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Teams are at the heart (and ‘sole’!) of what makes the World
Partnership Walk Canada’s largest and most successful event dedicated to ending global poverty. Companies, schools, families and friends create teams every year to show their support for our cause by raising funds, inviting others to join and Walking at the Walk.

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  1. 1. LD RSHIP OR NEW RTPA LK GuideWm ACaptain’s ea T WorldPartnershipWalk i
  2. 2. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W Welcome 2 Why teams are vital to the success of the World Partnership Walk What Are You Walking For? 4 Inspiring stories to help motivate you and your team The Role of Team Captains 7 Benefits of Teams 8 For you as team captain For your company or school For colleagues and friends Setting up your Team 9 What kind of permissions will I need? What are common questions or objections I may get, and how can I answer them? Recruiting Team Members 14 Motivating, Coaching and Communicating with your team 16 Tools, Materials and How We Can Help 20 1
  3. 3. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Welcome Teams are at the heart (and ‘sole’!) of what makes the World Partnership Walk Canada’s largest and most successful event dedicated to ending global poverty. Companies, schools, families and friends create teams every year to show their support for our cause by raising funds, inviting others to join Teams and Walking at the Walk. Our 650+ Team Captains are the community leaders who motivate, inspire, set goals and lead by example. Last year, they helped raise $2.3 million in the Walk! are at the Whether you’re a new or returning Team Captain, or creating a team of 200 or a team of 2, we’ve created this guide just for you. You’ll find tips on everything from requesting permission to using social media for your heart and teambuilding and fundraising efforts. Visit worldpartnershipwalk.com for more tips and ideas. Thank you for creating a team and taking many steps to help ‘sole’ us end global poverty! OF THE WALK! 2
  4. 4. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W About the World Partnership Walk How we started... Why ‘taking steps’ as a team helps end global In 1985, a team of women in Vancouver voluntarily started raising funds and poverty… walking to help end global poverty in The secret to our Walk’s success is no their own small but meaningful way. secret at all. As more Canadians have They had come from Asia and Africa and joined our event and created teams, wanted to give back to the communities they’ve encouraged their friends and they left behind. They persuaded their colleagues to participate alongside 1,000 other walkers to join them in the them. As those friends get involved and fight against global poverty and raised ask others for donations, people get $55,000 that first year. inspired to share their financial and moral support to the Walk. Where we are now... Since its start almost 30 years ago, the Walk has raised over $70 million for Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s (AKFC) international development programs, making it the largest and most successful event of its kind in Canada! In 2011, we raised more than $7 million and drew almost 40,000 people to our Walks in 10 cities across the country. 3
  5. 5. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P What are you Walking for? The statistics on global poverty can be sad and staggering: according to a 2011 UN Report, about 1.4 billion people currently live on less than $2 a day1. But look beyond a statistic, and you’ll see that hope is possible and progress is being made. Together with like-minded Canadians, you are fundamentally changing the lives of people and communities in the world’s poorest regions. Walk for Clean Water In India, your support ensures that women like Kokilaben are consulted before new water and sanitation systems are built, and provides them with training on how to better protect and preserve this precious resource. Many women and girls shoulder the burden of collecting water for the family, every day. By consulting women and empowering them to educate others about health and hygiene, water-borne disease has now declined. Community health programs like this one are reaching 240,000 people in 4 states in Kokilaben Parmar’s village is located in an arid Western India. desert environment with threats to drinking water and no management of the quality and supply of this already-limited resource. Click here to read and share this story 1 The United Nations Millennium Development Goals report 2011 4
  6. 6. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W Walk for Women Leaders In Pakistan, your support is helping to educate and empower a new generation of women and girls like Haseena, who are becoming leaders in the development of their communities. Elected to a district council in her village in rural Pakistan, Haseena faced an uphill battle - initially, male members would not allow her to attend council meetings. A generation ago, women like Haseena Begum in northern Pakistan had little Thanks to your support, she has emerged as one of status outside the home, and girls were the council’s most active members, driving a number not receiving an education. of development initiatives including roads, water supply projects and vocational training, forging a role Click here to read for women in development of the region. and share this story Walk for Entrepreneurs In Egypt, you’re helping to provide loans to entrepreneurs like Mohamed to grow their businesses and lift their families and communities out of poverty. Thanks to your support, Mohamed has taken several loans to help grow his lantern-making business. With his latest loan, Mohamed has opened a high-profile shop in a bustling tourist area. Vocational training, business development and job placement services are providing new opportunities for workers and entrepreneurs, helping poor families preserve Mohamed Amin makes and sells their heritage and improve their neighbourhood. lanterns in Darb al Ahmar, a poor neighbourhood in Cairo’s Old City. Click here to read and share this story 5
  7. 7. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Walk for Healthy Families In Mozambique, your support is helping communities to improve their food security, early childhood education and access to health care, especially for mothers, like Sifa, and their babies. The province of Cabo Delgado struggles with high illiteracy, infant mortality rates and an average life expectancy of only 38. Most families live on the equivalent of 30 cents per day. Your support is helping to rehabilitate rural health facilities that provide a basic level of care, promote nutrition, hygiene and vaccinations, and curb diseases like malaria and measles. Sifa Rodrigues lives in Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province in Mozambique, Click here to read and share this story and its most impoverished. Visit worldpartnershipwalk.com to find more stories like this that you can share with your team members to help motivate them to raise more money! 6
  8. 8. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W The Role of Team Captains Team Captains are our true leaders, motivating teams of 2 or more people to raise funds for the Walk. Last year more “As a team captain for many than 700 teams participated in Walks years now, it gives me immense across the country – each of them led happiness to bring a team by motivated, dynamic and passionate together, to help raise funds and individuals like you. friendships and at the same time have an impact on many lives. The A good World Partnership mission, goals and achievements Walk Team Captain is: of the World Partnership Walk are phenomenal.” • Enthusiastic about raising funds to support international development. Many team captains organize a “campaign kickoff” at the start of the campaign (hint: bring snacks!). • Motivated to share fundraising tips, team progress and information about Walk Day with their team members. Plan to send one update per week during the campaign. • Supportive to team members who need help fundraising. This includes help with setting a fundraising goal, organizing an activity, collecting cash or cheque donations and using the Walk website to fundraise. 7
  9. 9. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P As a Team Captain, your What’s in it for your job is to: company? • Ask at least 10 friends, family and • Enhance employee morale and build co-workers to join your team team spirit • Set your team’s fundraising goal, and • Actively participate in an important encourage the team to reach it cause alongside friends, colleagues • Get the team out on Walk Day to have and family fun and celebrate your success • Plan a healthy and fun way for your • Celebrate with your team at the end employees to spend a Spring Sunday of the Walk and thank them for all of • Invite customers and associates to their hard work! participate by donating or walking too Benefits of Teams • Show your commitment to important causes within your community, Not only are teams vital to raising money even get exposure to almost to end global poverty, they`re also a 40,000 Canadians! great way for you and your company or school to get recognized for playing an What’s in it for your team important role in the community, and a fun way to build camaraderie among members and colleagues? colleagues and friends. • A great way to build camaraderie • Earn rewards and recognition as you What’s in it for you? fundraise • Be recognized in your company or • Enjoy a great day with an easy Walk, community as a leader fun activities, food, games and • Earn exciting rewards and entertainment opportunities as a fundraiser, including a chance to visit some of AKFC’s Companies with offices and staff projects in the field! across the country can participate • Help expand AKFC’s ability to help and compete with each other by poor communities lift themselves out creating a national team! of poverty and plan for their future. 8
  10. 10. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W Setting up your team Before you start asking people to join your team, you should make sure you have permission from your company to invite your colleagues to participate. You may also wish to see if your company will provide any direct financial or other support, including matching some or all of the funds raised by employees that are members of your team. “A number of people at my lunch and learn had not previously known about the Walk or how significant an impact individuals could make. Talk about changing the world one step at a time - locally and globally.” What kind of permissions will I need? We’re oversimplifying things a little, but there are basically three levels of permission and support you may wish to seek from your company, school or community organization as part of creating a team to raise money for the World Partnership Walk. 1) Getting permission to ask your co-workers to join your team.This is typically the easiest way to get started, and often doesn’t require any formal approval from your company to make the World Partnership Walk and Aga Khan Foundation Canada one of the charities that it supports financially and/or encourages its employees to support. 9
  11. 11. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P There are at least two people in your company whose permission you should likely seek before asking any of your colleagues to join your team: • Your manager or supervisor. It’s • Your Human Resources department typically helpful, if not required, to coordinator (if you have one). In many obtain approval from your boss or companies, it is the HR department’s supervisor before asking anyone else responsibility to keep track of all the in your company to join your team. If charitable organizations and activities they will not grant you permission, you that the company supports. HR is often may consider approaching someone responsible for deciding how broadly more senior or someone in your HR and to whom certain events or activities department to determine if you can may be shared, and can help you proceed without their approval, but determine how and if you can ask all gaining their support first is generally of the employees in the company to advised. They can also help you join your team. Finally, HR should also determine who else you need to gain know if your company has a “matching permission from before approaching program” where some or all of the your co-workers, and how broadly money raised by employees for certain within the company you can or should charitable causes is matched by the promote your team. company, often up to a set amount per employee. Your company may also have a “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) or Community department or staff person. If it does, they are also someone you should approach for permission as they may help you in gaining the internal support you need to ask others to join your team. 10
  12. 12. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W 2) Adding AKFC and the World Partnership Walk to the list of charitable organizations it allows/encourages its employees to support. In some organizations, it may be helpful for you to get formal approval of AKFC and the Walk as one of the charities that it supports. This approval process tends to vary by company, and may take several months. If in getting permission to ask your colleagues to join your team your company indicates an interest in potentially supporting AKFC on a broader or more formal basis, please email us at corporate@worldpartnershipwalk.com. 3) Ask your company to become an official supporter or sponsor of the Walk. We are delighted when companies are interested in donating to the Walk. If your company expresses an interest in supporting us this way, we ask that you contact our corporate team directly at corporate@worldpartnershipwalk.com so that we can assist you in determining how your company can best get recognized for their support. “One of the great benefits of participating in the Walk has been that our company has been getting exposure within the community as an organization that cares about what happens beyond our own borders, and that has also introduced us to like-minded potential partners and clients for our business.” 11
  13. 13. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P What are common questions or objections I may get, and how can I answer them? “We already support other causes and can’t support another charity.” This is very common. One way to respond is as follows: state that you are not asking for your company to officially support the World Partnership Walk, and that you are only asking for permission to approach people that you know personally within the organization to see if they would be willing and interested in joining your team. It can help to re-assure your colleague that you aren’t requesting official endorsement by your company, and that if needed you can leave the company name out of your team name. “We don’t allow or encourage employees to share their personal charitable causes or interests with other co-workers.” If you get this response, try to determine politely if it’s actually a company policy. If this is the case, you may wish to inquire if there is a formal process whereby the company decides which charities it supports, and if AKFC and the Walk would qualify. “How do I know this is a legitimate charity/event?” Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) has been a registered Canadian charity since 1980 and is highly regarded as an international development agency by independent organizations such as the World Bank, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). 2012 marks the 28th consecutive year of the World Partnership Walk, an annual event that has raised more than $70 million since its start. Information on the Walk can be found at www.worldpartnershipwalk.com, and you can learn more about AKFC at www.akfc.ca. 12
  14. 14. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W “Is this a religious charity/event?” No - the Walk attracts people of all faiths, genders and communities to take steps together. AKFC is a non-denominational agency that works with many different communities in the developing world (learn more at www.akfc.ca). “Is our company required to donate money or other support for your team?” No. While financial or other support is welcome, it is not a requirement of creating or helping to promote a corporate team. “Are our employees required to raise money if they participate?” No. Everyone who participates in the World Partnership Walk is encouraged to raise funds, but people are still welcome to attend the Walk if they have not raised money. “What does the money raised by our employees support? How much of it is spent on administration?” 100% of all money raised by your team goes directly to fund projects – not one cent is spent on administration. If they still say no.. If you are still eager to create a team in your workplace or school, we would be happy to discuss how we can assist you in overcoming any objections your employer may have. Visit the Contact Us page on our website for assistance. 13
  15. 15. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Recruiting Team Members Now that you’ve got permission to create a team at your office, school or organization, it’s time for the fun part – asking others to join your team! Ok, many people don’t find this fun. But it can be! And it’s a great way to meet and get to know your colleagues better. Here are four easy ways to start recruiting: In person. The honest truth – nothing beats a personal request from you. We appreciate that asking people in person A personal takes a bit more time, courage and effort conversation will: than sending an email or hanging a poster near your desk, but there is simply no · let people see how better way to get your colleagues to join. passionate you are about the Walk We strongly encourage every team · LET them know how captain to ask at least 10 people much their support personally to join their team. means to you · give them aN Email. Assuming you have the necessary opportunity to ask you permission from your boss and/or HR questions department, we encourage you to invite · make it harder for as many of your colleagues as possible them to say no to you! to join your team by email. If you are not able to send an email to everyone in your company or department, which is fairly common at larger organizations, start with as many people as you know personally, and encourage them to forward along the invitation to others they think might be interested. 14
  16. 16. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W Activities. Hosting an informal event or activity in your office (like a “Lunch & Learn” or breakfast) is a great way to encourage your co-workers to learn more about the Walk and sign up for your team. Click here to download a short PowerPoint presentation to use or share with your colleagues. We would be happy to arrange for someone to come in and speak at your office or school if you wish. Internal advertising. If you have permission to do so, we encourage you to post sign-up information about your team in your office and online. Click here to visit the Fundraising Tips page on our website for some resources to help you get the word out. We have created a set of posters that you can download, customize and post near your desk, in the lunchroom, or in other places where activities and events are shared in your office; and if your company has an Intranet or a company newsletter, ask if you can promote your team and the Walk there. 15
  17. 17. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Motivating, Coaching and Communicating with your team We know how busy things get, and appreciate the time and effort it takes to organize and motivate your team to raise funds in support of the World Partnership Walk. So we’ve identified the 3 most important steps we would like each Team Captain to take, in addition to raising your own funds from friends and family. If you only have limited time, please commit to taking at least these 3 actions: 1. Send a weekly update to all team members. Sending a brief email at least once a week with a short update and a quick reminder to keep fundraising is a great way to keep your team members motivated and informed. Here are a few tips for what to include in each email: • Congratulate your top fundraiser for the week. Then challenge your teammates and encourage someone to get the top spot next week! Come up with a fun and inexpensive way to say thanks (e.g., a free coffee or a small trophy/token they get to keep for the week.) • Share an update on reaching your team fundraising goal. How close are you to reaching your team goal? How much money do you need to raise to get 10% closer? Set a goal for the coming week and challenge your team members to reach it. • Encourage every team member to ask at least 5 new friends/family for support each week. Or to follow up with people who haven’t yet responded. 16
  18. 18. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W 2. Send a welcome email to your whole team every time a new member joins. It’s nice to hear when someone new has joined. It’s also a great opportunity to remind your team to keep asking others for support, and to share any helpful updates. If you’re logged into our website, select “Email Team” in the upper-right menu to do this. 3. Get your whole team to come out on Walk day. Participating on Walk Day is a great way to celebrate the efforts and success of your team, to have fun, and to learn more about how the money you raise is helping us take steps to end global poverty. The Walk is also a great opportunity to bond as a team, with special team activities, food and entertainment planned for all ages. If you have more time and energy, here are a few additional ideas for Plan on sending a having some fun and raising more reminder at least 3 money with your team: days in advance of your • Help each of your team members with their Walk with a suggested fundraising. Offer to help them identify friends meeting place and time and family who they can ask for support, import at or near the Walk site. their address book and send emails asking for donations, and follow-up by email or in person. • Host a fundraising activity in your workplace or school. A number of our teams have had success organizing bake sales, auctions, “dress down” days or other fun activities at their office to raise additional funds from colleagues and friends. • Host a team gathering before the Walk. Get your team together for a fun, team- building activity like lunch, dinner, or bowling. It’s a great opportunity to ensure team members all meet one another, and to motivate everyone to work together to reach your fundraising goal. 17
  19. 19. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Using social media Thinking about using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to get the word out? Here are ten simple ideas on how to use these networks to reach out and recruit, encourage your friends to donate, and raise awareness of the Walk: 1. Use the handy tools available to you in the Participant Center: Login to your Participant Centre on the Walk website, “You know more people than you and access the Facebook app and “Share” think! Reaching out to friends functions to make it easy for your friends and contacts through social to see and hear about your experience as a media really worked for me. My Team Captain! friends would like F acebook posts and retweet me on Twitter, and I 2. Ask permission to share a tweet or post received about 3 to 4 donations on your company’s social networks, or ask from people I didn’t even know!” them to “donate” a day of updates! Click here for some sample tweets. 3. Try sending a “Tweet of the Week”: Congratulate your top fundraising team member, or ask your followers to check out 1 your team’s page and donate. 4. Connect with other Team Captains in your city and follow one another on Twitter: you can hold a competition or challenge each other. 5. Record a “Why we Walk” video, or share one of the videos found on the Walk’s YouTube channel with your friends and followers. 6. Share an inspiring image or photo, create an interesting caption, and tweet it. For example, you might wish to share an image of your team at last year’s Walk. 5 18
  20. 20. WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK TEAM CAPTA APTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP W 7. Donate your profile picture: For a few days 7 before the Walk, ask your team members to donate their profile picture to the Walk. Click here to download a Walk logo that you can use. 8. Why do you Walk? Share an update with your Facebook friends on what motivates you to take part in the Walk (Hint: don’t forget to ask them to join you or consider donating!) 9. Share a story from our website with your team members to keep them inspired. You might want to ask them to re-post a link to these stories on their own pages. 10. Create a Facebook page just for your team. Ask supporters and donors to “like” your page (and don’t forget to “like” your city’s World Partnership Walk Page as well). 10 It’s time to celebrate! After the Walk, it’s a great idea to get your team together one last time. Celebrate what you accomplished as a team, share your favourite moments with each other, thank everyone for their contribution, take note of successful fundraisers, and make plans for the 2013 Walk. 19
  21. 21. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P Tools, Materials & How We Can Help “We found the Lunch and Learn presentation very helpful! It was informative and helped We’ve created a range of tools and reinforce why we were raising materials to help you and your team funds and walking. The team in their fundraising. could relate the important work Here’s a quick list of some of the tools we do in our portfolio to the and where to find them: issues this Walk helps to resolve in other areas of the world.” Request from your Regional Download from the Walk site Campaign Manager 8.5” X 11” posters to put up in your Post-it notes: a simple giveaway to lunch room, office or to hand out to thank attendees for coming to your your team Lunch and Learn presentation Sign-up sheets: put this up in a Copies of past stories or articles about lunchroom or in your office to help corporate social responsibility from the others join your team Globe and Mail Lunch and Learn Presentation: A Hard copies of films (Short clips may PowerPoint presentation with notes that be found at www.youtube.com/ you can customize for your audience worldpartnershipwalk). List of sample tweets: Use these to Portable displays to use in your lunch keep your followers updated and learn or lobby 20
  22. 22. AIN’S GUIDE WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALWALK TEAM CAPTAIN’S GUIDE WORLD P On behalf of our partners across the developing world — from Afghanistan to Zanzibar — thank you for taking steps with us to end global poverty. WorldPartnershipWalk.com 1-800-267-2532 ext. 142 21