What is SAVE to you?
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What is SAVE to you?






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What is SAVE to you? What is SAVE to you? Presentation Transcript

  • Weare
  • As active supporters of the SAVE declaration, we are encouraging mothers everywhere to stand in solidarity together against violent extremism.
    I want to feel the power of that message permeating the corridors of power all over the world. I want the decision makers everywhere to get serious about developing viable peace agreements.
    I believe that SAVE encourages and supports all women in being and living as agents of change.
    —Anne Carr
    Dialogue Practitioner, Northern Ireland
  • Tome, SAVEis:
    A professional resourceful platform through which I can promote peace and fight violence as an individual and as part of a group;
    A network of passionate women who bring into the table their history, successes and failures, needs and offers and work together for the welfare of women and all vulnerable groups around the world;
    Translating collective knowledge and skills into real projects in the ground that would eventually contribute to fighting violence and ensuring a more just and secure environment for women;
    An opportunity for sharing, learning and developing our capacities as advocates for change to the better.
    —Nadia al-Sakkaf
    Editor-in-Chief, Yemen Times, Yemen
  • The grief of a mother who loses a child is the same whether she is from Indonesia, Israel, India, or Pakistan. It’s universal.
    Somehow we must combine our resources in a way to pressure the policy makers to start at least managing conflicts, if not solving them, so that violence stops and people can gain normal lives.
    —Anita Pratap
    Journalist and Author, India
  • Do you want to stay trapped in yourselves, or you would like to set youselves free of indifferencefor other's suffering and pain?
    The decision is tricky because it is not predestined to be accepted with our great enthusiasm.
    These are everyday temptations we are facedwith, and therefore we can't give up.
    I do careabout human dignity, andtherefore I won'tgiveup.
    —Memnuna Zvizdiç
    Executive Director, ŽeneŽenama, Bosnia
  • SAVE creates a platform for women from all over the world, to meet, to share their work against extremism, and to benefit from the experience of the other.
    SAVE brings those who wish to make a difference to a safe place for them to meet, to exchange knowledge and to support the work that they are doing in their individual countries. 
    SAVE creates an opportunity to experience the human story and to better understand the conflicts we face in our respective countries. 
    SAVE uses Storytelling to create an understanding of narratives, which create empathy and leads to a healthier dialogue, free of prejudice.
    —Robi Damelin
    Spokesperson, Parents Circle-Families Forum, Israel
  • Sincejoining SAVE threeyearsago, I havebighopesthatwomenworldwide will have a moresignificantroleaspeacemakers.
    Mydreamisthathumanitarianandpeacevalues will spreadglobally.
    I realizeitis a bigchallenge, but itis not impossible.
    —Lily Zakiyah Munir
    Founder and Director, Center for Pesantren and Democracy, Indonesia
  • Today's girls are tomorrow's mothers, and they need to be prepared to create better generations.
    We all must worktogethertochangetheinjusticepracticedagainst human beings, andweshouldnevergiveup.
    Itis not an easy mission, andwe all needtosupporteachother.
    —Fatima al-Zuhairi
    Principal, Rabia al Adawea School, Yemen
  • I believe that reconciliation with those we see as our enemies is more powerful than violence.
    —Phyllis Rodriguez, mother of Greg Rodriguez, killed in 9-11
    I travel to talk to young women so that they can learn from my experiences and don’t suffer what I did.
    —Aicha el Wafi, mother of ZacariasMoussaoui, alleged 9-11 conspirator
  • Weare
  • SAVE is more than an organization for projects, it is a platform.
    In my capacity, I will present the real potential of Pakistani women against extremism, remove misperceptions about Islam, and be involved in helping to fill the gap in understanding political and policy discourse.
    As a member, I will continue to contribute my best to the larger objective of SAVE by speaking, writing, and dialoguing with people of different opinions around the world.
    —Arshi Saleem Hashmi
    Senior Research Analyst and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Sisters Against Violent Extremism is a global women's movement to give women a platform to voice their concerns and stand up against all forms of extremist violence.
    The majority of victims of violence are women, and we stand together to make our voices heard and make a difference globally.
    Our membership is global, but we are all local activists.
    We stand in solidarity with a diverse group of women worldwide with the hope of targeting the root causes of violence in the world.
    —May de Silva, Northern Ireland
    Executive Director, Women into Politics
  • I always meet people who are skeptical about women’s role in standing against violent extremism, and they cannot comprehend having women challenge extremist thinking.
    —Fahmia al-Fotih’
    SAVE Yemen Coordinator, Yemen
    Many women are well aware of extremism as a phenomenal threat to us and want to protect and prevent young people from radicalization.
  • Weare