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2010 Get Linked Madison Archives


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Includes the July, Aug, Sept, Oct, and Dec editions of the Get Linked Madison--the official newsletter of the Madison County Chamber (IN). Written by Kyle Morey and staff.

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2010 Get Linked Madison Archives

  1. 1. July 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Madison Means Busines THANK YOU RENEWALS! WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Ralph’s Auto Services | Community Networks | Cowpokes Anderson Family Dental | Jeffrey Lee Dyer | Fraundorfer Family Western Outfitters | Elks Lodge | Lawns, Landscaping & Dentistry | Mobile Computing Solutions | Southside Automotive Service & Sales | High Rise Investments | Central Indiana Commuter Beyond | Madison Park Church of God | Network & Services Telephone Systems | RE/MAX Real Estate GroupsIt’s time to get linked, Madison! Imagine that As a symbol of a It means allowing others to play in Recently, an innovative young but uniting your sandbox and even playing scientist suggested nation, stones with your toys. It means pointing our expensive from the 13 collaboration. It means space telescopes for a States were used partnerships. It means putting period of time at, well, in the aside egos and personal gain to nothing. It was construction of achieve collective growth and essentially an emptyKyle Morey, CEO the Washington profit. space, in space. The Monument to result? They found 90% more universe.celebrate, in part, unity. Ironically, As the Madison County Imagine that.the Civil War broke out before the Chamber we serve the needs Likewise, the Madison County Chamber ismonument was erected. Referring of the regional business taking an innovative approach in looking atto a biblical passage, Abraham community. We connect people to programs and services critical to expandingLincoln warned, “If a kingdom be create commerce. We promote your footprint, connecting with clients anddivided against itself, that economic growth, one business at resources, and providing tools andkingdom can not stand.” a time. knowledge for business success.If I were to sum up in one word the Can we do it? No. If we are Here’s where our telescope is pointing:lesson to be learned, it would be: divided. But we just might + BuzzMakersunity. United we stand, divided positively impact the bottom-line ifwe fall! + IndyFast50 we connect together, share + GetSmartMadisonWe, the business community of our knowledge and resources, andMadison County and surrounding + 3 County BizMix profit as a regional businessregions, have an opportunity to + MadisonTube community. I don’t have all thelink up and tackle the issues of answers. But I will work to link Who knows? We just might find 90% moreeconomic growth, infrastructure, the right players, opinion leaders, market share for Madison County regionaland regional branding. To and innovators who just might businesses! Imagine that!proactively address these catch this vision of unity authoredchallenges, we are modifying our by our Founding Fathers. Andname, mission, and purpose to maybe, just maybe, we might write Put your business ad in thefocus first on Madison County some new history of our own! hands of 700 plus Madisonbusinesses and second on County business decision Madison County...let’s get linked! makers for only $199. Youbuilding a regional economicdevelopment plan. Regionalism design the ad, we’ll deliver it. Save on cost of mailing throughmeans erasing the city and county Find us at Get Linked Madison this unique, shared medium.lines and focusing on regionaleconomic impact. Contact Rita Puckett 765.642.0264 Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.andersonINchamber.com
  2. 2. Upcoming Events The Buzz Register www.andersonINchamber.com “Let’s give them something to talk about…” or chamber.rita@ameritech.net July 9 | 7:30 am to 6:30 pm + Imagine an event that brings together the UNITED WAY/CHAMBER GOLF CLASSIC industries of technology, arts and entertainment, education, professional Leave the ties behind and enjoy a relaxing day services, healthcare, green services, and non on the course at the largest golf tournament in profits; sprinkle that with motivational Madison County! Food. Prizes. Connections. speakers, growth experts, and then mix in Teams still available. Sponsored by Hoosier Park Racing & Casino guaranteed connections with a fun environment and you have the perfect recipe Cost: $125 per player. $500 per team GETLINKEDMADISON for the GETLINKEDMADISON EXPO. Where: 3429 Madison Ave, Anderson An event only for the adventurous. Coming Fall 2010. July 13 | 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm + The City of Anderson announced a $100K BUSINESS AFTER HOURS collaborative business fund that will be awarded in increments of 10K for businesses Join the young-at-heart professionals of who work together to impact the economy. Madison County for an after hours mixer you won’t forget. Appetizers. Wine. Fabulous door Application at www.cityofanderson.com. prizes. + Madison County Chamber President, Kyle Cost: Your business card Morey, met with the Pendleton Business Association to present new vision and invite Where: ClipZone 1913 C Street, Anderson opportunity to partner. PBA is poised to help local businesses connect and through the Chamber link to regional businesses around July 15 | 7:00 am to 8:30 am Madison and Hamilton Counties. WOMEN IN BUSINESS + The Chamber knighted the new Ambassador Topic: Skin Cancer and what it means to you Chair, Jill Guion of Anderson Univ., at the June presented by Dr. Swafford WakeUp Breakfast. The taskforce plans to meet Build relationships with over 80 professional and recruit around Madison County offering women in the region. Enjoy a elegant breakfast. brand building facilitated connections, and building, buzz-making opportunities. Want to be a “brand Cost: $15 members | $20 guests builder”? Join us at the Flagship on July 8th, 8 Where: Elks Lodge 1803 Broadway, Anderson to 9:30 am.An Outsider’s perspective In the 20 plus days I have served here in business incubators, historical landmarks, non profit Madison County, a burning question seems missions, strong religious backbone, 7 cities and to boil up in every conversation: “so, Kyle, townships, and a wealth of been-there-and-done-it what is your take on our region as an mentors who stand ready to teach us of our past and outsider?” My response? offer sound counsel on the future. We also have an up and coming generation of new opinion leaders — Opportunity. those who over time will build the wealth, This region has an opportunity to learn from experience, and clout needed to provide leadership its past and advance in the future. It has the and vision. opportunity to build new partnerships with My question to the insiders: What does the future of regional players. It has land, and lots of it. It Madison County and its region look like to you? has people who are diligent and concerned about its economy. It has infrastructure, I invite your answers. Please join the conversation on already-in-action commerce, land www.linkedin.com, search Get Linked Madisondevelopers, tourism, entertainment, real estate group.movers, industrial giants, innovative concepts,
  3. 3. August 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Connecting Business. Creating Commerce.THANK YOU RENEWALS WELCOME NEW CLIENTSAmatra Technologies | American Elevator | Sahm’s Restaurant | American Playground | Hoosier Homecare Services LLC | General Nutri-Anderson Zion Baptist Church | Carter Express| East Side Dolphin Club | Financial Part- tion Center| At Home Assisted Living Services |ners Group | Gateway Association | Home Instead Senior Care | L.M. Products | Partners- Congressman Mike Pence Office | Krane RealtyN-Concrete | Perry Well Drilling | Royal Flush Plumbing | Solutions4ebiz | South Madison GroupCommunity Foundation | Zinszer’s Bakery & Cookies | Star Realty, R&J Melton LLCA vision coupled with hope When David killed not have a regionally-recognized icon Grow, baby, grow! Goliath, he didn’t in our backyard known as Hoosier use the unfamiliar Park Racing · Casino? Aren’t the Did you know that we are about to and untested industrial companies that stuck grow like never before? weapons offered through the downturn coming out Hi, my name is Kristy Rose, the by King Solomon. better and stronger than before? newest member of the mcc team. He chose two: a Kyle Morey, CEO We have land. We have water. And Kristy Rose, AE My initiative is to find you more and sling and 5 most importantly, we have good new connections, leads, and smooth stones. people fighting against the goliaths of opportunities to create commerce. I have a lofty,These were but tools used to defeat Madison County. This gives me, and but doable goal — 30 new clients a month. Howthe giant; however, I would proffer that those at mcc, hope of a bright future. will I do it?the two authentic weapons vital toDavid’s success were vision and What’s our vision? A thriving, First, I am reaching out to 30 new companies a day, each and every day, each and every week diversified, regionalhope. pitching the fabulous new programming soon toDavid saw beyond the 9-foot leviathan marketplace that can stand launch. With that kind of activity, I have no doubt I against the tides of the economy. How will reach my goal. Just do the math! But wait,with his spear, shield and breastplate, will we get there? United. Working there’s more.and envisioned, as well as hoped for, together to connect business clusterssuccess. Why? He had a different Next, I will work with our Ambassadors Regional to to create local AND regionalperspective. Goliath was a temporary connect to new leads around the county. As I bring commerce. Making a cheerful noisebut removable obstacle to winning the more business in, I generate leads for you. We about doing business in Madisonbattle, a mere human up against begin to act as lead generators. County. Inviting companies withoutdivine powers. David’s vision and hope and cultivating companies within. Finally, I am building a team of partners who aresurpassed his obstacle. Providing a protective environment for willing to offer a complimentary value-ad to all newDo we have a vision for and a hope in businesses to foster. Working with and renewing mcc clients. For example, a free ada better future for Madison County? local Government to be “business in the local newspaper, a free radio spot, a gift friendly.” certificate to a restaurant, a free website withWe are experiencing a face-off with a purchase of a hosting package, first 500 businesscolossal economic quandary. Jobs are This isn’t the first economic crisis, nor cards free, and more. Ready. Set. GROW!scarce. Retail is taking a hit. Education will it be the last. David had manyis controversial. And companies are more goliath’s in his life including one Want to be a partner? Contact me atclosing their doors. in particular where he set aside his kristy@getlinkedmadison.com. hope and vision. Will we as a businessBut wait, what’s that noise just 20 community set aside our vision andminutes away? Is it the sound of perspective of the future?success? Are we not literally on the Put your business in the handsborder of the fastest growing county in Dust off your sling shots, reach forthe U.S.? There’s more. What about your smooth stones, and join me in of 800 plus decisionthe highly successful incubator known adding more jobs, protecting ouras the Flagship—a one-of-a-kind precious retailers, improving our makers for only $199. You print it and fold it, we’ll mail it.initiative for this region. Isn’t Ivy Tech education, and placing open signs Save on cost of mailing throughexpanding? Aren’t the Colts returning back in the windows of our this unique, shared medium.to Anderson, bringing an estimate of businesses. This day, the battle is in40,000 shoppers with them? Do we our hands. Contact Rita Puckett rita@getlinkedmadison.com >> Search Get Linked Madison group on LinkedIntm and join the conversation. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  4. 4. Upcoming Events The Buzz Register at www.getlinkedmadison.com “Let’s give them something to talk about…” or rita@getlinkedmadison.com Aug 10 | 11:30 am to 1:00 pm MADISON COUNTY YOUNG PROFESSIONALS LUNCH Come connect with the future opinion leaders of Madison County. Enjoy lunch while learning more about word-of-mouth advertising and how to create buzz for your business by Todd Rimer, Director of Business Development for Community Networks. Cost: $15 in advance Where: Edgewood Golf & Dining, 519 Golf Club >> 1,000 decision makers. 100 vendors. Unlimited connections. Are you ready to expand your network at the fastest growing, 5-county regional business exposition in Aug 12 | 8:30 am to 11:30 am central Indiana? Coming 11.04.10 BRUNCH+LEARN: THE HOW & WHY OF BLOGGING Are you a part of the online conversation? Leaving >> Want to tap into the tourism traffic? Offer a coupon or untapped a vast market at your fingertips? This is special offer on the Visitors Bureau website with a new the nuts and bolts of blogging and social media that feature at www.heartlandspirit.com. Its free! is a must in today’s market. >> Congratulations to Rita Puckett on her new title as Director, Client Services. Rita has served this business Aug 19 | 7:00 am to 8:30 am community at the chamber for over 31 years . WAKE UP BREAKFAST >> We are taking the mcc board on the road around the Connect. Share. Profit. Join us for the longest county each month. First stop, Pendleton at Blu Falls standing networking event in Madison County. Get Banquet Hall. Would you like to host our next Board Meeting linked to over 200 decision makers. Enjoy a hearty and connect and present to Madison County Leaders? breakfast by Hoosier Park. And learn more about the Contact kyle@getlinkedmadison.com Animal Protection League / Care and Control. It’s all about people. >> The Corporation for Economic Development (CED) has Cost: $15 member | $20 guest moved over to share offices and resources with mcc. Both entities are looking at ways to work together in growing and Where: Hoosier Park Racing · Casino, Exit 26, gardening the economy. Anderson >> Looking for business counseling in marketing, business planning, and budgeting? Visit www.scoreanderson.orgWhat’s in a nameWhat’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name Groom the rising generation of opinion leaders. Inspirewould smell as sweet… —Shakespear an arena of ideas. I could go on, but you get the point. Okay, so we have a new name. We have some hard work before us and its time to roll Now what? up our sleeves and get to it. With our new name, mcc Design a regional economic is better prepared to serve your business, connect you development plan. Expand to new markets, and help rebrand Madison County and surrounding regions as a thriving center for commerce the footprint of our without all the politics, boundaries, or past histories. business community. Link up with business clusters 30 Next steps? Let’s meet. Let’s discuss your minutes in every direction. challenges and your opportunities. Let’s plan together. Target and learn from the Let’s brainshare. Then, let’s be a part of the solution for growth happening right next economic growth. door. Incubate We want to make a positive difference — a differenceinnovation. Help create commerce between our that will happen one business at a time. Contact me atcities and townships. Educate the marketplace on best Kyle@getlinkedmadison.com.practices. Provide the tools necessary to succeed. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  5. 5. September 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Connecting Business. Creating Commerce.THANK YOU RENEWALS WELCOME NEW CLIENTSAnderson Speedway | Bennett Mechanical Corporation | Cardinal Property Management | Gathering Grounds CoffeeBuckeye Planning Concepts, Inc. | Church Builders, Inc. | IKON Shop | M&I Bank | POET Biorefining -- Alexandria |Office Solutions | Art Pepelea, Jr. | Gary A. Young, Chiropractor | Soveryn | Mina Swofford, M.D. | Toyota of Muncie |Rayl Surveying & Engineering, Inc. Sales ArtistsRegional connections, regional commerce Wake Up Breakfast: 25 Years While brainstorming our economy. In the August edition, I 25 years. Really? I have never known a chamber commerce solutions spoke of having a vision coupled with program to last that long. Quite a shelf life! with our top REALTORS hope. We need to believe in our future in Madison County, I and then get to work to secure it. Now I related the following would like to propose that we, Madison anecdote: a real estate broker was surprised County, begin to think and act Kyle Morey, CEO one morning to find regionally. Let’s reach out to thethat a competitor had rented the space counties that not only touch our bordersto the right of her and had put up a sign but impact our economy. We no longerthat read: “Best Agents in Town!” The have the luxury of thinking and Mayors Ockomon (Anderson), Taylor (Elwood), Woods (Alexandria)next day she was shocked to see yet pretending that we can survive on a very Back: Kyle Morey (MCC) and John Dockrey (AM Chamber)another competitor move in on her left localized market. We are not that big, Taken at the August 2010 WUB at Hoosier Parkwith a new sign that read: “Lowest unless we begin to embrace regionalism.Commissions in the County!” She We are reaching our last WUB for 2010. I ampanicked. But then got an idea. She As a servant of this business community, constantly asked what we will do with WUB goingwent to work on her own sign. The I have chosen to spend much of my forward. Let me direct that back to you: what wouldfollowing day, her competition was activity this past month reaching out you like to see happen? WUB averaged 200 businessconfused when they saw an even bigger beyond our borders to heads of professionals, nonprofits and civic leaders for the pastsign strategically positioned in the chambers, nonprofits and industry. It’s quarter. We see new people from all over the countymiddle of the building that read simply: not easy breaking down territorial bringing new energy to the program. More exhibitors.“MAIN ENTRANCE.” barriers. Nor has it been easy to New sponsors. Heads of industry. Easy to get to off I- overcome preconceived notions of this 69. Fabulous breakfast. Great conversation. SolidAs a county, we have worthy competitors area. But, we are beginning to maketo the left of us and worthy competition connections. progress. And we are beginning to getto the right. One might be the fastest some positive attention. The success of We will soon launch a complimentary program calledgrowing county in the United States and Colts City at AU is one example of a BuzzMakers focusing solely on connections as itanother boasting the right mix of regional relationship that brought about rotates around the county. GetSmart will launch as ancommerce, land development, and regional commerce. Anderson Speedway educational tract. You will have options weekly tomanufacturers. But, guess who’s in the is another good example of connect, share, and profit. So, let me throw a thoughtmiddle...Madison County. in for WUB 2011: bring in CEO’s from highly visible reaching out beyond our companies in Central Indiana to discuss businessYes, we might be surprised at thesuccess around us. We might panic or borders. Our two thriving hospitals topics, how they got to where they are today, andcomplain a bit. Some give up. But inspire and motivate the rest of us. Your turn. speak as a third witness to regionalism.perhaps like our REALTOR heroine, we Share your thoughts on the future of WUB:can find a way to creatively and We all have competition. But sometimes kyle@getlinkedmadison.com that competition can work in our favor if leverage theappropriately we are united, have hope in our future, and build solid, regional relationships.growth and success Put your business in the hands By the way, we have put up our “mainaround us and put up our own entrance” sign already: of 800 plus decision“Main Entrance” sign. GetLinkedExpo.com makers for only $199. YouI believe the first step is unity. I wrote print it and fold it, we’ll mail it. (powered by Comcast Businessabout this principle in the July edition of Save on cost of mailing through Class) . It’s a regional exposition withGet Linked Madison. The premise is this unique, shared medium. regional impact. Consider yourselfworking together as a county to better officially invited. Contact Rita Puckett rita@getlinkedmadison.com Search <Get Linked Madison> group on LinkedIntm and join the conversation. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  6. 6. Upcoming Events The Buzz Register at www.getlinkedmadison.com “Let’s give them something to talk about…” or rita@getlinkedmadison.com Sept 16 | 7:00 am to 8:30 am WOMEN IN BUSINESS BREAKFAST Join us for the last breakfast of the year and hear from our very own Kyle Morey, CEO of Madison County Chamber. He will share his vision of the future and how it impacts you. Link to 60 plus women professionals. Enjoy breakfast. Cost: $15 members / $20 guests Where: Elks Lodge #209, 1803 Broadway, Anderson Sept 23 | 8:00 am to 11:30 am MARKET YOUR BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK Marketing on Facebook is all about creating content that encourages community engagement. Learn how to leverage this booming social network as an effective social media marketing tool. In this interactive workshop we will discuss: Why Facebook, setting up your page, generating strategy and gaining success. By Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media. Cost: $49 includes breakfast buffet, seminar materials & networking opportunities Where: FEC, 2701 Enterprise Dr, Anderson After Hours Event Coming in October MADISON COUNTY YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Check out the new website for events, news, and announcements at www.mcypg.com www.getlinkedexpo.com Save $100 on booths purchased before Sept 17 First come, first served. Open to all six counties.Get Linked Expo welcomes Comcast Business ClassComcast Business Services, one of the nation’s largest and member of the GLE team. “GLE is about showcasing abroadband providers, the 3rd largest home phone provider, link to the future of Central Indiana. Comcast fits in well as employing over 120,000 nationwide they continue to look to the future by seeking out new and consistently dedicated to customer communications technology, new opportunities, and more support with assistance available 24 choices.” hours a day, seven days a week, 365 Get Linked Expo will be held on November 4, 2010 at days a year, will power the Get Linked Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and will feature over 100 Expo (GLE) on November 4, 2010 as vendors from six surrounding counties with over a thousand the Presenting Sponsor. projected attendees. Featuring eight categories of industry — from Technology to Entertainment, Civic to Economic“Comcast Business Services is thrilled to be a part of this Development — and only twelve booths per industry, GLEmulti-county business exposition, “says Glenn Lytle, Vice offers a taste of the best of Central Indiana as well as aPresident for Comcast Business Services-Indiana. “We want glimpse of future development projects and ideas for theto continue to provide businesses with the communications region.products and services that connect them to what’s Supporting sponsors, chambers and industry leaders include E&Bimportant in their lives. GLE is a great way to accomplish this Paving, Saint John’s Health System, Purdue University, Flagshipin person.” Enterprise Center, CED, Toyota of Muncie, Anderson Speedway, Indiana SBDC, Indiana Public Radio, 12 Stars Media, Hoosier Park“We are excited to have Comcast Business Class as a Racing & Casino and chambers in Greenfield/Hancock, Alexandria,partner,” says Barbara Alder, Director for Purdue University Madison County, and Elwood. More on the way. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  7. 7. October 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Connecting Business. Creating Commerce.THANK YOU RENEWALS WELCOME NEW CLIENTSDunkin’ Doughnuts — HSG Restaurant Group | Ready Web Group | Better Sound Solutions |Hoosier Homecare Services, LLC | Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon of Anderson |Anderson Power Sports White River PaintballDon’t Kill the Donkey! More Than a Partnership? Like you, I have often mission statement (grow the MCC? FEC? CED? This article could be entitled: pondered Aesop’s economy). Let me explain. more than an acronym... fable “The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey.” According to the Indiana State Photo: John P. Cleary/Hearld Bulletin You will recall the man Chamber, Madison County has and his boy walking approximately 5,000 entities. If you Kyle Morey, CEO their donkey to the take away the school boards, civic marketplace when a organizations, and businesses undercountryman passed by and called them 5 employees, you are left with 2,000fools for not riding the donkey. So, the companies in our county. MCC servesman put the boy on the donkey. They 600 of those as members. Can youhadn’t gone far when they passed some already see the challenge? By the Kyle Morey, CEO of MCC, Chuck Staley, CEO of FEC, andtravelers who scoffed at the scene nature of commerce, we will employ Rob Sparks, director of CEDaccusing the boy of being lazy and more than 80% of our time andmaking the father walk. This time the Recently, The Herald Bulletin wrote about a strong, activities serving those who pay us byman rode the donkey and the boy successful partnership between multiple economic working to provide value (pleasingwalked producing the opposite feedback development drivers impacting the region’s bottom them). As well it should be. Customersfrom another group of countrymen. line. Although each entity serves a niche in the market,Thinking they found a solution, the boy first, right? However, that leaves they all share one mission: grow the economy.and man rode the donkey together until almost 3/4 of our companies out ofother travelers disapproved of the the equation of our mission With this in mind, the Flagship Enterprise Center,additional workload on the animal. statement. Our mission is to grow the Madison County Chamber, and the Corporation forFinally, the boy and man decided to carry economy. Can we do that by serving Economic Development are investing time andthe donkey until it kicked loose, fell in a only a quarter of the business resources into a study on how to better unite in orderriver, and died. An old sage who had community? The logical question to to consolidate resources, reduce costs, and initiate awatched the entire scene wisely ask is how can we both serve our comprehensive economic development plan that would have a far-reaching impact on our entire county “please all,counseled the duo: members AND positively impact our economy with the limited resources and surrounding areas.and you will please available to us? The more resources, talent, and streamlinednone.” Here’s my best suggestion: match up processes we have at our fingertips, the more we can positively impact our economy and add to our quality how we fund our organization to theAesop makes his point loud and clear; of life. activities that support our missionyet, how often do we as business statement. We, like you, must realize Stay tuned...owners, project managers, marketers, that we can not please everyone andexecutive leaders and sales still accomplish our mission. And likeprofessionals ignore this principle and you, we need to evaluate the causes,try to please everyone anyway? programs, and opportunities that —As a chamber of commerce charged although worthy — may not always Put your business in the handswith the growth and success of our match up directly to our mission (or in your case, with your product or of 800 plus decisioneconomy, we are continually facedwith the question of how and who we service). Let’s move forward with the makers for only $199. Youplease to advance our mission of knowledge that although we can not print it and fold it, we’ll mail it.economic growth and stability. It is an please all, we can all be more Save on cost of mailing throughintriguing dilemma as our funding pleasing — an activity that will produce this unique, shared medium.mechanism (membership) can positive results and not kill the donkey. Contact Rita Puckettsometimes be at odds with our rita@getlinkedmadison.com Search <Get Linked Madison> group on LinkedIntm and join the conversation. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  8. 8. Upcoming EventsMore info: www.getlinkedmadison.comRegister: rita@getlinkedmadison.comOct 12 | 6:00 pm to 9:00 pmYOUNG PROFESSIONALS AFTER HOURSMix and mingle while enjoying complimentaryimported beer, wine tasting and eyebrow waxing bySerendipity.Cost: visit www.mcypg.comWhere: The Wine Stable, 113 Pendleton Ave.Oct 14 | 8:00 am to 9:00 amAMBASSADORS REGIONALAmbassadors Regional serve, promote and connectbusiness professionals in the Madison County regionand beyond. We are experts in the art of networking.We facilitate introductions at events. We build brandthrough positive, trust-building relationships. We serveas the event planning and coordinating arm of theMadison County Chamber. Want to join?Cost: Your time, but its worth it!Where: Purdue University, 2705 Enterprise Dr.,AndersonOct 21 | 7:00 am to 8:30 amWAKE UP BREAKFASTConnect to over 200 decision makers at the longeststanding, most talked about, largest businessnetworking event in Madison County. WUB isconnecting Pendleton, Alexandria, Elwood, Lapel,Anderson and other Madison County businessclusters in an effort to create commerce.Cost: $15 (includes networking and breakfast)Booth: $59 (includes breakfast for 2)Where: Hoosier Park Racing ● Casino, Exit 26/I-69 What Women Want Recently, I was honored with the task to facilitate a white-boarding session on what women want in business with over 60 professional women of Lead Generation. Many women in business play Madison County including business owners, business executives, marketers, sales professionals, doctors, and the ambassador role for their respective companies. Thus, more. After spending an hour together dialoguing, I still have networking events have an opportunity to produce leads. no idea what women want. After all, I am a man. And men Leads produce accounts. And accounts produce growth. don’t listen. Right? But I did walk away with four themes: Chocolate. Surprised? I am not really sure where to go Inspiration. with this other than to say that women in business represent Women in business want to be inspired. a thriving, energetic, leadership-focused demographic They want to learn from those who have been there and leading much of the commerce in Madison County and in the done it. They are looking for inspirational and motivational world. messaging. Women in Business, the program, will launch a brand new Networking. Relationship-building was at the top of the series of seminars, symposiums, expos, conferences, and list. With social media offering a virtual handshake, these networking events in 2011 to support a driven and chocolate professionals , now more than ever, desire to connect in –craving professional. person. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  9. 9. November 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Powered by: Connecting Business. Creating Commerce.WELCOME NEW AND RENEWING CLIENTSIrma Hampton Stewart, Attorney at Law | 12 Stars Media Productions | Jerry Porter | Coeus Technology, Inc.The Million Dollar Question Wow them like the Chinese! Ever have a question globally. In many ways, we are already that keeps you up at accomplishing this. We have multiple night? Mine is this: economic development entities how can MCC better including the Corporation for impact the bottom line Economic Development (Madison of our regional County), the Chambers of Commerce economy? Kyle Morey, CEO for Elwood and Alexandria, the City of I recently read a Anderson, Town of Pendleton, andreligious text suggesting that good things others who work to relocatecan rob us of better or best things (e.g., Kyle Morey greeted in Suzhou by Chineese Actorfamily relations, God, serving others, companies and jobs into theirpersonal development). In my respective areas. The Flagship I am big on the “WOW” factor in event planning andprofessional life, I interpreted this to Enterprise Center serves to production. But I learned a thing or two from themean that we don’t have enough time in incubate new jobs and nation that brought us the stunning opening ceremonythe day to be involved with everything for the Olympics 2008: these guys know how to wow companies. Ivy Tech, Harrison College,that is good if we hope to achieve that you! Purdue Technology Center, andwhich is better or best. I find that I mustforego some good things in order to Anderson University and many others I spent 10 days with 40 other chamber presidentsfocus my time and attention on what’s labor to educate the current and from around the US and Canada touring andbetter or best for the business participating in China’s economy. From the top of the future workforces of America.community. China Wall to the Forbidden City and everything in Where does MCC fit in? We between, the Chinese bent over backwards to impressThat begs an answer to the next million and please us. We didnt just meet with mayors ofdollar question: what is better or best for congregate businesses, Shanghai and Beijing, we were greeted from theour business community? professionals, employers and moment we stepped off the bus with dancers, dragon employees to produce commerce. It’s actors, and greeters dressed in traditional ChineseI think the answer falls in with thefollowing four activities: called networking. It’s called garb, then guided to indoor plazas where we ate like connecting. We can congregate royalty and listened to eloquent speeches to the locally, regionally and globally. We background of traditional, live Chinese music and RELOCATE congregate online, in print, and in storytelling. I would suggest the next time we want to person. Some ideas of programming land another Nestle-like manufacturer in our county, might include exclusive networking we come together and wow site selectors in like INCUBATE EDUCATE groups by geography. Others reach out fashion. In fact, I will be so bold as to coin the regionally in an effort to bring new following phrase: wow them like the Chinese! dollars into our market. Example? The See more China Trip photos at Get Linked Expo—a potential of www.facebook.com/madisoncountychamberceo CONGREGATE $500,000 of new commerce for our market. Put your business in the hands This is an area I feel that qualifies for of 800 plus decision a better or best effort on our behalf. IfWe can relocate what’s better or best MCC can introduce new commerce, makers for only $199. Youinto our market area. We can incubate new dollars, new jobs, and new print it and fold it, we’ll mail it.it from within. We can better educate opportunities into Madison County, Save on cost of mailing throughwhat we already have (current and then perhaps we just might live up to this unique, shared medium.future workforce) and/or we can our mission statement and I just might Contact Rita Puckettcongregate locally, regionally, and rita@getlinkedmadison.com Search <Get Linked Madison> group on LinkedIntm and join the conversation. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  10. 10. COMPLIMENTARY SCORE WORKSHOPSUpcoming Events At the Flagship Enterprise Center from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pmFor more information or to register Nov 11: Keys to Starting a Business>> www.getlinkedmadison.com Nov 18: Customer Focused Biz Plan Dec 2: Marketing, Customer FocusNov 4 | 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Dec 9 : Start-up Funding Dec 16: Bank Loan PanelGET LINKED EXPOConnect to over 1,000 business executives from 6major business clusters in Central Indiana.Cost: $10 at door (free with advanced registration)Where: Hoosier Park Racing ● Casino, Exit 26/I-69Nov 9 | 11:30 am to 1:00 pm OUTLOOK2011 BUSINESS OUTLOOK LUNCHEON & FORECASTAre you ready for 2011? Want to get a head start byknowing the business forecast? Join our expertpanelists from Indiana University and Ball State as wediscuss what’s in store for 2011 and beyond.Sponsored by the Anderson Rotary Club and MCC.Cost: $15 (includes lunch and networking)Where: Anderson County Club, 602 North Shore Blvd.Nov 11 | 8:30 am to 11:30 amBRUNCH & LEARN: THE BATTLE FOR YOUR INBOXThis seminar provides a comprehensive plan tohelp you regain control—not through tricks, butby adopting a new perspective on email.Cost: $45 (includes breakfast buffet and materials)Where: FEC, 2701 Enterprise Dr., AndersonDec 3 | NoonMCC/AU ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD LUNCHEONJoin Anderson University and the Madison CountyChamber in honoring the Entrepreneur of the Year.Cost: $15 (includes lunch and networking)Where: Anderson Country Club, 602 N. Shore Blvd. Get “flipped” at MCC events! Have you been “flipped” at a networking event recently? The Madison County Chamber now offers an additional way to connect online with video pitches and more. How does it work? Simply attend an upcoming networking event (Wake Up Breakfast, Women in Business, Get Linked Expo, etc.) and ask to be flipped. A member of the MCC Team will gladly whip out an official MCC Flip Video Camera, press the record button, and give you up to 30 seconds to tell the online world why they should do business with you. “This is a great way to provide more content to search engines for business topics in Madison County,” says Angela Barbosa, Marketing and Communications for MCC. “It also provides another way for members to connect.” The MCC Flip Camera will also record events, programs, and meetings that will then be posted online via YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  11. 11. December 1, 2010 GETLINKEDMADISON Powered by: Connecting Business. Creating Commerce. Welcome New Board Chair and Six New Directors Left to right: Marcy DeShong, Tammy Rimer, Irma Hampton “Nave” Stewart, Barb Alder, Sally DeVoe, Jack Harter, and Gary ErskineNew Milestones: Note from the Chair Did You Get Linked? As 2010 comes to a As we start 2011, I am proud to close and we begin relinquish my Chair to Marcy 2011, this will signify the end of my DeShong, business Chairmanship for the Board of Directors for owner and entrepreneur. your Chamber. It has I have great faith in Marcy and her Mike Latchaw been an honor and a ability to do a fantastic job in leading Board Chair distinct pleasure to and advancing our cause. She has represent our Chamber served faithfully on the board, onas its Board Chair over the last two committees, and in the community.years. I couldn’t be more pleased with She is passionate about Madison Creating buzz at largest EXPO in Madison Countyour progress. County and its potential. “This was a wonderfully conceived and orchestratedAs I reflect back over these last two I am also excited to welcome six new event . My hat is off to you for reaching beyondyears, this Chamber and its Board members to our Board: Jack Harter Madison County to build relationships and commercehave endured some heartache and (MainSource Bank), Barb Alder both now and for the future.” - Tom VanOsdol, (Purdue University), Gary Erskine President, Saint John’s Health Systemsome new milestones. We (STAR Financial Bank), Sally DeVoelost our dear past Chamber President (Madison County Community The Get Linked Expo 2010 was by all standards aKeith Pitcher to health problems; what Foundation), Tammy Rimer (CN smashing debut! 86 companies exhibited ideas, newa great person, community supporter Design & Marketing), and Irma technologies, and professional services. Sixteen citiesand dear friend. We also brought on Hampton “Nave” Stewart (Attorney at were well represented with 56% of exhibitors comingour new Chamber President, Kyle Law). With better representation from from Madison County and a whopping 44% inMorey. Kyle has infused MCC with a around the county and in varied surrounding, regional counties. Close to 1,000new enthusiasm and innovation, industries, I believe we have the attendees came to “get linked.” $200,000 in eventwhich I believe will give us, our county, leadership to “make a joyful noise” in capital, marketing, and in-kind media circulated beforeand this region heightened Madison County. the event and an expected $300,000 of new business development to average between participants. Over 3levels of growth. Kyle’s I encourage all of our members to million positive impressions were captured throughbackground in chamber work, become more active, suggest new advertising and PR. That means 3 million impressionsbusiness development, branding, ideas, brainstorm new events, for Madison County!thought leadership, and business encourage others to catch our vision,ownership—along with his team Rita, “The traffic flow was nonstop for 4 hours,” stated be a band leader and help usAngela, Betty, and Amy—gives us the Tammy Rimer, a sponsor and owner of CN Design & orchestrate this Chamber in becomingedge we need to move forward in Marketing. “I am already creating buzz for GLE 2011.” a fine piece of music so everyone willconnecting businesses to create be singing about our success story. > See pictures and videos at www.getlinkedexpo.comcommerce. Thank you for the opportunity to be aWe all witnessed the recent success of part of this great organization and Ithe regional Get Linked Expo just after Put your business in the hands thank everyone, especially the5 months on the job. Over 85 Chamber Team (present and retired), of 800 plus decisionexhibiting companies from 16 cities that has helped me along the waybought into the vision of regionalism. during my tenure as Board Chair. makers for only $199. YouClose to a thousand business print it and fold it, we’ll mail it.professionals “got linked,” making this Mike Latchaw Save on cost of mailing throughthe largest B2B show in Madison Board Chair, 2009-2010 this unique, shared medium.County. Contact Rita Puckett rita@getlinkedmadison.com >> Join the conversation: facebook.com/madisoncountychamberceo Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com
  12. 12. Upcoming Events For more information or to register >> www.getlinkedmadison.com Dec 3 | Noon 10TH ANNUAL AWARDS PRESENTATION Join Anderson University and the Madison County Chamber in honoring award winners. Cost: $15 (includes lunch and networking) Where: Anderson Country Club, 602 N. Shore Blvd. Dec 6 | 8 am to 9 am THIRD HOUSE LEGISLATIVE MEETING Local state legislators will present their views on issues expected to be considered during the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly. Invited to attend are State Senators Luke Kenley and Tim Lanane and Representatives Terri Austin, Jack Lutz and Scott Reske. In conjunction with the League of Women Voters. Cost: Complimentary Where: Anderson Public Library, 111 E 12th St Dec 9 | 8 am to 9 am AMBASSADORS REGIONAL The “get linked” crew for Madison County. Chaired by Phil Lavelle, Jr. Cost: Complimentary (by invitation only) Where: Mounds Mall, 2109 S. Scatterfield Rd. Jan 13 | 6 pm to 9 pm MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE: A GALA WITH THE GAITHERS Join us for an evening of warmth, laughs, fine dining and contemplation as we invite Bill and Gloria Gaither as our keynotes for the MCC Annual Dinner. Cost: $45 (includes silent auction & elegant dinner) Where: Blu Falls, 8820 S State Rd 9, Pendleton Not good news, but not as bad as it was Such was the common refrain from The panel discussion kicked-off with a rundown of national the expert panel last week at the statistics, including modest projected GDP growth of 3.1% for Annual Business Outlook Luncheon, 2011. While encouraging, it is not the nearly 8% growth that co-sponsored by MCC and the has historically been seen five quarters after previous Anderson Rotary Club. recessions have ended. Other measures at both the state and national level also indicate positive movement, though smaller More than 170 area business people and slower than needed to fuel much-needed job growth. turned out at the Anderson Country Club to hear economic forecasts from On the state and local level the outlook was similar with slight prominent financial minds from Ball upticks projected for 2011 in both job growth (2% countywide, State University and Indiana 3-4% across the state) and personal income (up 3.5%). University. After upbeat recaps of Comparatively speaking Indiana is fairing better than most accomplishments and planning states in job growth. We are among the top five states in the updates from representatives of nation, having gained back 40,000 jobs in 2010 of the Alexandria, Anderson, and Elwood, 228,000 lost during the recession. The most positive the expert panel delivered the news? Indiana’s exports are up a whopping 37% due toMarcy DeShong invites Bill Savage to news: Things are looking up a little … excellent foreign direct investment. A bright spot to build onreport on Elwood. by Karen Shorette for 2011! but not enough. Madison County Chamber | 2701 Enterprise Dr. #109 | Anderson, IN 46013 | 765.642.0264 | www.getlinkedmadison.com