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Synthesis mobile learning

  1. 1. Synthesis Projectabout Mobile LearningKyle Lee
  2. 2. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee Contents Section 1 - My Personal Learning Preferences 3 Section 2 - My Learning Pathway 4 Section 3 - Contribution of Activities 5 Section 4 - Top 3 Mobile Technologies 6 Section 5 - My Use of Mobile Technologies 7 Section 6 - Future Use of the Technologies 8 PAGE 2
  3. 3. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee My scores when I first took the survey were: 3 towards REF, 3 towards SEN, 11 towards VIS, and Section 1 3 towards GLO. I’m not sure if much has changed about the way I perceive my learning preferences. I feel that I’ve always been pretty sure of who I am My Personal Learning Preferences as a learner, but it is interesting to go through this class and be active in things that maybe show me something a little different than what I might have thought about myself. I always knew that I was more partial to learning through visuals, but I am also trying to look at the details more now that I’ve taken this class. Seems like it would be a great place for me to grow as a learner. PAGE 3
  4. 4. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee I feel that I began the class with the mindset that I would be a learning Sage. I wanted to learn about Section 2 new technologies and websites. I think that I was very successful in doing this through the class. There were many online resources that I was not familiar My Learning Pathway with until using them in this class, and I think that I will be able to use some of them throughout my career. I didn’t change my pathway, but I do find that I would like to implement what I have learned more thoroughly in to the rest of my learning career (becoming a Warrior). PAGE 4
  5. 5. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee I think that the Social Bookmarking activity really stuck with me. As a History major, I am in the middle Section 3 of doing some in depth research that I feel I could use help on. These days, a lot of research can be done online through digitized archives, and if I Contribution of Activities ever teamed up with someone to research specific things, or needed help with my research, I can see how Social Bookmarking will be very useful. It makes me excited to think about being able to share information and sources with other historians so easily! I’m having hope that tablet computers will be able to aid in research as well. Things like google docs and other online sharing techniques will be able to lend a hand when finding something in a physical archive and needing to save the information and share it right away. PAGE 5
  6. 6. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee I explored the use of ipads/tablets in the activity by downloading some of the apps that were discussed. Blogging wasn’t really new to me, even though I hadn’t done it on an iPad before. Apps like the spanish lessons and Brain Anatomy were very fun to use though. I’m looking forward to searching out apps like that in the future, and seeing the development of more of them over time. I really only thought of apps Section 4 as being entertainment, but after using some of the ones suggested in the activity, I can see some new potential in the technology. Obviously, being able to participate in the the apps like Brain Anatomy was really Top 3 Mobile Technologies useful to me because I was able to see and almost touch something that I was trying to learn about. For ipods/mp3 players, I did not feel as successful at as the ipads/ tablets activity. I think it was still an interesting activity to do, but I just felt that audio really is not a strong way for me to learn. I’m definitely more of a visual person/learner, and listening to one-minute Mandarin just didn’t really make a huge impact on me. I can see how it works for a lot of people, but I would do better with even something as simple as flashcards, because I would be able to store the visual memory of the information. Microblogs are actually very engaging to me. I’m usually a very patient person, with a long attention span. But reading updates of short information through things like the LA Times Fire News Twitter really embedded information in to my mind. It was like bullet pointed info. Although there were a lot of tweets to read through, and I can only imagine how intense it was in real-time, I feel that I was able to grasp an overall understanding of what was happening very easily. PAGE 6
  7. 7. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee iPads definitely interested me the most of the mobile technologies that we explored through the different Section 5 activities. Although I found that microblogging surprised me the most as a useful tool of education, I still think that tablets are the most significant of My Use of Mobile Technologies the mobile technologies discussed. I feel that I would like to explore the use of microblogging more though because I think that it can lend a hand in really creating a lot of information for the future. As student of history, I see every tweet as a new primary source. Again, iPads really did help me the most with my learning. I felt that the technology lends itself to my learning preferences perfectly. I am very comfortable with sitting alone and learning new things through educational apps. I like the idea of being able to take a “silent reading time” but be interacting with some sort of activity on a tablet computer that is teaching me something new. PAGE 7
  8. 8. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee I will continue to use education apps on the ipad outside of this class. I think that there could be Section 6 more apps out there that I would like to explore as well. As a graphic designer right now, mobility always helps me. The more that I can work at home Future Use of the Technologies or capture inspiration for ideas when I’m walking around town, the better I can be at my current job as a designer. I think that things like microblogs and social bookmarking are ways to share information and collaborate with other designers. iPad apps that allow me to learn are very exciting to me. I plan on exploring these kinds of apps more. Language lessons and visual-interactive apps could be a new way for me to learn things that can be in addition to class content or just for curiosity purposes. MMOG’s are probably something that I will not utilize. I understand the benefits through the activities in this class, but I just could not really connect with the MMOG’s personally. PAGE 8
  9. 9. Synthesis Project about Mobile LearningKyle Lee Thank You.