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Basics of iPhoto

Basics of iPhoto

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  • 1. Kyleen Burgess Area Information Management Agent Region 3 iPhoto ’08 Basics
    • As you come in and set up, please:
    • Please run audio set up wizard
    • Tools  Audio  Audio Setup Wizard
    • Listen to the nice lady walk you through
    • Still having problems? Ask a buddy or go into your system preferences on your mac and check your sound to make sure USB is selected for input and output
  • 2. Topics for today
    • http://www.apple.com/ilife/iphoto
    • Downloading Pictures to iPhoto (setting camera preferences, connecting a camera, importing photos)
    • EVENT vs ALBUM
    • EDIT a photo (revert photo to original, red eye, face blemish, crooked photos)
    • Printing Photos easily
    • Batch Change photo names
    • Resizing
    • Creating Quick Slideshow
    • Create Photo Book (PDF)
    More iPhoto Resources
  • 3. Setting Camera Preferences
    • On GENERAL tab, decide if you want “connecting camera opens” … to iPhoto if you plan to use iPhoto from here on out
  • 4. Connecting Camera
    • Camera needs to be ON
    • Connect USB cord from Camera to Laptop
    • Put Camera in PLAY mode
    • Launch iPhoto
  • 5. Import ALL or SELECTED
    • NEW FEATURE! Can import SELECTED pictures!
    • To Select Pictures:
      • Click and Drag a box around pictures you want ... Or …
      • Use ⌘ -Click to jump around and select pics
  • 6. Event vs. Album
    • All photos download by DATE to the EVENTS area
    • Can title EVENTS to keep things organized
    • Click the + icon (bottom left) to make and name albums
    You can DRAG AND DROP pics from the EVENT area to the ALBUM area
  • 7. Edit a Photo
    • Click once to select the picture
    • Click the EDIT button to enter EDIT mode
    • Edit mode brings up the EDIT toolbar at the bottom
    • Use these effects to alter your photo.
    • PLAY WITH THEM, you won’t break the picture and you can always REVERT TO ORIGINAL
    Click when finished Click any EFFECT to apply that effect to your picture. Can add more than one effect!
  • 8. Revert Photo to Original
    • Can always RIGHT-CLICK or CTRL-CLICK on edited picture and choose REVERT TO ORIGINAL to take away all edits/changes
    • Click to select picture
    • Click EDIT to enter edit mode
    • Click RED EYE
    • Adjust SIZE slider to match size of red eye area
    • Click on red eye area to fill in
    • Click DONE when finished
    Fix RED Eye
  • 9. Printing Photos in iPhoto
    • Select a photo or multiple photos to print Hint: ⌘-Click on pictures to select more than one photo
    • Go to FILE  PRINT
    • Choose from 5 THEMES listed on left for how the pictures should print
    • After you chose theme, click PRINT or CUSTOMIZE to alter how pictures will print on page
  • 10. Printing Multiple Pics
    • Select your pictures Hint: Drag a box around the pictures or ⌘-Click the pictures you want to print
    • Go to FILE  PRINT
    • Choose CONTACT SHEET and click CUSTOMIZE
    • On Customize screen, adjust the COLUMNS slider to change size of pictures to desired size
    • Click PRINT
  • 11. Customize Printing Photos
    • In the CUSTOMIZE area, use the toolbar at the bottom to decide how the prints will look
      • Themes : The LOOK of the photos
      • Background : Change color
      • Layout : How many pictures on a page
  • 12. Batch Photo Name Change
    • Select Photos
      • Click & Drag around photos to select … or …
      • ⌘ -Click pics to select
    • Go to PHOTOS  Batch Change
    • Choose:
      • Set TITLE to TEXT
      • Enter title name
      • Check “Append a # to each photo” and the pics will be labeled with your title followed by number
    Batch Change allows you to name all selected photos at once.
  • 13. How do I get photos out of iPhoto?
    • Method 1: Drag & Drop
      • Click and drag picture out to desktop (or folder)
      • … or ⌘-Click multiple pics and drag and drop out all at once
    • Method 2: File  Export
      • Can “resize” images as you export as well … great if you are exporting photos out of iPhoto to put on your web page or email to friends
      • Size: choose CUSTOM size
        • Ex: 300 is good for websites
  • 14. Slideshows Made Easy
    • Click once to select an EVENT in the event area OR an ALBUM
    • Click
    • Click to start SS
    • … or … make some changes
      • THEME: Choose a look for SS (can change later)
      • MUSIC: Choose from pre-loaded music OR pick a song from your iTunes Library!
      • SETTINGS: Decide how long each slide plays and other detailed settings
    • Move mouse to bring up toolbar during slideshow to change settings.
  • 15. Making a Photo Book
    • Click once to select an EVENT in the event area OR an ALBUM
    • Click and choose Book
    • Choose a TYPE and LOOK and click CHOOSE
      • Note: If you plan to buy, click the Options + Prices button to see details
    • Use toolbar at bottom to navigate, change background colors, change layout of pages
    • Drag pictures from top bar into grey areas in book to fill!
    TECH TIP: Save as PDF by going to FILE  PRINT and choose to print to ADOBE PDF as the printer!
  • 16. The End. Questions? Contact Information: Kyleen Burgess Area Information Management Agent Region 3 Phone: 252-358-7822 Email: [email_address] Hertford County AIM: KyleenBurgess Resource: Slideshare.net Resource: http://www.slideshare.net/chadkafka/tttiphoto-basic