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Onze nieuwste catalogus vol met gadgets en andere nieuwe producten. USB sticks etc..

Onze nieuwste catalogus vol met gadgets en andere nieuwe producten. USB sticks etc..

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  • 1. 2011
  • 2. WWW.d-vice.inFo 4 Welcome 30 digital 6 online/offline 38 Flashdrives 8 From sketch to product 44 phonetravel10 social responsibility 60 musicvideo12 d-vice originals 72 oFFicedesk16 philips 86 sportsoutdoor20 Xoopar 90 indeX28 stickydrive 3
  • 3. Evolution We are constantly adding to our range and searching to find you the very latest promotional gadgets. our concept evolves and grows during each year and in 2011 we will keep you Welcome to d-vice 2011 constantly up to date via our website with new products launched monthly. this neW range is our most comprehensive yet and includes september 2011 will see the launch of the next full catalogue, in print, similar to this you are reading now. all the very latest technology and gadgets for the promotional marketer. We think its simply our best to date... this catalogue please don’t forget the entire range is always online at features a selection of our existing assortment and all of the new items and concepts. the total d-vice concept is available 24/7 on BLACK line at WHITE BLACK PMS eXplanation WHITE BLACK GREY PMS BLACK WHITE WHITE GREY PMS PMS GREY BLACK4 Welcome BLACK GREY WHITE 5
  • 4. d-vice divides this catalogue in the offline and online world. for several reasons. Supporting our world and nature is one of them, and part of our CSR. We further limit the quantity of printed catalogues, and its size. This results in less tree felling. OFFline another reason is that we want to stay ahead of the game. With the online catalogue, which shows all our products in our range, we can add new ones we found, or delete products we see are getting old... ONline this means you are in the lead too. in august 2011 we will publish another printed catalogue with all new and cool gadgets. throughout the year we will inform you of our newest found products.6 online / oFFline 7
  • 5. can’t find what you are looking for? We will find it for you... from sketch to product please put us to the challenge if you can’t find what you are critical, that is why we are constantly looking at the latest looking for within the d-vice 2011 range... simply send us an ways to tailor our branding methods to get an exact match to image and we will source and supply the promotional suit your corporate brand and guidelines. gadget you are looking for to make your next promo- all of the products in our assortment can be cus- tion really stand out from the crowd. in global / crowded tomised to your requirements, simply ask and we will market places making your promotion stand out is explain how.8 csr 9
  • 6. Ethics and the Environment applied to all factories that are involved in the ethics and the environment are important issues production of our products. for us. We closely monitor our suppliers how they treat their employees and the environment. Continuous improvements our strategy is to create a long-term relationship Social Code of Conduct while maintaining a minimal number of key sup- We have a responsibility to ensure that our pliers. as part of this strategy we strive to improve supplier’s operations respect the legal and develop the code of conduct requirement requirements in various countries as well as with these suppliers. We use announced and international organisations’ views of basic rights. unannounced inspections by coc staff, visual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) We work with a code of conduct which is checks by quality controllers and audits. Good business means ethical business. We try to be ahead of the demands in CSR and we believe in a social code of conduct.10 csr 11
  • 7. 0014-CC WebClick d-vice Making your promotion stand out is Simply click on this handy USB gadget and watch it open two pre-set critical. That is why our designers websites. Great branding and customisation options: e.g. doming in PMS colour match, 4 colour process, leather with embrossing, metal plate are constantly looking at new ways for engravement and 3D rubberised finish. to tailor our branding methods to Size: 65 x 65 x 14 mm I 60 mm in diameter (4 colour process) / 38 x 38 mm suit your requirements. We can help in many ways. We have our own product design studio. BLACK Our designers are experts in creating unique promotional gadgets that can WHITE be customised in multiple ways. The design studio is ahead of the game. PMS Just one click GREY On the next pages you will find a selection of our d-vice originals. You will find them also throughout the catalogue in the different sections, to open the and online of course. Look for the d-vice original logo! right Website12 13
  • 8. BLACK WHITE Branding PMS options include: 1418 Solar Charger d-vice GREY Harness the power of the environment in your next promotion… Size: 90 x 55 x 18 mm l: 70 x 50 mm BLACK • 4 colour process/ doming WHITE • embossing PMS • 3d rubberised finish GREY • engraving 2024 SolarSpeaker & MultiCharger Handy solar powered music speaker and charger for many of your gadgets / devices. Great for outdoor activities. An ideal gift for an ECO style promotion! Size: 120 x 120 x 46 mm I 80 x 35 mm14 Check for more d-vice original products 15
  • 9. d-vice meets Philips Philips is a global brand and has chosen to partner with d-vice to launch a carefully selected range of products for the promotional market. Philips products are at the cutting edge of quality and consumer focus hence an ideal partnership for us to bring this to you through the d-vice concept. Want to see the entire range of Philips products? Simply check out our online section at 17
  • 10. SHL9560/10 FC6142/01 DS1100/12 SPA4210/10 Philips Headband headphones Philips MiniVac. Handheld vacuum cleaner Philips Fidelio Docking speaker Philips Notebook USB speakers Clear Sound Self-adjustable inner headband The Mini Vac for a healthy home Obsessed with sound. Fill your bedroom with music and style Dancing twins 40mm speaker driver delivers sound without distortion. The Philips MiniVac Wet&Dry 4.2 V has four long-lasting Delivering surprisingly full and rich sound, the compact DS1100 We’re small but we sound big. Party better with bass vent Closed type design blocks out ambient noise. Enjoy best-in-class powerful Nickel-Metal hydride batteries. It lets you clean both automatically synchronises with your iPhone/iPod’s clock settings. technology Sensitive neodymium speaker. No hassle with a single performance and optimum sound quality. Designed around you. liquid spills and dry dirt in comfort with its wet-and-dry system. Enjoy an adjustable night light and the convenience of charging a plug for power and play. No battery or adapter needed. Flexible, rugged headband Self-adjusting inner headband. The looped handle ensures a comfortable grip. second mobile device via USB. Suitable for MAC and PC.18 For the full range check 19
  • 11. Xoopar, a dynamic brand specialised in designing and manufacturing lifestyle IT accessories for laptop computer and mobile devices. Xoopar Design products are not merely decorative, they are an expression of a distinctive living culture. Solo Origin Our goal is to combine "Innovative product concept, Intelligent technology and Existing design", beneath a Speaker 1367 unique finish and right material used to create an emotional desire to own the product. •Beautiful Acrylic body •Output power 3W, Impedance 4 ohm, •Velvet pouch and USB cable included Size: 50mm X 50mm X 50mm Solo Mini Solo Metal Speaker 1364 Speaker 1368 •Output power 3W •Impedance 4 ohm •USB Rechargeable •Aluminium body •Output power 3W, Impedance 4 ohm, battery 600 mAh included •Support PC, MP3/MP4/Mobile, •Velvet pouch and USB cable included Up to 4 hours continuous play time Size: 50mm X 50mm X 60mm Size: 50mm X 50mm X 50mm m We would enforce the IP rights in court against infringers.20 Patent All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. . All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. Speaker 21
  • 12. External Power Bank Beam USB Hub & Card Reader Podium 2583 USB Giftset 1218 Wireless Optical Mouse •3 ports hub •Card reader supports MS/Pro Duo, M2, The award winning Pokket Mouse and the Podium HUB together Finger 3017 SD/SDHC(max.32G)/MMC, Micro SD, USB 2.0 in an acrylic gift set. Available in standard colours. External Power Bank •Super Mini Size •2.4GHz wireless (up to 10M working distance) •Plug and Play •Win & Mac This branding is guaranteed to last! Beam 3115 •Nano Receiver •1000dpi •3-min auto sleep •Built-In Rechargeable Battery (100 mA) •USB rechargeable li-polymer battery 1500mA Size: 169mm x 116mm x 49mm for mobile,Iphone, MP3, MP4 etc Size: 75mm X 75mm X 30mm Available box colours: black •Fully charged in app. 3.5h via USB port Size: 88mm X 32mm X 15 mm Available product colours: black, white, blue, green, orange •Cute face shape design with LED light to indicate power status (purple=full, blue=half, red=low) Size: 75mm X 60mm X 22mm22 Card Reader / Gift Set All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. . . All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. Rechargeable Battery / Finger 23
  • 13. PokketMouse Gloss 0320 USB FlashDrive Aqua Tail 1140 •Clear Acrylic body •Cool Lighting effect for the Inner engraved logo & body •USB version 2.0 interface •Capacity from 2GB to 16GB PokketMouse USB FlashDrive PokketMouse 0314 Eco 0321 Xbook 2540 Size: 70mm X 13mm X 5mm •Brilliant lighting effect at a touch of the mouse •Case of Pokket Green is made of •Book shape USB Flash with capacity •Slim size •1000dpi 100% Bio-degradable material according to EN13432. from 2G to 16G upon request •Retractable cable and velvet pouch included •1000 dpi •USB Retractable cable and velvet pouch included •Plug and Play •Win & Mac •Plug and Play •Win & Mac •Plug and Play •Win & Mac Size: 25mm X 25mm X 7mm Size: 13mm X 50mm X 85mm Size: 13mm X 50mm X 85mm24 USB FlashDrive All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. Mouse 25
  • 14. Cooky Wireless Presenter 0050 •Class II Laser Pointer •Remote control page up/down for on-screen presentation •Infrared technology •Plug and Play •Win & Mac Size: 23mm(thickness) X 56mm Slim Wired Optical Mouse Wired Interactive LED Mouse USB Hub Tattoo 3015 Fever 3016 Aqua Lite 0587 Gogo •Brilliant color changing body with temperature •Integrates a mini interactive LED lighting system synchronized •colorful pattern appears when the Tattoo mouse is in use to beautiful flash patterns with music or voice •Built-in changeable LED light illuminating through the acrylic stand Optical Mouse 3014 •Slim size •1000dpi •1000dpi •Plug and Play •Win & Mac •USB 2.0. Plug and Play •Win & Mac •Cute Egg design •One touch hotkey •1000 dpi •Retractable cable and velvet pouch included •Retractable cable and velvet pouch included •Plug and Play •Win & Mac •Plug and Play •Win only Size: 100mm(dia.) 35mm(thickness) Size: 85mm X 52mm X 11mm Size: 86mm X 46mm X 15mm Size: 56mm X 72mm X 40mm26 Mouse / Presenter / USB Hub All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. All Xoopar products are design and/or utility patented in EU, US, HK, PRC and worldwide copyrighted. Mouse 27
  • 15. let stickydrive work for you in short stickydrivetm is software contained inside the Flashdrive that presents your logo and company message on the screen instead of just an imprint on the product or packaging. What is stickydrive™? Features StickyDrive is interactive software that allows your FlashDrive to become • integrated search tool smarter than the rest! StickyDriveTM software loaded onto a FlashDrive allows • music, photo and video player you to keep your customers/prospects right up to date over the Internet. • custom Web links • can be updated after distribution Your message on the FlashDrive is updated as often as you wish AFTER • completely customisable skin you have given it out at an event etc. Endless opportunities to target and Suitable communicate your message to your customer, from inside their computer! for any benefits FlashDrive • keep products and service offerings current • get maximum branding impressions • update-able interactive marketing platform • higher roi on Flashdrive give-aways28 WWW.stickydrive.inFo WWW.stickydrive.inFo 29
  • 16. touch screen ease 1601 7” smart tablet a powerful touch screen tablet with handy stylus. allows you to browse the web, read e-mail, di gital chat, play music and much more with google’s android. With hdmi connector (monitor and tv). Size: 145 x 193 x 15 mm l: 80 x 40 mm30 digital 31
  • 17. 3075 10.2” digital photoFrame slim 10.2” slim digital photo-frame to reward your customers / staff. high quality lcd screen and built-in speaker to enhance the experience. supports video, audio and photo files. includes clock, alarm and calendar functions. Size: 275 x 190 x 20 mm I: 200 x 13 mm 3052 3070 7” digital photoFrame standard 1.5” photoFrame egg 7” digital photo-frame with tFt display to show your favourite store over 52 photos on this 1.5” digital photo-frame with images in high quality! lcd display. includes calendar, clock and alarm function. slim and attractive design. Size: 200 x 140 x 24 mm I: 150 x 15 mm Size: 80 x 60 x 55 mm I: 35 x 4 mm32 digital 33
  • 18. 1519 1518 1521 6” e-reader classic 5” e-reader smart e-reader premium robust e-reader which allows you to download Fashionably small and smart e-reader. allows you e-reader with which you can download e-books your favourite books while listening to music, then to download books, magazines, etc. you can also almost everywhere because it has WiFi. so you read when it suits you. includes a 16-level e-ink listen to the radio, watch movies and play your can download your favourite books, magazines, display and drm. memory of 64 mb. supports favourite songs. includes a tFt colour screen (16:9). newspapers whenever you like. includes a sd card up to 4gb. comes with a stylish leather memory of 128 mb. supports micro sd card up 16-level e-ink display and drm. memory of 2 gb. cover. to 32gb. supports bluetooth. BLACK WHITE Size: 178 x 128 x 10 mm I: 79 x 7 mm Size: 100 x 151 x 10 mm I: 65 x 5 mm Size: 192 x 124 x 90 mm I: 79 x 7 mm PMS GREY34 digital above e-readers include: digital rights management 35
  • 19. Digitz® EZmouse. The most innovating PCmouse in the world! 1210 1211 istand icushion Fashionable stand for all kinds of this phone stand keeps smart phones, e-readers and tablets. your phone upright and Will stand upright, or can be layed at stores the cables neatly an ergonomic angle for typing. away. attaches to the Size: 87 x 83 x 11 mm back of your phone with l: 40 x 10 mm a suction cup that doubles as a wire spool. Size: 40 x 40 x 28 mm l: 30 x 20 mm 3012 Digitz® EZmouse Just order separate personalised EZcovers. is an innovative wireless computer The covers are easily detachable. Be creative and mouse which does not require any traditional create your own decor. Your family, favourite pet, batteries and can be simply charged through USB. During car, special event or sportteam? Or choose one charging your wireless connection normally would be disconnected, of our standard templates. Endless ideas! however due to a integrated backup system your computer mouse is still 4006 active for a few days. You save on batteries, the environment and hassle of changing stand’nsplitter batteries and lost wireless connections. this stand helps keep your phone in an upright position and splits the audio jack so you can share the sound. Size: 30 x 30 x 46 mm l: 20 x 8 mm Charging by USB. No traditional Power backup. Including dongle Separate dongle batteries No connection failures and rotatable connector. inside the EZmouse. Wireless connection. required. during charging. Winner at iENA Germany and INPEX 2010 - USA. Patent Pending, Patented Design, Digitz® is a registered trademark.36 digital 37
  • 20. USB FlashDrive nordic FlashDRIVES 1440 1460 round clip 1450 timber38 FlashDRIVES Check for more d-vice products 39
  • 21. 0640 2420 2400 1110 6480 usb Flashdrive 0820 usb Flashdrive twist usb Flashdrive slide mini usb Flashdrive alu usb mini phone holder bottle opener usb Flashdrive massive 1020-CC usb memorypen 1030-CC 6390 5360 3330 2470 1970 0610 1040 including laserpointer usb voicedrive d-vice usb Flashdrive slide usb Flashdrive galaxy usb Flashpen slim usb Flashdrive bamboo usb Flashdrive matt recycled usb ballpoint pen40 FlashDRIVES Check for more d-vice products 41
  • 22. 2410 6510 5220 1990 2460 usb Flashdrive colour usb Flashdrive max 3.0 usb memorycard slim usb Flashdrive twist mini usb Flashdrive eco cord 2500 2490 0150 0780 4500 5380 usb keydrive usb Flashdrive alukey usb Flashdrive promo usb memorycard premium portable harddisk usb Flashdrive keyring d-vice42 FlashDRIVES Check for more d-vice products 43
  • 23. LApTOpsleeve bag BLACK phone TRAVEL WHITE 0022 PMS laptop sleeve GREY protect your laptop with this handy laptop sleeve. keeps your laptop free from dust and scratches while traveling. great branding options! variable sizes / shapes44 phoneTRAVEL 45
  • 24. LApTOpsleeve 0022 bag laptop sleeve BLACK WHITE PMS GREY 2090-CC laptop promoskin the ultimate tool to allow your laptop to do the talking! self adhesive skin to fully brand your laptop. helps to protect your laptop from scratches and dirt. Size: 38 x 29 x 3 mm I: Fully customised46 phoneTRAVEL 47
  • 25. 2006 1204 2094 softWinder gdock ipad case BLACK the ultimate solution for your twisted earbuds! handy produced from recycled cardboard and combines the Size: 193 x 245 x 11 mm l: 193 x 245 mm cable winder for earphones. made of soft silicone. functionality of a multi-purpose docking station or phone WHITE stand with a large 4 colour process advertising space. accessories PMS Size: 155 x 90 x 80 mm l: 155 x 90 mm GREY BLACK BLACK a tough shell that protects your iphonetm 3g, WHITE WHITE 3gs, iphonetm 4 and ipadtm PMS PMS from dust and scratches, GREY GREY great full colour process branding area! 2092 iphone 3 case Size: 65 x 115 x 8 mm l: 65 x 115 mm BLACK WHITE PMS 2093 GREY iphone 4 case Size: 60 x 115 x 6 mm l: 60 x 115 mm BLACK48 phoneTRAVEL ipadtm, iphonetm and apple logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of apple corporation. 49 WHITE
  • 26. 3112 charging transfer cable this versatile tool will help you to charge your phone and transfers data from phone to computer and also reads micro sd cards. Size: 33 x 38 x 12 mm l: 33 x 38 mm BLACK WHITE BLACK PMS WHITE GREY PMS GREY 1219 0556 1209 1299 travelpouch notebook combination lock travelpad chat earphones the ideal travel set, keep all your laptop combination lock for laptops. prevents your laptop mouse pad, screen protector and laptop duster stereo earset with microphone and retractable cable. accessories close to hand in one pouch. from BLACK stolen. ideal for traveling and working in being in-one! made of soft microfiber material. ideal for use with voip phoning or just listening to including: optical mouse, 4 port usb public areas. good customisation options! music from your computer in private. hub and microfibre mouse mat WHITE Size: 80 x 55 x 22 mm l: 30 x 40 mm Size: 220 x 170 x 1 mm l: 220 x 170 mm Size: 120 x 34 x 30 mm l: Ø 20 mm Size: 187 x 130 x 30 mm PMS Bag I: 30 x 15 mm Mouse I: 30 x 8 mm GREY BLACK BLACK BLACK WHITE WHITE WHITE50 phoneTRAVEL PMS PMS PMS Check for full range 51
  • 27. 3003 oneadapter 3106 syncharger 3107 charger mini universal travel adapter, allows you to select 4 different synchronise and charge your mobile phone, black- charge your mobile phone, mp3 player or any other ac power socket styles effortlessly. includes universal ac berrytm, ipodtm, iphonetm, mp3 player or any other device from one gadget! universal charger, compatible outlet and built-in usb charger to power up your travel device from one gadget! universal charger, compatible with over 1500 devices. excellent branding space! devices. Works in over 150 countries. with over 1500 devices, can charge up to 4 devices at once. excellent branding space! inform for custom Size: 140 x 141 x 70 mm l: 80 x 20 mm Size: 83 x 62 x 60 mm l: 40 x 20 mm colour options. Size: 250 x 140 x 68 mm l: 200 x 35 mm 3114 chargingmat leave your phone safely charging on this no-slip mat. Folds up for easy storage. 3108 magicstand Size: 335 x 132 mm a magical stand with infinite possibilities. a stylish, l: 80 x 10 mm simple stand that holds your iphonetm, ipadtm or ipodtm upright in landscape or portrait mode. also available in combination with 3107 charger mini Size: 85 x 130 x 65 mm l: 80 x 10 mm52 phoneTRAVEL 53
  • 28. PMS WHITE GREY PMS 1340 BLACK 1412 1417 GREY 1423 solar handsFree carkit solarcharger outdoor solarcharger premium powerbox solarcharger WHITE universal bluetooth hands-free carkit with solar panel for an solar device for charging your mobile use the free power of the sun! charge your portable power whenever you need it for eco edge to your next promotion. can easily be attached to PMS phone, psp, mp3 / mp4 player, pda, mobile phone or other gadget (i.e mp3 player, many of your gadgets. use the power of your car window to receive optimal sunshine. ipodtm etc. charge either via solar panel mobile phone, etc) with “eco green” energy the sun with this handy pocket sized solar GREY or a computer usb port. BLACK or via usb port in case direct sunlight is not charger. Size: 17 x 55 x 99 mm l: 30 x 25 mm available. pms match from just 250 pcs. Size: WHITE 61 x 19 mm 90 x Size: 62 x 62 x 16.5 mm l: 45 x 30 mm (back side) Size: 95 x 54 x 23 mm l: 65 x 48 mm Available colours: blue, green, silver BLACK PMS BLACK WHITE BLACK GREY WHITE BLACK PMS WHITE BLACK PMS WHITE GREY PMS WHITE PMS GREY 1424 1490 solarclip GREY PMS solarpack GREY unique gadget charger with handy GREY versatile solar panel, which can be attached carabiner clip to provide red flashing light to almost anything - backpack, tree, mast of for your protection at night. handy tool your boat… ideal for keeping your gadgets for your outdoor activities! pms match charged when out and about. from just 250 pcs. Size: 170 x 246 x 30 mm l: 50 x 20 mm Size: 72 x 110 x 14 mm l: 35 x 10 mm BLACK BLACK WHITE WHITE PMS PMS GREY GREY54 phoneTRAVEL Check for full range 55
  • 29. 1425 4523 solarpanel natural charger Flashlight neat portable solar charger that tucks away in your bag and will a small and easy to use led flashlight which also charges your phone or other ensure you never run out of power. led indicator shows the devices. a “smart chip” protects your devices from overcharging. progress of charging. outer case made of recycled cardboard. Size: 90 x 155 x 12 mm l: all over BLACK Size: 23 x 23 x 129 mm l: 44 x 12 mm the ultimate solution for twisted telephone cords, WHITE ideal for keeping your logo in view. PMS GREY 1000 untanglertm Basic: clear white, white, clear black, black Special colours: clear grey, translucent blue, translucent orange, translucent yellow, red, blue, green, BLACK Premium colour: metal Size: 50 x 15 x 13 mm l: 22 x 8 mm WHITE PMS GREY56 phoneTRAVEL WWW.D-VICE.InFO 57
  • 30. BLACK WHITE 0029 1062 2098 bluetooth device alarm PMS mini phone holder itip never leave home without your phone again! clever bluetooth gadget GREY exclusive mobile phone holder / stand. a stylus pen for your iphonetm, ipodtm or ipadtm. that pairs your phone to the transmitter and sounds an alarm when can be easily attached to your keyring. comes with a strap and latch for easy carrying and use. the distance between the two devices reaches a critical distance. Size: 28 x 40 mm l: Enquire after options Size: 44.5 x 20 x 6 mm l: 25 x 6 mm Size: 45 x 27 x 12 mm l: 20 x 16 mm 6500 pocket mini cam a pocket sized camcorder that allows you to record instantly whenever you want. easy to use and supplied with 2gb of internal flash memory. once the video footage is taken simply flip out the usb plug to connect with your computer for movie editing, uploading to web, etc. Size: 102 x 18 x 53 mm l: 30 x 30 mm58 phoneTRAVEL Check for full range 59
  • 31. music VIDEO 2034 soundhat a stylish hat with built-in earbuds. highly visible branding area! 120 cm cable with volume control included. Size: one size fits all l: 35 x 25 mm60 musicVIDEO 61
  • 32. 2033 6050 speakerbeanie mp4 player slim ll stay warm while listening to your favourite tunes and super slim music and video player delivers great sound and promote your brand. BLACK graphics. BLACK Features: 1.8” tFt display, video and music, voice 120 cm cable with volume control included. recorder, and up to 5 hours playing time on one charge. WHITE WHITE Size: one size fits all l: 110 x 110 mm Size: 90 x 43 x 7 mm l: 35 x 5 mm PMS PMS GREY BLACK GREY WHITE PMS GREY 4310 2039 mp3 player clip earmuff it may be small but this mp3 performs like a symphony orchestra. up to 6 hours of play time on one charge, supports mp3 and stylish, soft earmuffs with built-in Wma and comes with usb 2.0 for ultra-fast file transfer. high-quality earbuds. 120 cm cable with volume control included. Size: 30 x 45 x 15 mm l: 20 x 15 mm Size: one size fits all l: 35 x 25 mm BLACK BLACK WHITE WHITE PMS PMS62 musicVIDEO GREY 63
  • 33. 2029 anywhere speaker a different kind of music speaker that uses vibration technology to create great sound on any surface! Size: 83 x 83 x 25 mm I: 30 x 30 mm BLACK WHITE PMS GREY 2012 1362 1365 Foldable speakers stereo speakerpod mini speaker compact folding travel speakers, ideal for ipodtm, share and enjoy your music with these tiny travel travel speaker in stylish black finish. mp3/4 players and portable cd players with a speakers. extendable resonance of bass box twist and listen! extendable resonance BLACK BLACK 3.5 mm plug. technology enables stronger effect. of bass box technology enables WHITE play WHITE ± 6 hours. time stronger effect. Size: 114 x 70 x 23 I: 70 x 40 mm PMS Size: 15 x 20 x 55 mm I: 20 x 6 mm PMS Size: Ø 55 x 38 mm I: 26 x 5 mm BLACK GREY GREY BLACK WHITE WHITE PMS PMS64 musicVIDEO Check for full range 65
  • 34. 1290 magnetic retractable headset 2037 1366 megaphone springspeaker magnetic retractable earbuds to keep yourself tangle free! Fits easily on your clothes and fully retracts the wires into the case. the magnets this stylish iphonetm dock uses acoustics to amplify the music a small set of speakers. the extendable resonance of bass box can also be used to hold memo’s. keeps your logo always in sight! BLACK playing on your phone without needing batteries or external power. technology enables stronger effect. Fits any music player with a For 2g, 3g, 3gs and iphone 4. amplifies over 10db. standard 3.5 mm jack. Size: 110 x 42 x 23 mm l: Ø 18 mm WHITE Size: PMS x 112 x 44 mm l: 80 x 30 mm 45 Size: 56 x 58 mm l: 40 x 20 mm GREY 1336 sharing headphones m ideal for sharing music. good quality g a ne earphones that share the same 3.5 mm tic audio plug. Size: 1200 mm (PMS matching as of 1000 pieces) l: Ø 18 mm66 musicVIDEO 67
  • 35. SD card 1289 1297 earbuds metal earbuds 4560 make your brand stand out with these high quality handy mobile phone, mp3/mp4 player earbuds now with neW sports mp3 headset - sd cardreader metallic earbuds, packaged in a metal gift box. large 4 colour process branding area via an epoxy domed decal. mp3 sport headphones for listening to music files while exercising. Features sd card slot for ease of use and to Size: 1200 mm cable with small plug l: 6 x 2 mm BLACK Size: 1000 mm cable with small plug. 4570 allow you to choose the memory size. Metal box: 85 x 115 x 22 mm Packaging: 40 x 40 mm l: 6 mm (circle shape) / 40 x 40 mm (packaging) sports mp3 headset - Waterproof WHITE Water resistant sports headset with built-in mp3 player. comfortable design, Size: 118 x 55 x 40 mm l: 25 x 10 mm PMS great sound quality. supports mp3 & Wma file formats. GREY Size: 120 x 155 x 30 mm l: 30 x 10 mm68 musicVIDEO Check for full range 69
  • 36. 1341 headarch photo these headphones have a built-in frame for a picture of your choice, allowing you to make this item uniquely yours. Size: Ø 60 mm l: Ø 57 mm Length cable: 1200 mm BLACK WHITE PMS 1337 1339 1338 dJ headphone headarch 3d headarch GREY modern high quality dJ-styled head- this eye-catching set of headphones delivers attractive headphones to enjoy your favourite phones, many colour options available. great sound while displaying your logo or music. custom design ideal to promote your great performance and large branding message in highly visible 3d rubberised print brand. area. covering almost the whole product. Size: Ø 70 mm l: 40 x 20 mm Size: Ø 100 mm l: Ø 55 mm Size: Ø 70 mm l: Ø 57 mm Length cable: 1200 mm Length cable: 2000 mm Length cable: 1200 mm BLACK BLACK BLACK WHITE WHITE WHITE70 musicVIDEO 71
  • 37. oFFiceDESK 0329 usb netmouse this neat travel mouse hooks easily to a laptop bag or keyring. comes in a variety of colours and includes a silicon pouch for storage. ideal for travelling or hot desking. Size: 66 x 56 x 32 mm l: 25 x 40 mm sillicon pouch: black, silver other colours on request72 oFFiceDESK 73
  • 38. 0006 Webclick Will store two of your favourite websites, which easily open by clicking once or twice. simple but highly effective for increasing web traffic. Size: 65 x 65 x 14 mm I: Ø 38 mm 0051 0040 Wireless green laser presenter Wireless presenter C White, black S ± 200 x 140 x 24 mm I ± 150 x 15 mm a powerful presenter with page up/down keys and a green laser, make your perfect presentation come to life with this plug & play for smooth presentations. plug and play. wireless presenter! includes laserpointer. optional with memory. Size: 140 x 25 x 15 mm I: 80 x 10 mm Size: 87 x 33 x 9 mm I: 42 x 30 mm74 oFFiceDESK Check for full range 75
  • 39. 1223 0478 pico projector mini bluetooth Flexible keyboard make a big impact at your next presentation with this tiny projector. ideal for small bluetooth flexible keyboard in black. ultra hygienic and travelBLACK making your brand really stand out in front of the crowd. includes and C White, black S ± 200 x 140easily connects to smart phones via bluetooth. water-resistant. x 24 mm I ± 150 x 15 mm 128 mb internal memory as standard and has a micro sd card slot. great for use when travelling. WHITE Size: 53 x 83 x 14 mm l: 45 x 32 mm Size: 254 x 91 x 16 mm l: 16 x 5 mm PMS GREY 0568 Waterproof Flexible keyboard Fold your keyboard and take it anywhere! usb keyboard for use BLACK with notebook and pc, ultra hygienic, water-resistant with great branding area! WHITE Size: 350 x 128 x 12 mm l: 105 x 35 mm PMS Available in multiple colours as of 100 pieces. GREY76 oFFiceDESK 77
  • 40. 0019 mini cardreader handy sized card reader. good print area and options. 2101 businesscard scanner Size: 86 x 49 x 9.5 mm l: 29 x 29 mm easily capture and keep business card data in a digital format. great gadget for sales people! Size: 125 x 75 x 15 mm l: 45 x 14 mm S MM D/M C/ MC MI /RS NI SD 2584 usb high speed hub 3.0 MS /M SP SH stylish hub that operates at top speed. RO LA DU -F the newest usb 3.0 version! -T O 2 M Size: 96 x 60 x 22 mm l: 50 x 28 mm78 oFFiceDESK Check for full range 79
  • 41. 3109 mushroomcharger this attractive charger plugs straight into the wall-socket and charges your phone or other device at the push of a button. When the battery is full it automatically stops, saving the environment and protecting BLACK your device from overcharging. WHITE Size: 60 x 80 x 50 Ø mm l: 40 x 30 mm REChARgES OFF On PMS 8 TO 10 TImES GREY nORmAL ALKALInE BATTERIES* 3113 tubecharger charge your mobile phone, mp3/mp4 and portable devices trough 2 aa size batteries. push button auto-power off when consumption: 0mA 0mA BLACK recharge your rechargeable batteries and to start charging. the charging is completed. normal alkaline batteries with usb. WHITE Size: 144 x 16 x 16 mm l: 30 x 8 mm PMS GREY *charge your mobile phone, mp3/mp4 and portable devices trough 2 aa size batteries. recharge your rechargeable batteries and normal alkaline batteries with usb.80 oFFiceDESK BLACK 81
  • 42. 3013 padmouse promote your brand with this mouse in a great way. the entire mouse can be used for full colour padprint. moQ: 500 pieces Size: 56 x 88 x 18 mm l: 56 x 88 mm BLACK WHITE PMS GREY 3011 0328 scroll mouse touch elip Wireless mouse modern designed mouse with touch panel sleek designed wireless mouse with transmitter that neatly stores for easy scrolling through files. low power away inside the unit. excellent branding options! consumption. Size: 105 x 65 x 25 mm l: 68 x 40 mm Size: 98 x 60 x 22 mm l: 45 x 35 mm (surface) l: 40 x 10 mm (silver trim)82 oFFiceDESK 83
  • 43. 2102 a4 scanner eliminate stacks of paper. simply scan any document up to a4 size in full colour and store it on a memory card or your laptop. small, easy to carry, easy to use. Size: 227 x 20 x 20 mm l: 80 x 10 mm 3081 2084 memo tablet screensaver 0015 a functional and useful paper-replacement tool. keep your desk it is a solution not only to protect your valuable information on the usb Webkey tidy and free from scraps of paper; just jot down your note on pc screen, but also save the energy of the pc. automatically closes the lcd tablet, and erase again with the push of a button. the screen while you are away and immediately opens as soon as you new weblink in a popular key shape, can be re-used over 50.000 times. get back to your pc. great for driving web traffic and good BLACK C White, black S ± 200 x 140 x 24 mm I ± 150 x 15 mm branding possibilities. Size: 224 x 155 x 38 mm l: 80 x 20 mm Size: 35 x 60 mm l: 35 x 60 mm WHITE Size: 63 x 29 x 6 mm l: 58 x 35 mm PMS BLACK GREY WHITE BLACK PMS WHITE84 oFFiceDESK GREY PMS BLACK Check for full range 85
  • 44. SpORTS outdoor N trace W S E measure 4800 4109 portable multifunctional gps pedometer totalcontrol an ultra compact gps that traces and measures. it helps you to this pedometer counts your steps, shows guide back to your original location. other features: track your calories burned, distance covered and a timer. route, distance, speed, calories burned, altitude, direction and compare these to pre-set targets for calories, even gps time. steps and distance. Size: 45 x 68 x 15 mm l: 15 x 5 mm Size: 68 x 43 x 17 mm l: 32 x 15 mm86 sportsOUTDOOR 87
  • 45. Help us to help you! Check our websites for information on artwork requirements and other relevant information. Acknowledgement Many thanks to the companies whose corporate logo, colours and symbols have been reproduced 4125 in this catalogue. pedometer id slim pedometer to measure your steps travelled! easy to All rights reserved. No part of this publication may clip on your belt or sport outfit. includes handy retractable be in any way reproduced and/or made public holder for your id card, badge or start-proof. without prior permission of the publisher. Size: BLACK 27 x 54 mm l: 17 x 17 mm 38 x Please note that in some cases prototypes have been used for photography purposes. Production WHITE models might differ slightly. 4127 4614 eco c02 pedometer eco co2 cycle computer PMS Without statement of reason we reserve the right to 4126 check your steps! this pedometer allows you to innovative cycle computer that displays / converts the GREY pedometer pebble withdraw and/or replace any item with a similar styled count your steps and calculates the amount of BLACK distance travelled into the amount of co2 emissions and/or priced one. Changes to product specifi cations co2 emissions you’ve helped to avoid by running you have helped to avoid! also measures your speed, count your steps while you are walking or running! may be made at any time without prior notice. rather than driving! WHITE elapsed time, distance travelled, and more! super slim pedometer which easily can be attached to one of your shoelaces for convenient use during Size: PMS x 50 mm in diameter l: 20 x 5 mm 20 Size: 20 x 45 x 55 mm l: 20 x 7 mm BLACK your outdoor activities. GREY WHITE Size: 45 x 38 x 20 mm l: 17 x 10 mm BLACK PMS WHITE GREY PMS88 sportsOUTDOORBLACK BLACK GREY Check for full range 89
  • 46. 123... 0006 WebClick 75 1362 Stereo SpeakerPod 64 2584 USB High Speed Hub 3.0 79 0014 WebClick d-vice 13 1364 Solo Mini Speaker 21 3003 OneAdapter 53 0015 USB WebKey 84 1365 Mini Speaker 65 3011 Scroll Mouse Touch 82 0019 Mini CardReader 79 1366 SpringSpeaker 66 3013 PadMouse 83 0022 Laptop Sleeve 45 1367 Solo Origin Speaker 21 3014 Gogo Optical Mouse 26 0029 Bluetooth Device Alarm 58 1368 Solo Metal Speaker 21 3015 Slim Wired Optical Mouse Tattoo 27 0040 Wireless Presenter 74 1412 SolarCharger Outdoor 55 3016 Wired Interactive LED Mouse Fever 27 0050 Cooky Wireless Presenter 26 1417 SolarCharger Premium 55 3017 Wireless Optical Mouse Finger 23 0051 Wireless Green Laser Presenter 74 1418 Solar Charger d-vice 14 3052 7” Digital PhotoFrame Standard 33 0150 USB FlashDrive Promo 42 1424 SolarPack 54 3070 1.5” PhotoFrame Egg 33 0314 PokketMouse 25 1423 PowerBox SolarCharger 55 3075 10.2” Digital PhotoFrame Slim 32 0320 PokketMouse Gloss 25 1425 SolarPanel Natural 56 3081 Memo Tablet 85 0321 PokketMouse Eco 25 1440 USB FlashDrive NordicRound 39 3106 SynCharger 52 0328 Elip Wireless Mouse 82 1450 USB FlashDrive NordicTimber 39 3107 Charger Mini 52 0329 USB NetMouse 73 1460 USB FlashDrive NordicClip 39 3108 MagicStand 53 0478 Mini Bluetooth Flexible Keyboard 77 1490 SolarClip 54 3109 MushroomCharger 81 0556 Notebook Combination Lock 50 1518 5” E-reader Smart 35 3112 Charging Transfer Cable 51 0568 Waterproof Flexible Keyboard 77 1519 6” E-reader Classic 35 3113 TubeCharger 80 0587 USB Hub Aqua Lite 26 1521 E-reader Premium 35 3114 ChargingMat 53 0610 USB FlashDrive Matt Recycled 41 1601 7” Smart Tablet 31 3115 External Power Bank Beam 23 0640 USB FlashDrive Twist 40 1970 USB FlashDrive Bamboo 41 3330 USB FlashDrive Galaxy 40 0780 USB MemoryCard Premium 42 1990 USB FlashDrive Twist Mini 43 4006 Stand’nSplitter 36 0820 USB FlashDrive Massive 41 2006 SoftWinder 48 4109 Pedometer TotalControl 87 1000 UntanglerTM 57 2012 Foldable Speakers 64 4125 Pedometer ID 89 1020 USB MemoryPen 40 2024 SolarSpeaker & MultiCharger 15 4126 Pedometer Pebble 89 1030 USB MemoryPen Laserpointer 40 2029 Anywhere Speaker 65 4127 Eco C02 Pedometer 88 1040 USB Ballpoint Pen 41 2033 SpeakerBeanie 62 4310 MP3 Player Clip 63 1062 Mini Phone Holder 59 2034 SoundHat 61 4500 Portable HardDisk 43 1110 Mini Phone Holder USB 41 2037 MegaPhone 66 4523 Charger FlashLight 56 1140 USB FlashDrive Aqua Tail 24 2039 EarMuff 62 4560 Sports MP3 HeadSet - SD CardReader 69 1204 Gdock 48 2084 ScreenSaver 85 4570 Sports MP3 HeadSet - WaterProof 69 1209 TravelPad 50 2090-CC LapTop PromoSkin 47 4614 Eco CO2 Cycle Computer 88 1210 iStand 36 2092 iPhone 3 Case 49 4800 Portable Multifunctional GPS 87 1211 iCushion 36 2093 iPhone 4 Case 49 5220 USB MemoryCard Slim 42 1218 USB Giftset 22 2094 iPad Case 49 5360 USB FlashDrive Slide 40 1219 TravelPouch 51 2098 iTip 59 5380 USB FlashDrive Keyring d-vice 43 1223 Pico Projector 76 2101 BusinessCard Scanner 78 6050 MP4 Player Slim II 63 1289 Earbuds Metal 68 2102 A4 Scanner 84 6390 USB VoiceDrive d-vice 40 1290 Magnetic Retractable HeadSet 67 2400 USB FlashDrive Alu 40 6480 USB FlashDrive Bottle Opener 41 1297 EarBuds 68 2410 USB FlashDrive Colour 42 6500 Pocket Mini Cam 58 1299 Chat EarPhones 50 2420 USB FlashDrive Slide Mini 40 6510 USB FlashDrive Max 3.0 42 1336 Sharing HeadPhones 67 2460 USB FlashDrive Eco Cord 43 7000-CC StickyDrive 28 1337 DJ HeadPhone 70 2470 USB FlashPen Slim 41 DS1100/12 Philips Fidelio Docking speaker 18 1338 HeadArch 70 2490 USB FlashDrive AluKey 42 FC6142/01 Philips MiniVac. Handheld vacuum cleaner 18 1339 HeadArch 3D 70 2500 USB KeyDrive 42 SHL9560/10 Philips Headband headphones 18 1340 Solar HandsFree CarKit 54 2540 USB FlashDrive Xbook 24 SPA4210/10 Philips Notebook USB speakers 19 1341 HeadArch Photo 71 2583 USB Hub & Card Reader Podium 2290 123...