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Color Theory: Not all Scrubs Created Equal
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Color Theory: Not all Scrubs Created Equal






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  • Would you be willing to share this presentation? I represent a regional medical center in GA and we are exploring new scrub colors for our Cardiology Department? Thank you: E-mail: 5starcss@bellsouth.net
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Color Theory: Not all Scrubs Created Equal Color Theory: Not all Scrubs Created Equal Presentation Transcript

  • 1Color Theory: Not All ScrubsCreated EqualImage Source: http://shop.pacuniforms.com/images/7881multi.jpg
  • 2Color Psychology Color psychology is the study of how colors influencehuman behavior. Color psychology has been used in interiordecorating for a long time, but surprisingly thehealthcare industry has been among the last toincorporate it.Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-n2TKZoJTU7E/UIWdg4CJitI/AAAAAAAAUjc/C1tgDv_-huo/s1600/choose-interior-paint-color-with-color-wheel.jpg
  • 3Color and Scrubs In a 2008 study by Ohio State University, 65.5percent of healthcare workers surveyed believed thatthe color of their scrubs made a difference for theirpatients and peers. 28.6 percent of the people surveyed, mostly nursingprofessionals and doctors, believed that scrub colormade a difference in their own mood.Image Source: http://cherokeescruboutlet.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/cherokee-color-Scrubs.jpg
  • 4White Nursing scrubs havetraditionally been white tosymbolize cleanliness andpurity. White is now consideredimpractical due to the natureof healthcare professions.Image Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-F1y0hUBMhgk/TrIGoX6yJxI/AAAAAAAAB8A/YDsWSRaKTKI/s1600/REAL5583.jpg
  • 5Blue Blue is considered to besoothing and is also the colorof trust. Most common color fordoctors and nurses in ahospital setting.Image Source: http://www.lifewearproducts.com/images/products/PandaScrubs.jpg
  • 6Pink A soothing color that evokes femininity and health. Pink scrubs are often used in obstetrics and pediatrichealthcare facilities.Image Source:http://cdn.allstardirectories.com/asd-images/ans/pediatric-nursing.jpg
  • 7Green The color of balanceand growth. Doctor’s preferredchoice in scrubs.
  • 8Red Unless scrubs are required for nursing college, red isnot recommended in a professional setting. Red is associated with danger and desire.http://www.wallpaperpin.com/webdisk/abstract-red-white-smoke-desktop-free-wallpaper.jpg
  • 9Black The color of death and mystery. A color not recommended for nursing and otherhealthcare professions.http://artistpaintsupply.com/images/black%20paint-2.jpg
  • 10Scrubs are a comfortable way to express yourindividuality as a nursing professional and the color ofyour scrubs can influence the mood of your patients. Ifyou want to become a nurse in Utah, there are manynursing college options.Image Source: http://info.ameritech.edu/_presentation/images/ameritech-college-1.jpg