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How To Get Six Pack Abs - Why You've Been Lied To

How To Get Six Pack Abs - Why You've Been Lied To



Learn the truth about abs here. www.howtogetsixpackabss.com

Learn the truth about abs here. www.howtogetsixpackabss.com



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    How To Get Six Pack Abs - Why You've Been Lied To How To Get Six Pack Abs - Why You've Been Lied To Document Transcript

    • ==== ====To learn the truth about how to get six-pack abs click here.www.howtogetsixpackabss.com==== ====These days it seems like everyone I talk to has been lied to about how to get six pack abs. I amhere to give you the raw, honest facts.Before we get into it, the first thing you must realize is that you will never see your abs if you havea layer of fat covering them. So if you want to know how to get six pack abs, you must first knowthat burning fat should be your primary goal.In order to get six pack abs, follow these general nutritional and training guidelines:Nutrition:Make the right food choices.You will never see your six pack if you eat junk food. Instead, you must eat foods that help burn fatand build lean muscle. Eat a lean protein, a source of healthy carbs, and a healthy fat with everymeal.Examples of good proteins for fat loss and muscle growth include fat-free dairy products, fish suchas tuna and talapia, skinless chicken breast, and whey protein powder.Healthy carbs include oatmeal, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, and many others.Good sources of healthy fats include nuts, olive oil, flax seed oil, natural peanut butter, and thefats found in lean proteins and healthy carbs.The healthy fats which contain saturated fat should be consumed in moderation. For example, atablespoon of olive oil or flax seed oil is enough for a day.I always make sure that I stress proper food choices when teaching people how to get six packabs. It is VITAL to your success!Eat these foods every 2-3 hoursEating every 2-3 hours helps to keep the metabolism raised. This promotes fat loss. Frequenteating also prevents muscle loss. Muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning that the more youhave, the more fat you will burn. So you want to prevent muscle loss at all costs!
    • Drink LOTS of water!Drinking water is also very important to keep your metabolism elevated. Even when you are notthirsty, your body may still need water. Make it a habit to drink 16-32 ounces of water with everymeal. This may seem like a lot, but it is very important!These nutritional guidelines are a critical part of how to get six pack abs, but they are not the onlyelement. Weight training and cardio are also very important.Training:Work your abs 2 times per week.Smaller muscle groups such as abs and calves can be worked 2 times a week. Anything more willmost likely be counterproductive to building your six pack abs.Decline situps and traditional ab crunches work very well in a routine. By holding a weight againstyour chest during these exercises, you can increase resistance and further develop your abs.Start doing squats and deadlifts.If you are not already doing squats and deadlifts, you are missing out on some great abdominalbenefits! When people ask me how to get six pack abs, this is the one thing I always emphasizeabout ab training.Some bodybuilders do not even do any direct ab work because squats and deadlifts give yourcore an exceptional workout.As you perform these exercises, the abs are squeezed to assist in the movement. Because heavyweight can be used with these exercises, the abs are hit hard.Doing these exercises also raises growth hormone levels in the body, allowing you to gain moremuscle. And because the abdominals are muscles, they will grow better along with every othermuscle in your body. This is why youll hear people saying things such as, "doing squats helpedmy biceps grow!"Do NOT attempt to do squats or deadlifts until you have learned proper form. Start off with verylight weight, get the movement down, and slowly add weight each session.Do cardiovascular exercise consistently.Cardiovascular exercises such as running, biking, etc. burn calories during the session and also
    • throughout the day. Performing them regularly helps to boost and maintain your metabolism andburn fat.And as we know, our primary goal for six pack abs is fat loss!Start off by doing cardio 3 times per week on your weight training "off" days.A lot of people dont know how to get six pack abs because they simply give up when theyre stuckat a plateau. If this is the case, increase duration, frequency of sessions, or intensity of exercises ifyou are stuck. Increasing cardio is one of the best methods for reaching the next level of fat loss.Now that you know how to get six pack abs through proper nutrition and training, it is time that youput these ideas into effect CONSISTENTLY and with 100% effort. Remember: focus on FATLOSS before you expect to see your six pack!Tim Adams has lost 80 pounds of fat, including the layer of fat covering his abs. If you would liketo know more about how to get six pack abs, then visit www.howtogetsixpackabss.com.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Timothy_Adams==== ====To learn the truth about how to get six-pack abs click here.www.howtogetsixpackabss.com==== ====