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Sample Customer Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Name Title
  2. 2. Good Data is the Lifeblood of Sales & Marketing Business Cards Marketing Lists Sales Reps Web Forms Critical for Prospecting Required for Customer Analysis
  3. 3. But It’s Hard to Find the People You Need One sales rep calling 12 wrong numbers a day wastes 20+ hours a month. Coe, John M. “B2B Data Decay – The Untold Story.” Sales & Marketing Institute. 2002 1
  4. 4. Even When You Do, It Goes Bad…Fast 70% of Contact Data Outdated after 12 Months1 65% of titles incorrect 42% of addresses incorrect 43% of phone numbers incorrect 2009 37% of email addresses incorrect 2010 Coe, John M. “B2B Data Decay – The Untold Story.” Sales & Marketing Institute. 2002 1
  5. 5. Because the Traditional Model for Data has Failed Manual Data Collection Slow. Expensive. Inaccurate. On-Premise Infrastructure You store, integrate, backup, secure… Inaccessible 2 weeks to pull a list. Updates come once a year. $3 Billion+ a year spent on data* Global market size for obtaining B2B information over the internet. Source: Robert W. Baird Business Services Research, June 9, 2009 *
  6. 6. The Cloud Shows Us a Better Way to Manage Data Socially Aggregated No Software Real Time Weather Data Restaurant Data Stock Data xxx Movie Data xx Traffic Data 12,568,906 users made… 2014: The data you need finds 395,177,595 edits to… 50% of software you…right away 20,676,516 articles deployments in the cloud* *Source: Shaugatuck Technology 2010 Cloud Business Solutions
  7. 7. Jigsaw: Business Data Powered by the Cloud Largest, Most Accurate Database: 23 million+ B2B contacts Crowd-sourced business data: 1.4 million+ community adds 36,000 new contacts per day Real-time updates: Community updates 12,000 contacts per day
  8. 8. The Crowd Delivers Massive Growth in Data 23,000,000+ Contacts in the Jigsaw database
  9. 9. The Crowd Delivers More Data on More People Wal-Mart 2,357 124 2,867 Exxon Mobil 283 36 1,878 General Motors 80 122 4,226 Chevron 881 74 13,575 Conoco Phillips 258 53 1,475 General Electric 95 198 7,932 AT&T 980 104 15,680 Citigroup 93 176 12,846 Bank of America 5,908 141 8,544 IBM 264 135 14,825 Total Contacts: 11,199 1,163 83,848 1. Found using InfoUSA’s search tool – records not guaranteed complete 2. From Hoovers Researcher account – records not guaranteed complete 3. 100% complete records including 70% direct dial --Data as of 12-10-08--
  10. 10. The Crowd is More Precise 100% 70% 10x Complete Direct Dial More Contacts Numbers Titles Director of… Marketing… Viral Marketing… Enterprise Marketing… Social Media… Name Phone Dept Email Marketing… Title Address Email Ext. 3415
  11. 11. And the Data Stays Clean…Automatically Jigsaw Community Data Quality Engine Native App Sharing 1.4 million + members Automated data processes Open API’s for enterprise 300,000 updates/month 1.2 Million updates/month app data sharing: 300,000 adds/month
  12. 12. The Data Cloud Serves Companies of Every Size ENTERPRISE MID-MARKET SMALL BUSINESS
  13. 13. The Jigsaw Product Suite Prospect Select Clean Complete Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM
  14. 14. Native Integration with Salesforce CRM for Salesforce CRM Instant source of 23M+ new leads Unlimited, free research into 4M+ new accounts Reps are productive with clean data
  15. 15. Lenovo Closes More Deals with Jigsaw’s Data Laptops ∙ Netbooks ∙ Workstations ∙ Servers 750+ users Reduced bounce and return rates for email and direct mail campaigns Sales team penetrates accounts faster with the right contacts Increased productivity due to less time searching for contacts across multiple sources Data is critical to the success of any CRM deployment, so having real-time access to Jigsaw to update records is very powerful. -Michael Rogan, Business Intelligence Lead
  16. 16. F100 Customer Saves $4.6M with Data in the Cloud The Old Way The Cloud Way Contact Data Account Data Data Standardization Marketing Lists Sales Intelligence Data Cleansing Typical Data Spend Jigsaw Spend $7.25M $2.6M
  17. 17. Appendix
  18. 18. Product Slides
  19. 19. The Jigsaw Product Suite Subscribe to the complete Jigsaw database. Complete Select exactly the right data you need from Jigsaw for your marketing campaigns. Select Give your sales team access to the website to prospect. Prospect Run your dirty data through the data cloud to clean it up, fill in blanks, and find duplicates. Clean Do all of the above from inside of Salesforce CRM app. Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM
  20. 20. Complete Access to the Entire Jigsaw Database 23 Million Business Contacts 4 Million Account Profiles Massive source of new sales leads Get updates as data changes Unlimited access to every person & company Find new contacts as they’re added
  21. 21. Select the Crowd Sourced Data You Need Select Pinpoint the audience you need with custom lists Industry leading accuracy Integrate with any marketing tools Subscriptions stay up to date
  22. 22. Find Millions of Contacts & Connect the Dots Prospect Access Jigsaw data from any web browser Uncover new contacts at your accounts Import data into any CRM app Saved searches & new data alerts Share & report on data access across your team
  23. 23. Stay Productive with Jigsaw Clean Clean 1.3 million + members 200,000 updates/month Name Phone Bob Johnson 415-536-6000 Bob Johnson 650-205-1899 Robert Johnson Rob Johnson 415-536-6100 (415) 536-2283 Bob C. 408-209-7070 Johnson Bob Johnson 415-536-6000 Rob Johnson 650-205-5555 Bob T. 650-780-9090 Johnson Average Dirty Data Found in New Jigsaw Customers: 90% 74% 21% 7% Incomplete Need Updates Dead Duplicate
  24. 24. Data You Need, Delivered by Chatter in Real-Time Jigsaw has news data about this company - Jigsaw has new data about this contact Data Cloud has a tweet from this contact Follow the Data You Care About on Chatter Real-time notifications as things change Accessible on any device with a browser
  25. 25. Real Time Analytics Measure Your Data’s Health Know Right Away: - What data is good - What needs updating - How your business is affected
  26. 26. Data Quality Engine: Unmatched Superpower I touch 3M/mth I touch 35M/mth I touch I touch 500K/mth 700K/mth I ping 4M every Made 140K Made 460K single month Killed 166K updates updates Made 2K prettier PuzzleMaster Normalizer Super DeDuper Pinger Reaper Pieces together Standardizes Detects duplicates “Pings” HTTP and Automatically partial records from addresses, titles & automatically SMTP domains for graveyards dead disparate sources phone numbers. merges or floats to validity. Auto- records from bounce & adds to Jigsaw. Properly classifies community for task matically grave- reports & phone Now also updates contact records by resolution. yards when domain campaigns. Or floats records. department & level deemed invalid to community for task resolution.
  27. 27. Enterprise Engine Delivers Tailored Data Services Jigsaw Data Your Custom Data 3rd Party Data Enterprise CRM Marketing Apps Data Warehouse Custom Lists MSP’s
  28. 28. Privacy Slides
  29. 29. Jigsaw Leads the Industry in Data Privacy 100% Open and Transparent Real-time Opt-out Public Information 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant Vetted by World-class Customers such as American Express, FedEx, AT&T, Dun & Bradstreet Winner for "Best Online Rising Star Award 2009 Hot 100 — Best Model of Excellence Directory and Business CRM Magazine Privately 2005 Leads Service" Held Software Companies InfoCommerce SIIA Codie Awards JMP Securities
  30. 30. Complete Control for People in the Jigsaw Database Email Notifications Know when you’ve been entered into Jigsaw Opt-out Remove your name Check Your Preferences Filter how you want to receive communications
  31. 31. Value Slides
  32. 32. New Horizons Doubles Data Accuracy with Jigsaw The Company New Horizons delivers technical, application, and business skills courses around the world. The Puzzle Reps struggled to reach decision makers in training departments. The Jigsaw Solution ✔ 150-200 new contacts every week ✔ Doubled accuracy of contact data ✔ Saved 75% on data hygiene costs
  33. 33. Traditional Data Management Has Hidden Costs Account Data Contact Data $$ $$ Sales Intelligence Data Hygiene $$ $$ Buy it All Separately Manage it Yourself
  34. 34. Bottom Line: Good Data Matters Real Costs Real Opportunity 100,000 Phone: $3.29 94% Mail: $1.78 Records X Email: $0.25 $336,700 Of email marketing users improve Marketing Waste Without Jigsaw* their prospecting with Jigsaw 33 Min Rep/Day X 100 Reps @ $28.87/hr 97% Of sales users improve their $412,800 prospecting with Jigsaw Sales Waste Without Jigsaw* *Direct mail & Phone cost (Source: DMA), Email: $.25 (Source Court Cunnigham, VP of DartMail) Hourly Compensation Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics *Based on avg amount of missing and inaccurate data found in Customer’s prior to moving to Jigsaw.