Mary Kay Internet & Social Media Policy
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Mary Kay Internet & Social Media Policy



Presentation made to a local group of Mary Kay independent consultants on social media and internet policies of Mary Kay.

Presentation made to a local group of Mary Kay independent consultants on social media and internet policies of Mary Kay.



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Mary Kay Internet & Social Media Policy Mary Kay Internet & Social Media Policy Presentation Transcript

  • MARY KAY INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIAKristen Reichert - Freelance Writer
  • Mary Kay Web Site RulesListed under Digital Zone at marykayintouch.comMust use The Mary Kay® Personal Web Site ProgramBecause of copyrights and trademarks, cannot create aweb site under any other service providerDesign and layout already made, just add info
  • Top Five Ideas to Market YourMary Kay® Personal Web SiteConsider entering your customers’ e-mail addresses in the myCustomers® program soyou can send them e-mails and e-cards reminding them to shop or browse with you 24/7.Promote your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site address on your Company-approvedbusiness cards. You’ll also want to include it on any Company-approved advertisementsyou use to promote your business.Hold an online event with your hostesses! Invite your hostesses to hold a Web event andinvite their friends to shop with you at a certain date and time. They can receive hostesscredit when their guests make online purchases from you. It’s as simple as it sounds!You can send Customer MK eCards® or the Beaut-e-News® Customer newsletter topromote your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.Use customer action items in the myCustomers® program to help manage your onlineand offline customer activity.
  • What is Social Media?Social Media is defined as a category of sites that isbased on user participation and user generated content.Linked In - address book for business professionalsFacebook - social networking for friends & familyMyspace - social site for music & entertainmentTwitter - social site for posting short updatesYouTube - video site with channels & profiles
  • Mary Kay Social Media RulesMary Kay guidelines - set up profiles as a Mary KayIndependent (Consultant, Sales Director, NationalSales Director) & self-employedDo NOT use Mary Kay or Mary Kay, Inc. as employerDescription - “As a Mary Kay Independent BeautyConsultant, I sell Mary Kay skin care, body care,fragrances and color cosmetics.”Web site - Mary Kay® Personal Web Site address
  • One Last RuleNever set up a Social Media Profile/Page/Group that isstrictly for the purpose of promoting your Mary Kaybusiness. Therefore, you should never create Mary Kay“Fan Pages” or other similar pages that are intendedstrictly for the purpose of promoting your Mary Kaybusiness to the public.
  • What You Cannot PostShould not state that a product treats a skin condition:“Fragrance-free Satin Hands Hand Cream cured my eczema.” or“TimeWise Miracle Set erased my fine lines and wrinkles.”Should not compare results with specific, competitive products:“I’ve tried ABC Cosmetics Microdermabrasion System, and theTimeWise Microdermabrasion Set is ten times more effective.”Should not promise specific results: “After using the TimeWiseMiracle Set, my fine lines and wrinkles are 90% gone.”Should not exaggerate your results: “After just one use of theTimeWise Miracle Set, my fine lines and wrinkles disappeared.”
  • What You CAN PostGeneral and truthful comments about your ownpersonal experience with Mary Kay products or anyposts found at under the DigitalZone. The following are examples of acceptablestatements to make: “I love the TimeWise Miracle Set!”“Mary Kay Satin Hands is my all time favorite product!”“Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion makes myskin feel great!”
  • The Golden RuleAny use of social media should be used to buildrelationships and have genuine conversationsTrue connections come from the personal relationshipsyou will build, both online and in personBe careful of posting items that are spam, too muchinformation, or too opinionated or politicalAdd value, use common sense & be productive
  • How to Post & Tag PhotosAfter logging in, the “publisher” or status update bar atthe top has an icon for photosThree options to post a photo; click “upload a photo”Choose a file from your computerWrite a caption and click “share”To tag people in the picture, click on the photo andclick “Tag this photo” on left side menu
  • Increase VisibilitySupport your fellow Mary Kay Consultants & share eachothers’ posts.Comments from her friends and yours.Mention that this highlights the business of the woman ofthe week as much as it does Mary Kay. Encourage her toshare & promote for her own business.Include a link to your Mary Kay web page for directcontact and questions, but also monitor questions fromFacebook comments.
  • Mary Kay Approved PhotosIf you decide to post photos of product used in themakeover, you must use the approved photos foundunder the Digital Zone.May be a good idea to alternate a photo of the womanof the week and a photo of product that was used inher makeover.
  • One Last ThingPosting the same photo each day will show as a newitem in the news feed, but you will also need to startthe sharing & comment process all over again. Expectless comments as the week progresses as most peoplewill think they’ve already seen the post. Using severaldifferent photos throughout the week may helpincrease visibility.
  • Questions?Email at