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WebQuest WWII
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WebQuest WWII


WebQuest assignment about World War II.

WebQuest assignment about World War II.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. World War II A WebQuest for 9th Grade History. Designed by Kyle Lankenau [email_address]
  • 2. Introduction
    • In this activity we will look at…
    • The major factors that caused World War II.
    • The most influential people and events of the war.
    • The results of the war and the impact it had on history.
    • BIG question: Is WWII a continuation of WWI, or is it a separate event?
  • 3. The Task
    • Create a timeline and summary of the causes leading up to World War II, the major people, battles and events of the war, and the conclusions and results of the war.
    • Students can use PowerPoint, create a poster, or use their own creativity to create their timeline and summary.
  • 4. The Process
    • First, you will select the textbook and one other source of your choice to complete this project.
    • Next, you will choose your method of designing your project. Almost any method is fine, but clear it with me first.
    • Then you will take two classes to complete your rough draft of your summary and timeline. Get all of your information and pictures selected and in the basic format that your final draft will look like.
    • You then have the rest of the week to design and complete your final draft of your project. You will then present your final project to small groups on Friday. If you need any technology to present your project, let me know before it is due.
  • 5. Evaluation
    • Rubric Handed out to students so they know exactly what is expected of them.
    • Categories include: Information/summary, clarity, neatness/organization, presentation quality.
    • Scores range from 4 to 1 in each category. Excellent, Good, Below Average, and Developing.
    • Each category describes exactly what each student needs to complete in order to receive an excellent rating.
    • Can the student answer the big question at the end of the assignment? Each student will be responsible for writing a short essay on this topic after the completion of the project.
  • 6. Conclusion
    • Students now have an understanding of the events that caused World War II, the major events, people, places and battles of the war, and the results of the war and how it shaped society.
    • Students will have completed a timeline and summary of the events of the war, and had the choice of how to present this information.
    • In regards to the BIG question, students should be prepared to discuss and answer in a short essay, whether WWII was simply a continuation of WWI or if it was its own separate entity.