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This is a PowerPoint presentation of a campaign i created for The Jordan Brand social media venture.

This is a PowerPoint presentation of a campaign i created for The Jordan Brand social media venture.



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  • Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic apparel company and a division of Nike created in 1985 by NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.
  • Why do people pick Jordan Brand. Jordan Brand is one of the top companies in the basketball category and known world. It services its customers with high performance state of the art aerodynamic shoes great for basketball and running track. With great comfortably, Jordan Brand is extremely durable. Endorsed by some of top Athletes in the game, Air Jordan’s are unique and stylishly designed. This product is presented by the Greatest Player of All time, Michael Jordan and every young child’s basketball dreams are to be like mike.
  • Currently, Air Jordan is in the top spot in basketball sneakers and athletic attire. But sadly the Jordan Brand doesn’t connect with its customers and fans base efficiently and has no official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog pages. To solve this issue you can bring the Jordan Brand up-to-date with social media venues. Also Jordan Brand needs to establish adequate campaign, increase views of, , and increase profit.
  • First, Jordan Brand has a lot of independent fan pages but doesn’t have a official Facebook account. The Officalfacebook account will feature general product and company information, shoe release dates, cusomter surveys and rating. It will also feature brand updates, downloadable media, and promotional videos.
  • Twitter is a vintalcompanent in this new campaign. Currently Jordan Brand doesn’t have a official twitter account. Jordan Brand will tweet brand updates, shoe release dates, public relation statement. It will also tweet related links and promotional videos and pictures on YouTube and Flickr.
  • Blogging is very important for Air Jordan. It is essential to create individual blog pages for certain famous and popular shoes. Jordan must blog about everything, Some great things to blog about are shoes, new ideas, NBA or basketball news. Other great blog topics that will get views are sweepstakes, giveaways, promotions, and sales.
  • Jordan has a official YouTube account which needs to be updates. Retro Jordan products and Team Jordan needs to have individual pages as will. The new featutes of the page will consist of new commerical videos, viral videos campaigns, endorsers highlights, Michael Jordan hightlights, and product reviews.
  • Googleadwords is another essential component to the campaign. Some good keywords to use would be Nike Air Jordan, and Michael Jordan. Are goal with using googleadwords is to gain brand recongition and get all of our social media sites to grace the first page during a google search. But until that is possible we can have all of your sites as pay per clicks.
  • Measure and tracking out success is important. With the use of googleanalyic’s Air Jordan will be able to track the number of visits, facebook friends, twitter followers, youtube video views, and blog site visits. We also can track our brand statistics such as customer rentention, new customer revenue and competitor consumers.
  • The bduget for funds will be allocated efficiently. Facebook wil l grace 30 percent, the website will also have 30 percent. Google adwordswil control 10 percent while, the blog site will control 5 percent.

Nike  Air Jordan Nike Air Jordan Presentation Transcript

  • Jordan Brand
    Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic apparel company and a division of Nike created in 1985 by NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.
    It Got
    to be the Shoes.
  • Why Air Jordan?
    Top Brand in Basketball
    High-performance, State-of-the-art aerodynamic shoes
    Extremely durable.
    Top Endorses from the NBA  
    Unique and Stylish Design
    Wear’s inspire to like the Greatest Player of All time.
  • Plans for Jordan Brand
    Currently, The Air Jordan known as the Top and most popular basketball shoe in the world.
    Sadly, The Air Jordan brand doesn’t connect with its customers efficiently and has no Official Facebook, Twitter, or Blog Pages.
    Solve This issue:
    • Bring Brand Up-to-Date with Social Media venues.
    • Establish adequate campaign
    • Increase views of by 10%
    • Increase profit
  • Facebook
    No Official Account
    Independent Fan Pages
    General Information
    Release Dates
    Customer Surveys/Ratings
    Brand Updates
    Downloadable Media
    Promotional Videos
  • Twitter
    No Official Account
    Fan Based Accounts
    Brand Updates
    Release Dates
    Public Relation Statements
    Related Links
    Promotional Videos and Pictures
  • Blog
    Create individual Blog pages for fans favorite air Jordan sneaker.
    Blog About everything Jordan Brand
    Release Dates
    New Ideas
    NBA / Basketball
  • YouTube Enhancement
    Official Accounts
    Top Products like Retro Jordan and Team Jordan need to have individual pages as well.
    New Commercials Videos
    Viral Videos Campaigns
    Endorsers (Team Jordan) Highlights
    Michael Jordan Highlights
    Product Reviews
  • SEARCH: Air Jordan
    Google Adwords
    Nike Air Jordan
    Michael Jordan
    Brand Recognition
    Pay Per Click
  • Measure Success
    Google Analytic
    Track visits
    Facebook friends
    Twitter followers
    YouTube video views
    Blog sites visits
    New Customer Revenue
    Competitor Customers
  • Funds