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  1. 1. Smart Sheets Sleep better. Worry less. Venture Lab: Project 2 - April 2012
  2. 2. Smart Sheets are a simple, safesleeping cover allowing adults and children of all ages to sleep in a natural, worry free environment. Sleep better. Worry less.
  3. 3. Smart Sheets• “Connected” bed sheets and blankets• The latest in sleep technology adding protection and safety – Wake immediately during a fire, gas leak, natural disaster or other critical event – Alert others when your vitals have dropped or you have stopped breathing (sleep apnea, SIDS) – Alerts parents when children are sick, having night terrors or have had an accident in the bed• The latest in sleep technology adding lifestyle convenience – Gently wake within your optimal sleep stage (or when you are snoring) – Rise 15 minutes before your scheduled wake time when it has snowed greater then 6 inches the night before – Track and share your sleeping patterns with Health professionals What is it?
  4. 4. Smart Sheets Elderly residents Sleep Clinics Moms People with Handicaps Hospitals Homes Businesses New CouplesDeep Sleepers College Students Home Healthcare Hotels Who is our customer?
  5. 5. Smart Sheets Better for your health Protects you (and loved ones) during sleep Turns a common household item into a “smart device” (e.g. connects to alarms) Easy to install for all ages, backgrounds Smart Sheets will save lives What is the value?
  6. 6. Smart Sheets• Patent-pending• Kickstarter (or crowdsourced) funded• Secure manufacturing/production partners• Manage Amazon, Big Box and QVC partners• Create the website• Product marketing (initial focus on Mom’s and elderly segments) What are our key actions?
  7. 7. Smart SheetsOperations Production (cost per 1000)• Wages (4 employees) • $1.50 per unit*• Business incorporation – Fabric ($500)• Patent filings – Electronics ($500)• R&D for product safety – Assembly ($100)• App development – Transportation ($125)• Website development – Warehouse ($25)• Customer onboarding – Distribution ($75)• Partner onboarding – Stocking Fees ($100)• Payment processing fees – Advertising/Marketing ($75)• Server/hosting fees * Retail Sales Price ($19.99), Wholesale ($9.99) What are our costs?
  8. 8. Smart Sheets• Patents• Simplicity, ease-of-use• Product endorsements, influencers• Partnerships with Amazon, Big Box and QVC• Licensee opportunities (in progress – Disney, NFL Network, Walgreens)• High product margins What are our assets/partners?
  9. 9. Smart Sheets • Kickstarter (pre-sales commitments) • Online (direct) via • Amazon • QVC • Walgreens (in progress) • Bed, Bath & Beyond (in progress) • Target (in progress)What are our distribution channels?
  10. 10. Smart Sheets Step 1 Step 2 Step 3First 6 Months First 12 Months First 24 Months• 4 employees • 4 employees • 12 to 20 employees• Kickstarter project • 5 to 8 new sensors • Add pillows• 1 product, 3 to 5 • QVC partnership • 5 new partners sensors • Amazon partners • 5 new licensees• • Big box partners • Target: Businesses and• Target: Moms and • Target: All consumers international the elderly How will we go to Market?
  11. 11. Smart Sheets Sleep better. Worry less. Venture Lab: Project 2 - April 2012