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Kaizen   Metal Parts
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Kaizen Metal Parts


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5-S event in metal parts area

5-S event in metal parts area

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  • 1. KAIZEN
    5S Workplace
    Team members:
    Kyle Roach (Team Leader)
    Sharon Huff
    Bea Hall
    Nora Hartman
    Sharon Holsinger
    Roxanne Newlin
  • 2.
  • 3. KAIZEN
    5S Workplace
  • 4. What is 5S?
    The purpose of 5S is to establish a self-sustaining methodology to maintain clean organized work centers throughout the organization.
    5S is a powerful, fundamental process that improves productivity, safety, morale, and respect from customers.
    It is a process for creating and maintaining an organized, clean high performance workplace.
  • 5. What is 5S?
    Visual Management is a term used to describe organization of the workplace in such a fashion as to provide easy visible real time indicators as to the current status of the workplace. It is a critical element of 5S
    It is easy to understand, harder to apply, and difficult to sustain
  • 6. A Standardized Approach to 5S
    Japanese English
    1 SeiriSort - Clear out non-essentials
    2 Seiton Set in Order – Configure workplace
    3 Seiso Shine - Clean the environment
    4 Seiketsu Standardize - Define the routines
    5 Shitsuke Sustain - Comply to the Standard
  • 7. Why 5S?
    It provides a basis for being a World Class competitor
    It is a foundation for a more systematic approach to the workplace
    It improves productivity and morale
    5S is a visually-oriented, hands-on system!
  • 8. What Are The Benefits of 5S?
    Clean, pleasant and safe work areas
    Makes abnormalities and problems visible, thus corrective action is rapid
    Less wasted time completing work
    More efficient work processes
    More effective work practices
    Better utilization of work spaces
  • 9. What Are The Benefits of 5S?
    Improved employee morale
    “A place for everything and everything in its place”
    Safety considerations alone make 5S worth the time and effort!
  • 10. Before
  • 11. After
  • 12. Before
  • 13. After
  • 14. Before
  • 15. After
  • 16.
  • 17. After
  • 18.
  • 19. After
  • 20. Before
  • 21. After
  • 22. After
  • 23. Before
  • 24. After
  • 25. Before
  • 26. After
  • 27. Before
  • 28. After
  • 29. Testimonies
    I think that being in the Kaizen project and working together as a team effort has made a huge difference in the meal parts and the disc area and I can say that I was glad to be a part of it to make our area a more neat and productive area to work in.
    Roxanne Newlin
    Things were slowly neglected from the time this plant was new. Being an employee for a few years, I feel the changes to the interior of this plant will promote a more efficient, safe and healthier working environment for present and future workers. A lot of hard work and team work has really paid off for the Kaizen project. I think the disc and metal parts area looks a lot better. Hats off to management and the whole Kaizen project.
    Sharon Holsinger