2010 code camp   rest for the rest of us
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2010 code camp rest for the rest of us






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2010 code camp   rest for the rest of us 2010 code camp rest for the rest of us Presentation Transcript

  • RESTx: Rest for the rest of us Ken Yagen Silicon Valley Code Camp, October, 2010
  • Agenda • The Programmable Web • What is RESTx? • Demo • Building a simple component • Roadmap • Questions / More information
  • The Programmable Web • Resources • Must have a URI • Addressability – Name them using URIs – Give them structure - http://www.restxdemo.org/resource/sales/2004/Q4 • Representations – Resources support different representations (XML, JSON, HTML, SVG, …) • Uniform Interface – HTTP (GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, POST) • Statelessness, Connectedness • Building Blocks (HTTP, URI, XML, JSON)
  • Examples of RESTful services http://www.foo.com/sales/2010 http://www.foo.com/sales/2010/q3 http://www.foo.com/weather/sanfrancisco/current http://www.foo.com/weather/sanfrancisco/tomorrow http://www.foo.com/rankings/college/football/bcs http://www.foo.com/rankings/college/football/bcs?school=stanford http://www.foo.com/search?query=restx All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc.
  • What is RESTx? • The simplest way to create RESTful web services • Encourages and enables RESTful concepts • Hides underlying implementation details • RESTx resources are self documenting and discoverable • RESTx is a server, not a framework • Use Cases • Create rich data services by integrating different data sources • Customized resources from cloud services and internal databases • Data Layer for JavaScript application • Wrap legacy scripts into reusable components
  • What is RESTx? All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc. 6
  • First a Demo All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc.
  • Building a simple component • Create Component ./restxctl component create MyTestComponent [ java | python | javascript ] • Annotate It @ComponentInfo(name = "SomeSampleComponent", description = "One line description of the component", doc = "Longer description text, possibly multi-line, goes here“) • Implement service method • Compile it (Java only) ./restxctl component compile • Start Server ./restxctl start All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc.
  • Roadmap • http://www.restx.org/restx-roadmap.html • Highlights • Pipelines • Ruby, Groovy, PHP Support • iBeans Support • Version Control, Caching All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc.
  • Why RESTx? • Publishing Data as RESTful resources • Any piece of interesting data can be a resource • Users can construct their own resources • Resources are accessible from an web URL • Self-documenting and browse-able APIs are powerful • Accessible for less-skilled developers, different language skills • Java, Python, JavaScript • Makes it easier to develop web 2.0 and mobile apps that require access to external resources All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc. 10
  • More Information Website: http://www.restx.org Download: http://www.restx.org/quick-start-guide.html Source Code: git clone git://github.com/mulesoft/RESTx.git Online Demo: http://restxdemo.mulesoft.org/static/demo/start.html Blog: http://blogs.mulesoft.org Forums: http://www.restx.org/community.html My Email: ken.yagen@mulesoft.com Questions? All contents Copyright © 2009, MuleSoft Inc.