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This is a example of a powerpoint presentation that I helped to construct during my BA Business Excellence degree.

This is a example of a powerpoint presentation that I helped to construct during my BA Business Excellence degree.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. The ONLINE Story<br />HayatuUjah<br />Greg Lewis<br />Kyle Cummings<br />AminuOgwuche<br />
  • 2. Introduction <br />EasyJet was founded by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou in 1995.<br />The idea for EasyJet from Southwest Airlines in the US, which has also prospered by introducing a no-frills, low cost service on short haul routes.<br />Initially starting with two aircrafts and running only two flight paths – Luton to Glasgow / Edinburgh.<br />The fleet of aircrafts began to increase rapidly as did the amount of flight paths and customers.<br />NB - Its early advertising consisted of little more than the airline's telephone booking number painted in bright orange on the side of its aircrafts.<br />
  • 3. Introduction – .com<br />EasyJet soon marketed itself as “The Web’s Favourite Airline”.<br />Ironically, Stelios once stated that "The Internet is for nerds, it will never make money for my business!“ <br />After seeing huge results in customers and profits from , Stelios realised that this was the best possible way to market EasyJet.<br />EasyJet is now the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe, beaten only by Ryanair<br />Currently fly to over 100 domestic and international destinations – operating close to 500 routes.<br />
  • 4.<br />EasyJet started an e-commerce website capable of offering real-time online booking from April 1998 - the first low cost carrier to do so in Europe.<br />There are a number of reasons for their success with<br /><ul><li>The website offers an easy to use customer interface, and is upfront with regards to charges.
  • 5. Very Cost Effective – reduces overhead charges, saves time and most importantly, it allows for a much bigger market.</li></li></ul><li>E-Commerce plays a vital part in the easyJet business plan, and is critical to its ongoing success. <br />Because the Internet provides the most cost-effective distribution channel, easyJet has aggressively pursued its strategy of encouraging passengers to book their seats online, ensuring that 98% of its seats are now sold online. <br /><br />Some of the ways in which easyJet incentivises people to book their cheap flights online are:<br /><ul><li>Customers booking online receive a discount of £7.50 for each leg of a journey. easyJet first pioneered the concept of offering a discount to Internet customers ensuring the cheapest flights are always available online, an initiative that has been widely copied by competitors.</li></li></ul><li><br /><ul><li>The online flight search not only allows customers to view fares by the date requested, but also offers to see the cheapest flights over a two week period.
  • 6. easyJet was the first low-cost airline to offer passengers the opportunity to view their bookings online, make flight transfers and name changes online for a discounted transfer fee, and request duplicate confirmation emails via the Internet.
  • 7. An additional online feature to offer maximum convenience to the airline’s passengers is the possibility to reschedule flight bookings during disruption from the comfort of their own home, taking away the need to be at the airport at such times.
  • 8. easyJet was the first low fares airline to offer online check in allowing people to print their boarding pass before setting out for the airport, taking away the need to stand in the check in queue.
  • 9. Adding Speedy Boarding during the online flight booking process gives passengers the opportunity to be among the first to board the flight, ahead of the regular boarding groups.
  • 10. Any easyJet promotions are exclusive to the Internet, so that customers must get online if they wish to take advantage of special discounted sales fares.</li></li></ul><li>Growth of Online Sales<br />There are companies that have made the Internet the core of their business, and easyJet is one such company.<br />Price<br />As easyJet's fleet has grown, so have passenger numbers: from a mere 30,000 in 1995 to a respectable 5.6 million by the end of September 2000. During this period, profits have grown to £22.1m on revenues of £263.7m.<br />This means both easyjets supply and demand have increased due to its internet based activity<br />D1<br />D2<br />S2<br />S1<br />S2<br />S1<br />D1<br />D2<br />Quantity<br />
  • 11. .com<br />Since their success using, they have diversified into a number of other markets such as:<br /><ul><li>easyHotel
  • 12. easyBus
  • 13. easyCruise
  • 14. easyMoney
  • 15. easyCar</li>