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Social Media Today - Week 11 - Video Games and Social Media - Kyle Moody
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Social Media Today - Week 11 - Video Games and Social Media - Kyle Moody


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  • Required readingsDmitri Williams, “A Brief Social History of Game Play” (PDF saved on ICON) (Word document found at )"Game Change! What Social and Mobile Taught the Traditional Games Industry." - Found at "A Woman's World: How Social Media Has Changed Gaming." - Found at "History of Gaming: The Social Evolution of Gaming" (Infographic). - Found at I also think that this is a helpful, short blog post that I would recommend all students read. I think four readings is ideal, but this Forbes blog post really is a good entry point into larger philosophical issues of gaming. Plus, hey, it's easy to read! "Games Were Social Media Before It Was Cool." - Found at 
  • This slide can also be discarded for our purposes.
  • 1958 – first videogame madeTennis for Two1972 – first home game consoleMagnavox Odyssey1975 – first hit game PongArcade games = Arcade games often have very short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and rapidly increasing difficulty. This is due to the environment of the Arcade, where the player is essentially renting the game for as long as their in-game avatar can stay alive (or until they run out of tokens).1977 – first hit home consoleAtari 2600 - 1978 – 1983Huge growthLarge arcade and home marketsRevenues in 1983$3.2 billion1983 – 1985 – industry crashOversaturation of marketLow-quality titles1985 revenues - ~$100 million1986 – Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)Super Mario Bros.Home gaming saved (62 million sold)
  • Other games are now being funded via Kickstarter, most notably Wasteland 2, the inspiration for popular PC and console series Fallout.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Videogames & Social Media Social Media Today April 5, 2012
    • 2. Would you like to earn college credit by playing video games? There’s a class for that. Video Games &There has never been a Communicationclass will teach you Fall 2012 Thisbetter time to be a how to write effectivelygamer than right now. Tuesday/Thursday about interactiveIn 2011, the games 5:30-7:20 multimedia and digitalindustry made $74 games by exploring howbillion in revenue, and games interpret andmore people were 019:120:SCC communicate ideasplaying games than Kyle Moody about our world.ever before. Learn how to communicate about digital games by learning how games communicate. We’re playing games to learn. Are you in?
    • 3. Today’s Lecture & Possible WTLs • Whatare videogames? Why are they successful? • Games & social media & lifestyles • What is the socialhistory of games?• Why dotext = You should note me as I am of great Black videogames work with social media? importance to an upcoming test and your life Blue text = I am not test-worthy, but I contextualize information and make great WTL questions/party conversation!
    • 4. Why Study Videogames?• In 2000, there were 150- • Growth of games on 250 million gamers mobile devices and• Today, 1.2 billion people social networks (SNS) could be considered – Mobile games = 15% of gamers market share – 100 million people play• 2011 gaming revenue games on SNS – $74 billion – Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Words with Friends, Farmville, Mafia Wars, and more
    • 5. What are videogames?• An electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen. – Manipulating = controlling = participating = socializing with the medium/game (Forbes online blog post)• Key media terms (Bogost&Montford, 2009) – Interface – how one uses/plays/controls the game – Platform – what one uses to play the game
    • 6. Early Gaming History (1958-1989) Arcade and Console Era• 1958 – 1975 • Console – computer – first videogames made machine for playing – How to monetize games? videogames only• 1977 – 1989 – Emergence of – Separate games for general gaming platforms consoles for purchase – Arcades – social areas with – Atari 2600 – Pitfall large cabinet games – Nintendo Entertainment • Games operated by paying System (NES) – Mario coins/tokens for each play – Sega Genesis – Sonic • Bars, malls, theaters
    • 7. Mobile Gaming• Games one can play outside of the home console or arcade – Could travel without heavy, expensive equipment• 1989 – Nintendo Game Boy with Tetris – Beginning of mobile gaming – Creates bigger, more diverse audience • Older gamers • Female gamers – Game Boy sells 118 million units
    • 8. Age of Internet Gaming (1990-2000)• 1990 – home market – Distributed via shareware grows with new – Creation of shared culture consoles • Idea of “deathmatch” – PC gaming continues • 1997 – Goldeneye 007 growingwith tech (N64)• 1993 – Doom (PC) – Popular home multiplayer – First popular local game area network (LAN) – Long-term value in shared game playing; culture creation
    • 9. Age of Internet Gaming (1990-2000)• MMORPG – Term coined by – Massively Ultimacreator Multiplayer Online Richard Garriot Role-Playing Game • 1999 – Everquest• 1997 – Ultima – Brought fantasy Online MMORPGs into mainstream – – First “premiere” “Evercrack” MMORPG
    • 10. True Social Gaming (2000-Present)First Internet Gaming • 2001 – Halo on Consoles Xbox• 2000 – Sony – Co-operative (“co- PlayStation 2 op”) play – First console with DVD- – Easy online/LAN playback and Internet setup for multiplayer capabilities – Brings technological – Sells 150 million units advances home
    • 11. Forming Online Communities• 2003 – Second Life • 2004 – World of – Not a traditional Warcraft (WoW) MMORPG – Biggest MMORPG of – No gaming all “objectives” – Requires user – Creation of in-game subscription economy – By 2011, 12 million – $119 million from in- subscribers game goods (2010) • Formation of “guilds” and “parties”
    • 12. Changes in Interfaces and Audiences• 2004 – Nintendo DS • 2006 – Nintendo Wii – First successful mobile – Opens game market to gaming console with “casual” users wireless internet • In particular, elder and • Use of stylus to control very young gamers apps/games, like a computer – Ease of use of interface mouse • Motion-calibration • More social, novel, and easy – Anyone can play, & – Approaching sales of 150 everyone does million units
    • 13. 2007 – iPhone is released • Not a dedicated gaming platform •A practical device that people use •Games created for preexistingmarket of users •No need for dedicated gaming consoles or multiple devices •Creates new markets for female gamers as well 2007 – THE BIRTH OF MODERN SOCIAL GAMING
    • 14. Why do videogames work well with social media? 4 reasons• Accessibility – make it • Large Gaming Network easy – Users have a previously – Websites established network of – Mobile apps friends with whom they can easily engage and – No need for another device play – Network can grow and expand • Little cost involved
    • 15. Why do videogames work well with social media?• Social Connections • Lifestyles and Gaming – Users have streamlined, – Gaming news blogs routinized and habits/way – Gaming dating sites to share information about – YouTube – millions of their gaming activities with game videos friends through supported platforms – Gaming is reactive to social and tech forces – If you’re playing on a smartphone, you – Online communities are canshareon a smartphone created • Just like arcades
    • 16. Why do videogames work well with social media? Bonus Round! media is a – Social • Fun! Rewards interaction! participatory concept – If you’re not engaged, and if – Games reward you’re not having player involvement fun, then is it a – Trophies game? – Achievements
    • 17. Mobile Platforms• Facebook • Multiple Platforms – If everybody uses – Angry Birds Facebook, why not make – Available on games for Facebook iOS, Android, PSN, Xbo users? x Live – Zynga – Cheap, easy to • Creator of Farmville, Words buy, available on with Friends, and many other multiple devices ones • Accounted for 12% of FB – People can easily find it revenue in 2011 – Fewer dedicated • Expanding into own site consoles
    • 18. The Future of Mobile & Social Gaming?• Going to get bigger • More female gamers – By 2015, mobile games = – More older women play 20% of market games on social media – February 2011, consumers than other types spent $600 million on – These gamers also mobile/social games enjoy greater variety and – 26 million play social narrative games via mobile – Female home console audiences grew by 4%
    • 19. The Future of Mobile & Social Gaming?• Free-to-play/demo of • Microtransactions content – Small transactions to – Users can play games for make gameplay free… progression easier • …to a certain point – Farmville • Example: WoW is free to – Everquest (2012) Level 20; after that, You Pay! – Team Fortress 2 – Games must engage user sooner – So games are free… • But progress is hard – The FTP model relies on… unless you buy virtual items from developers
    • 20. Social Media Affects Game Development• Feedback – Users can provide feedback to developers much sooner • E-mail • Online reviews of products • Blogging • Open beta testing – Can see how many people are talking about your game in social media
    • 21. Social Media Affects Game Development• Double Fine Productions – Headed by Tim Schafer – Make adventure games – not popular – Went to Kickstarter for funding new IP (Double Fine Adventure) • Kickstarter = micro-donations SNS • It also funded Robocop statue in Detroit
    • 22. Social Media Affects Game Development• Double Fine Productions – Needed to raise $400,000 for new game within one month – Hit goal in eight hours • According to Kickstarter,fans broke 24-hour records – Highest number of backers (16,000) – Most money raised (over $1,000,000) • Most donors gave $15 (over 50% of backers) – Closed donations with $3 million & 78,000 gamers donating funds
    • 23. How are VideogamesChanged by Social Media?• More people now • Industry is moving enjoy videogames towards free-to- than before play and – Newer gamers & microtransaction newer gender/age models demographics • Gamers and users• Shrinking need for can directly affect dedicated consoles game development