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    Sales White Paper Sales White Paper Document Transcript

    • THE EMPOWERED SALES TEAM: Increasing Productivity with Voice Technology FATHOM VOICE | White Paper Published October 2013 Fathom Voice 6311 E. Westfield Blvd. Suite 105 + 201 Indianapolis, IN 46220 855.249.3357 Option 1 (support) Option 2 (sales)
    • THE EMPOWERED SALES TEAM: Increasing Productivity with Technology a-e f-j k-o p-r s-u v-z 274x email OUTBOUND CALLING Sales executives are faced with the never-ending need to drive revenue. They must find ways to increase sales effectiveness and efficiency, often with limited resources. Many sales executives have embraced email and digital messaging as a way to achieve this. With one click, a salesperson can reach multiple prospects. IS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN According to research published by the Direct Marketing Association in June 2012, outbound calling is 274 times more effective than email in soliciting a response.1 And with mobility on the rise and more companies embracing BYOD strategies, reaching a prospect via phone is easier than ever. So why are so many salespeople avoiding it? This white paper is designed to provide deeper insight into why salespeople have stopped making sales calls and how, with the right technology, the anxiety of picking up the phone can be alleviated, while increasing sales team efficiency and generating revenue. THE FEAR OF THE PHONE There is a significant amount of anxiety surrounding the business phone. Whether it is fear of the sales call itself, or the inability to track and monitor call activity, sales professionals and executives fear the phone. For most sales professionals, sending an email is much less intimidating than dialing the phone. Emails can be perfectly crafted to drive the message and meaning that the sales professional desires. And with marketing automation tools, they can personalize mass emails with dynamic content and enter prospects into drip campaigns based upon where they are in the sales process. Email also removes the anxiety of a sales manager listening in on unsuccessful sales calls. Salespeople can manage conversations online in a way that is not always possible over the phone. 1. According to research published by the Direct Marketing Association in June 2012, outbound calling is more effective than email in soliciting a response from prospective clients. The study showed that telephone-based outreach delivers and 8.21% response rate for a prospect list. This trumps the response rate for email marketing, which is only reported at a .03% conversion rate. direct-mail-tops-email-for-response-rates-costs-per-lead-similar-22395/
    • THE EMPOWERED SALES TEAM: Increasing Productivity with Technology For sales executives, the uncertainty lies in call monitoring and information tracking. Sales managers can do their best to prepare their team for every possible situation they may encounter over the phone, but they can’t control the actual conversation. The direction of a sales call can change within seconds, forcing a salesperson to throw out their script and be candid with their responses. Additionally, most executives are forced to track and monitor calls manually. As soon as their salespeople pick up the phone, they take everything offline. Salespeople can log calls without actually making them and leave executives in the dark. Sales executives have no way of knowing the duration of their salespeople’s calls, what was discussed or who the calls were made to. The only confirmation the sales executive has of call activity are the physical notes that the salesperson took and manually put into the CRM database. Sales executives need a way to monitor call activity and attribute it to CRM data and sales-generated revenue. Sales professionals need an efficient way to reach their prospects and eliminate the anxiety that comes with making a sales call. EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY It is necessary that sales executives and professionals know where a prospect falls within the sales pipeline at all times. Key metrics and call data must be obtained after every interaction with a prospect, even via phone. Call analytics software can help do this. Sales executives can get the call data and analytics they need, and sales professionals can use technology that enables them to sell more. With the right analytics software, salespeople can track their individual call records and conversations in order to make sure they are meeting their sales goals. Sales executives can track their team’s daily productivity levels by viewing the number of dials as well as the duration and location of calls. By comparing salesperson call statistics against CRM data, sales executives can measure dials versus closed deals, see which sales strategies are working, and understand who is generating the most revenue. Call analytics software also give salespeople the ability to record calls so they can listen back for important information and learn from each sales experience. Sales executives can listen in on conversations and even “whisper” to sales associates throughout the call, giving them the ability to coach their team and control the sales conversation. By being able to assist their sales team during difficult calls and coach them through call scenarios they’ve experienced, managers are ultimately able to make picking up the phone less intimidating for their team. By integrating analytics software with CRM tools, sales professionals can see where prospects are within the sales funnel at all times and prioritize their calls by level of engagement. All call information and data is synced, so salespeople know what information they need to prepare before a call in order to increase efficiency and the chances of closing a deal. Calls become shorter, focused and more effective, increasing sales team productivity and opportunities for revenue.
    • THE EMPOWERED SALES TEAM: Increasing Productivity with Technology EMPOWERING SALESPEOPLE Fathom Voice is a software-as-a-service company that helps businesses communicate and connect better with their customers. Fathom Voice’s Analytics application is changing the way salespeople look at the business phone. With Fathom Voice Analytics, users can get detailed, real-time analytics on call path activity, enabling them to monitor sales team productivity as a way to ensure revenue goals are being met. With Fathom Analytics, users can get call center-type reporting, no matter the company size or scope. Users and sales executives alike can see in-depth stats on inbound routes, average call lengths and calls by location all within a single dashboard. By viewing the productivity of sales teams and comparing data between salespeople, it is easier to make sure the sales department is doing all that it can to close deals and bring in more revenue. With Fathom Voice’s Salesforce integration, salespeople can connect their softphones directly to their CRM database. When using the click-to-call ability directly from a lead record, the call Fathom Analytics data is automatically be logged within Salesforce. Leads are prioritized based upon interest and engagement levels to optimize the sales process. Call lists are prioritized by where prospects fall in the sales process, relieving the anxiety of picking up the phone because salespeople know exactly where the client is in the sale cycle. Fathom Voice Analytics is empowering salespeople to pick up their phones and enabling them to make successful sales calls. Sales executives are able to track, monitor and monetize call data in order to maximize the time they spend on the phone. Simply put, Fathom Voice Analytics increases sales team efficiency and effectiveness to drive more business.