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We used this set of r

We used this set of r

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  • 1.   Wildcard (2) Youth Member (1) Wildcard (1) (Pick an identity, let team Lincoln County Youth Council   (Pick an identity, let team   know) know)     Junior Researcher (2) Program Director (1) Workforce Development & Job Lincoln County One-Stop     Creation Institute     Progressive Community Director (2) Director of Student Support (2) Activist (1)   New Heights Neighborhood   Springfield Public Schools Assn.   Director (1) Program Manager (2) Regional Healthcare Industries   Lincoln County One-Stop   Association   Springfield (1) Programmer (2) Senior Policy Analyst (3) Entrepreneurship Specialist   OpenSource Data Lab   Lincoln County Workforce   Investment Board Director (1) Director (2) Springfield Economic Dev Program Manager (3)   Lincoln County Workforce   Employment Security Investment Board   M Program Director (2) u President (3) Artist (1)   United Way s Whalen County Workforce     i Investment Board c i Senior Researcher (1) Musician (2) a President (3) Workforce Development & Job     n Springfield Community College   Creation Institute (   2 Director, Entrepreneurship (2) Superintendent of Public Whalen County Workforce ) Manager of Tech Programs (3) Schools (1)     Springfield Public Schools Investment Board   Director (1) Director (3) Brooklyn Neighborhood Assn. Regional SBA Director (2)     Springfield University Incubator  
  • 2. Director (3) Manager (4) County Industry Specialist (5)Boys and Girls Clubs of   Youth Apprenticeship  America ProgramsWildcard (3) Program Director (4) Regional Director of(Pick an identity, let team   Whalen County College   Entrepreneurship Supportknow) State Employment Agency (5) City of Springfield (4) Public Outreach Specialist (5)State Economist (3)   Economic Development   SLC Met (public transport) SpecialistProgram Manager (3) Wildcard (4)Open Government Initiative     Author (5) (Pick an identity, let team Member (MFG) (4)Data Visualization Executive Director (5) Lincoln County WorkforceSpecialist (3)     Central Labor Council Investment Board Member (Healthcare) (5) Poet (4) Lincoln County Workforce     Investment BoardProgram Director (4) Director (4) Wildcard (5)Springfield Community College   Regional Women’s Business   (Pick an identity, let team Network know)Member (MFG) (4) Regional Initiatives Mgr (4)Lincoln County Workforce Member (5)   State Economic Development  Investment Board Front Street Business District AgencyPolicy Director (4) TANF Director (5)Association of Major   City Economist (4)   Whalen CountyManufacturersCity of Springfield (4) Internship Coordinator (5)Economic Development     Springfield Public SchoolsSpecialist
  • 3. Public Outreach Specialist (5) Conservative CommunityHotels & Conventions   Activist (6)  Association Wildcard (6)   (Pick an identity, let team   know)Program Director (6) Student Council President (6)Springfield Entrepreneurs   Springfield High School  NetworkEmerging Clusters Specialist Member (6)Lincoln County (6)   Downtown Business District   Executive Director (6)Director of Youth Services (6) Agricultural Products    Whalen County AssociationProgram Manager (6) Director (6)Youth & Family Services   University Industry   PartnershipsJournalist (6)