flake
surge with energy
limit regulation
pay attention
unplan things
initiate your brain
renew a statement
produce a mindset
compel a leader
work rhythmically
exercise more often
cause culture shock
employ satisfaction
shut out noise
recognize an opportunity
encourage an enthusiastic  supporter
energize people
be the culture
find anextraordinary feeling
work with unlimited value
lead a discussion
invigorate vocabulary
express an adjective
prompt a question
act on a hardwired response
weaken fear
provoke thinking
support a positive influence
let go of negative emotions
do somethingyou deeply enjoy
feel your life
trigger an event
wander frequently
compel a positive outcome
risk unpleasantness
recall primal culture
influence our existence
connect with sloppy work
experience the world
venture into the    remote
answer yes
administer confidence
risk money
become the way
hunger for insight
create a story
be illogically optimistic
win friends and satisfy   magical thinking
unconsciously believe
respond to quests
build a creative and productive reality
become a source of learning
see through a broader range         of lenses
feel good about tomorrow
the current reality is not       permanent
weave facts into stories
challenge yourself
practice is imperfect
mobilize new energy
drive positive intent
reverse mediocrity
change physically
experience new ideas
win new business
be the leader
talk vividly
morph into the open
demand challenge
go outside the majority
judge less
create openness
open something
talk to everyone
juggle uninterrupted work
stick to a tentative strategy
do tasks sequentially
interrupt partial attention
sacrifice limits
overcome circumstance
work with hyperactivity
recognize attention
devote time every day
compel the future
do something
respond to a chance    opportunity
work the game
trust an astonishing impulse
teach instinctively
constantly discover life
set aside your schedule
eliminate distractions
put this book down    and go do it
experience a flow state
connect improvements
truly believe
distract interruptions
let your mindparadoxically develop
grow a unique experience
see patterns
look upside down
unlock latent talent
learn to draw
attain cognition without    rational thought
set aside time to write
solve a solution
be part of it all
observe our multilayered         world
find a creative   challenge
frustrate structure
translate insight
listen closely
collaborate with everyone
require change
experiment more often
advocate face-to-face    interaction
have a conversation
intermingle often
prize learning
reflect on the unthinkable
unconsciously adopt
define flexibility
participate innonstandard focus
influence potential
brainstorm you
provide abundance
overwhelm a problem
live your values
complain to no one
override denial
uninterrupt an activity
limit hostility
engage brilliantly
risk going too far
free yourself
do what you love
pursue vivid work
embrace your interests
express happiness
align a contradiction
be an unexpected insight
empower creativity
laugh every day
commit to when
shift behavior
feel alive
ask questions
listen responsively
trust others
coach leaders
generate confidence
decide instinctively
highlight the right thing
relax fully
flex something deep
implement transformation
pay attention to instinct
function across all   dimensions
opportunity a way
be extraordinary
produce energy
notice knowledge
change behavior unconsciously
demand renewal
be the signal
sleep healthier
exercise an idea
maintain a temptation
fuel collective energy
fall actively
propel us
be optimism
show appreciation
undertake focus
distract chatter
activate a different system
collaborate with freedom
bring intentions to life
find a way
define the center of gravity
publish your energy
err your strengths
implement a simple change
dream consequences
take a nap!
publish the book
increase a reduction
consider the extraordinary
trigger happiness
light a fire
practice flow
think like art
picture speech
wake up
make the leap
prove secrets
talk about everything
change in every imaginable way
drive to the finish line
talk with a source of insight
adopt generosity
challenge assumptions
achieve cognition
trust a beginner
improve art
draw at work
trigger growth
interrupt a leader
multitask naps
cause optimism
reverse in dream
act your life
feel multiple meanings
renew health
overcome habits
interfere with the routine
perform at the edge
mobilize energy
play a role
now more than ever.
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Be Anything. A book by Kyle MacDonald. A red paperclip idea.


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A Red Paperclip idea.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Be Anything. A book by Kyle MacDonald. A red paperclip idea.

  1. Be Anything
  2. approach the starting line and build
  3. energize society
  4. unmanage thought
  5. accumulate renewal
  6. perform intuitively
  7. simply do it
  8. surprise negative thinking
  9. renew in a vacuum
  10. exercise a policy change
  11. play more
  12. value instinct
  13. challenge circumstance
  14. express freedom
  15. encourage constant renewal
  16. manifest inborn energy
  17. choose opportunity
  18. value a relationship
  19. meet fears
  20. identify you
  21. understand who we fail
  22. resist "no"
  23. speak enthusiastically
  24. form acharismatic culture
  25. continuously consider your vision
  26. err and add contradictions
  27. serve numerous selves - and others
  28. push for opposing forces
  29. stand for and against a paradox
  30. feel great when you work
  31. abandon the limits of control
  32. puzzle many people
  33. resist routines
  34. mobilize specific behavior
  35. performspontaneous behaviorautomatically
  36. endure incremental implementation
  37. define willpower
  38. establish something
  39. feel hungry
  40. resist safety
  41. avoid assumptions
  42. focus on renewal
  43. keep learning
  44. adopt a new behavior
  45. laugh
  46. work on passive activities
  47. think vividly
  48. leave a sweet emotion
  49. energize people
  50. travel with family
  51. push yourself harder
  52. challenge the consequences
  53. experience environments
  54. take a step further
  55. generate satiety
  56. apply a hidden rule
  57. interrupt poor judgement
  58. underestimate drawbacks
  59. relax your work
  60. build a ritual
  61. create a project
  62. experience adrenaline
  63. turn off email
  64. be counterintuitive
  65. value heart arousal
  66. unintentionally think
  67. undervalue clocks
  68. experiment randomly
  69. guarantee a drawback
  70. take time off
  71. experiment with satisfaction
  72. break tradition
  73. reflect on your ability to connect
  74. underappreciateinstituted work
  75. give it a go
  76. act like anantidepressant drug
  77. make waves
  78. flex brainpower
  79. adapt quickly
  80. be extraordinary
  81. experiment with regularity
  82. resist training
  83. value intensity
  84. perform to grow
  85. create the record
  86. navigate the globe
  87. develop likelihood
  88. become alert
  89. wrestle hunger
  90. re-awake survival
  91. fuel improvement
  92. distort the workplace
  93. respond tounconscious clues
  94. secretly grow
  95. drug a researcher
  96. offend a flake
  97. surge with energy
  98. limit regulation
  99. pay attention
  100. unplan things
  101. initiate your brain
  102. renew a statement
  103. produce a mindset
  104. compel a leader
  105. work rhythmically
  106. exercise more often
  107. cause culture shock
  108. employ satisfaction
  109. shut out noise
  110. recognize an opportunity
  111. encourage an enthusiastic supporter
  112. energize people
  113. be the culture
  114. find anextraordinary feeling
  115. work with unlimited value
  116. lead a discussion
  117. invigorate vocabulary
  118. express an adjective
  119. prompt a question
  120. act on a hardwired response
  121. weaken fear
  122. provoke thinking
  123. support a positive influence
  124. let go of negative emotions
  125. do somethingyou deeply enjoy
  126. feel your life
  127. trigger an event
  128. wander frequently
  129. compel a positive outcome
  130. risk unpleasantness
  131. recall primal culture
  132. influence our existence
  133. connect with sloppy work
  134. experience the world
  135. venture into the remote
  136. answer yes
  137. administer confidence
  138. risk money
  139. become the way
  140. hunger for insight
  141. create a story
  142. be illogically optimistic
  143. win friends and satisfy magical thinking
  144. unconsciously believe
  145. respond to quests
  146. build a creative and productive reality
  147. become a source of learning
  148. see through a broader range of lenses
  149. feel good about tomorrow
  150. the current reality is not permanent
  151. weave facts into stories
  152. challenge yourself
  153. practice is imperfect
  154. mobilize new energy
  155. drive positive intent
  156. reverse mediocrity
  157. change physically
  158. experience new ideas
  159. win new business
  160. be the leader
  161. talk vividly
  162. morph into the open
  163. demand challenge
  164. go outside the majority
  165. judge less
  166. create openness
  167. self-express
  168. open something
  169. talk to everyone
  170. juggle uninterrupted work
  171. concentrate
  172. stick to a tentative strategy
  173. do tasks sequentially
  174. interrupt partial attention
  175. sacrifice limits
  176. overcome circumstance
  177. work with hyperactivity
  178. recognize attention
  179. devote time every day
  180. compel the future
  181. do something
  182. respond to a chance opportunity
  183. work the game
  184. trust an astonishing impulse
  185. teach instinctively
  186. constantly discover life
  187. set aside your schedule
  188. eliminate distractions
  189. put this book down and go do it
  190. experience a flow state
  191. connect improvements
  192. truly believe
  193. distract interruptions
  194. let your mindparadoxically develop
  195. grow a unique experience
  196. see patterns
  197. look upside down
  198. unlock latent talent
  199. learn to draw
  200. attain cognition without rational thought
  201. set aside time to write
  202. solve a solution
  203. be part of it all
  204. observe our multilayered world
  205. find a creative challenge
  206. frustrate structure
  207. translate insight
  208. listen closely
  209. collaborate with everyone
  210. require change
  211. experiment more often
  212. advocate face-to-face interaction
  213. have a conversation
  214. intermingle often
  215. prize learning
  216. reflect on the unthinkable
  217. unconsciously adopt
  218. define flexibility
  219. participate innonstandard focus
  220. influence potential
  221. brainstorm you
  222. provide abundance
  223. overwhelm a problem
  224. live your values
  225. complain to no one
  226. override denial
  227. uninterrupt an activity
  228. limit hostility
  229. engage brilliantly
  230. risk going too far
  231. free yourself
  232. do what you love
  233. pursue vivid work
  234. embrace your interests
  235. express happiness
  236. align a contradiction
  237. be an unexpected insight
  238. empower creativity
  239. try
  240. laugh every day
  241. commit to when
  242. shift behavior
  243. feel alive
  244. ask questions
  245. listen responsively
  246. trust others
  247. coach leaders
  248. generate confidence
  249. decide instinctively
  250. highlight the right thing
  251. relax fully
  252. flex something deep
  253. implement transformation
  254. pay attention to instinct
  255. function across all dimensions
  256. opportunity a way
  257. be extraordinary
  258. produce energy
  259. notice knowledge
  260. change behavior unconsciously
  261. demand renewal
  262. be the signal
  263. sleep healthier
  264. exercise an idea
  265. maintain a temptation
  266. fuel collective energy
  267. fall actively
  268. propel us
  269. be optimism
  270. show appreciation
  271. undertake focus
  272. distract chatter
  273. activate a different system
  274. collaborate with freedom
  275. bring intentions to life
  276. find a way
  277. define the center of gravity
  278. publish your energy
  279. err your strengths
  280. implement a simple change
  281. dream consequences
  282. take a nap!
  283. smile
  284. publish the book
  285. increase a reduction
  286. consider the extraordinary
  287. trigger happiness
  288. light a fire
  289. practice flow
  290. think like art
  291. picture speech
  292. wake up
  293. make the leap
  294. prove secrets
  295. talk about everything
  296. change in every imaginable way
  297. drive to the finish line
  298. talk with a source of insight
  299. adopt generosity
  300. challenge assumptions
  301. achieve cognition
  302. trust a beginner
  303. improve art
  304. draw at work
  305. trigger growth
  306. interrupt a leader
  307. multitask naps
  308. cause optimism
  309. reverse in dream
  310. act your life
  311. feel multiple meanings
  312. renew health
  313. overcome habits
  314. interfere with the routine
  315. perform at the edge
  316. mobilize energy
  317. play a role
  318. now more than ever.
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