NYEC final handout WEadership


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National Youth Employment Coalition Mtg. Handout

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NYEC final handout WEadership

  1. 1. 2. BUILD DIVERSE NETWORKS Leaders collaborate with partners creatively, using informal networks alongside traditional boards or policy councils. 3. EMBRACE OPENNESS 1. ADOPT A WIDE-ANGLE POINT OF VIEW Leaders share the role of leadership with staff, partners, and the public. They use social tech- Leaders look for new ways to apply their re- nologies to listen, inform, and collaborate. sources and expertise. They focus on commu- nity problems, not just workforce problems. THE FUTURE OF WORKFORCE LEADERSHIP: WEADERSHIP 6. CULTIVATE NEXT GENERATION LEADERS 4. ENCOURAGELeaders build skills and share knowledge in EXPERIMENTATIONin their communities. Leaders know workforce development needs new ideas, and new ideas need testing. 5. ADD UNIQUE VALUE can make a real difference in their communities. Only those who add value remain relevant.
  2. 2. The Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) project team spent much of 2011 looking at workforce leadership—what it is, why it matters, and how to cultivate it. What we found is a whole new model of leadership. We call it WEadership. Its collaborative and anyone who masters the six WEadership practices can employ it. OUR FAVORITE WEADERSHIP RESOURCES1. A series of group conversations resulted in our 5. Our capstone product is: 12 Highlights collection—cards, slides, a narrative brief, and a series of posts. THE WEadership Guide The whole collection is here: The Guide features a narrative around the http://bit.ly/moVwGr WEadership Framework, subject-specific inserts on social media and innovations in public policy— social innovation, “Gov2.0”, crowdsourcing, and gaming. Loaded with tools, examples, and2. We curated “favorites” across media platforms. resources, the Guide aims to help current and Our Five Great Leadership Videos collection aspiring leaders build their own skills and cultivate features Derek Sivers’ How to Start of leadership in their organizations and Movement in Under Three Minutes. communities. It is available as a PDF (at no cost) and in the form of a Blurb book. The collection is here: http://bit.ly/m65qZl http://bit.ly/oJXZdz3. And we did our own video trailer: http://bit.ly/nP5T1n4. One of our team members even turned WEadership into a TEDx Talk in Tucson, Arizona. Additional information and an ongoing collection of blogposts centered on leadership, innovation, and workforce can be found on the project’s website: WEadership.org. We tweet at @WEadership. We Facebook (at WEadership, of course).