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  • 2. OUR TEAM SARAH COWDEN ERIN DUFF MARIA FABIANO Year: Senior Major: Strategic Communications Plans: Right now, my options seem to somehow be simultaneously endless and limited. But my hopes are to eventually work my way up in an advertising/ public relations agency or respected company. My dream career would be a social media position in the Greater Columbus area. Year: Senior Major: Journalism/strategic communications Plans: After graduation I plan on pursuing a career in advertising with a focus on strategy. Year: Senior Major: Journalism/Strategic Communications, Italian Studies Plans: After graduation, I plan on attending The Culinary Institute of America to pursue a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts Management. I eventually wish to own my own business. KATIE O’LEARY DEVON ROAN KATE WILLSE Year: Senior Majors: Journalism (advertising) & Informational Graphics Plans: One day, I hope to be an art director at an advertising agency in Chicago, Cleveland or Savannah. Year: Senior graduating in December 2013 Major: Strategic Communication Plans: My goals after graduation Year: Senior Major: Public Relations Plans: Pursue a career in PR and Marketing in Chicago post-graduation. 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE relations or marketing position in Ohio.
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 Campaign Strategy & Brand Awareness 4 Competition 5 Campaign Objectives & SWOT Analysis 6 Secondary Research Primary Research Key Insights 8-10 11-14 15 Creative Executions 16-22 PR Kit 23-25 Budget 26 Bibliography 28 SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 2
  • 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY S lapshot Creative is partnering with Brown-Forman and the Philadelphia Flyers to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and encourage hockey fans to pledge to stop driving buzzed by finding alternative ways to “experience life.” We plan to build the brand through educational promotion of Tennessee Whiskey and responsible drinking habits. By raising awareness and gauging perceptions about responsible drinking, we can motivate Philadelphia Flyers fans to change their behavior and the fan experience. SITUATION ANALYSIS Brown-Forman and the Philadelphia Flyers established a relationship in 2011 to promote safe drinking habits at hockey games, as well as to associate the Jack Daniel’s brand with corporate responsibility. There is currently a limited amount of advertising done within Wells Fargo Center and the surrounding community (Great Philly Area). There are no established “Beat The Buzz” social media accounts; Brown-Forman and buzzed driving promotions are few and far between; and post-drinking transportation is not endorsed at Philly Flyers events. COMPANY ANALYSIS Brown-Forman has been enriching the experience of life for over 150 years, but their focus on responsible drinking and advocacy against buzzed driving has not been a core focus. Their partnerships with designated driver programs need strengthening, and the Brown-Forman brand is not often associated with their products and responsible drinking messages. However, their Enrich the Experience of life campaign and work in recent years has been wildly successful. Their programs across the areas of responsible marketing, environmental sustainability, employee relations, economic contribution and community involvement have placed Brown-Forman at the top of their field. Through the adoption of innovative programs and partnerships with advocacy organizations, Brown-Forman can raise awareness of responsible drinking and encourage consumers to find safe alternatives to driving after drinking. By forging new partnerships with designation driver programs and advocacy organizations, while developing strong public relations campaigns, Brown-Forman can grow their brand image. 3 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE
  • 5. CAMPAIGN STRATEGY We have created a hybrid campaign that combines Brown Forman’s Philadelphia Flyers partnership with new campaign methods and innovative strategies. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to encourage responsible drinking and safe driving practices among Philadelphia Flyers fans, while simultaneously promoting an image of corporate social responsibility for Brown Forman. We want to couple the well-known Jack Daniels brand with the responsible drinking message to give our audience a familiar name to associate with lesser-known Brown Forman. After performing an extensive market analysis we have chosen to advertise in areas frequented by our target audience: the Philadelphia Flyers fan. These areas include public transportation used to get to and from Wells Fargo Center and local radio stations that broadcast both home and away games. We plan to advertise heavily within the Wells Fargo stadium, utilizing dashboards, the Zamboni and the Jumbotron. We believe these will be the most effective advertising placements because over 60 percent of people we spoke to, say they pay attention to advertising once they are seated in the sports venue. To further promote Brown Forman’s social responsibility platform we plan to sponsor responsible drinking training programs such as R.A.M.P. and C.A.R.E. for local bars in the Philadelphia area. We will also encourage Flyers fans to utilize services similar to BeMYdd and the extensive Philadelphia public transportation network. Creation, population and management of social media accounts ranging from Facebook to Vine will be a part of the media strategy. Opportunities to win free tickets via social media contests created over the course of the campaign. Additional promotion of the Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s brand will take place in the Wells Fargo Center, the bars and restaurants in Wells Fargo and local bars who host Flyers watch parties. Promotional items will raise awareness of the Brown-Forman brand and it’s affiliation with Jack Daniel’s. Promotional items will include anything ranging from pens, to key chains that encourage fans to “Beat the Buzz”. BRAND AWARENESS Jack Daniels is a well-known brand among sports fans. Words such as delicious, classy, expensive and fun are commonly used to describe the brand. However, like other spirits and liquor brands, Jack Daniel’s is not commonly associated with sporting events, including hockey. Specifically within hockey venues, there is relatively low liquor competition. The combination of low competition and high brand recognition provides Brown-Forman with an opportunity to break-through the noise and establish Jack Daniel’s as a beverage staple in an otherwise beer saturated atmosphere. SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 2
  • 6. COMPETITION MESSAGE COMPETITION These brands and organizations are competition to the responsible alcohol consumption message. All have created similar PSA style messages raising awareness about responsible drinking and driving. > Century Council: Barcardi USA, INC, Beam, Constellation Brands, Diageo, Hood River Distillers, Pernod Ricard USA > Ad Council: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving BRAND COMPETITION These brands are direct competitors to Jack Daniels within the Wells Fargo arena and surrounding bars and restaurants in the Philadelphia area. > Ovations Food Services (operate food and beverage services within arena) > Bud Light > Pepsi Co > Makers Mark > Crown Royal > Wild Turkey > Jameson > Johnnie Walker > Jim Beam 5 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE
  • 7. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES EDUCATION The first step in changing behaviors is through education. This is done by advertising what needs to change and why. The first step of our campaign focuses on the education of buzzed driving and what its real life consequences are. Information to support our efforts was taken from statistics on the correlation between vehicle accidents and alcohol consumptions. AWARENESS The next step in our campaign is changing people’s attitudes towards buzzed driving. According to research done by the Ad Council, most people who drive buzzed mean well and don’t associate themselves as being dangerous behind the wheel. Whether they’ve had one or seven drinks, they think they are sober enough to drive, when in fact they present a serious threat to themselves and others on the road. By changing attitudes, beliefs about buzzed driving will change as well. We want to make them believe that, if they can feel the effects of alcohol they should not get behind the wheel of a car. CHANGING BEHAVIOR The final step of our campaign is changing behavior. Through promotions and education we hope people will understand what buzzed driving means and become aware of its consequences. By providing alternatives to buzzed driving we can change their behavior. By highlighting public transportation, encouraging people to pledge to be designated drivers and making DD services readily available we hope people will use these alternatives and stop driving buzzed. SWOT ANALYSIS S W O T > focused campaign with a target audience that is easily > previously established partnership with Philadelphia Flyers - sible drinking and alternatives to driving after drinking > media partnerships with Comcast communications allow us to reach our audience directly tion surrounding not driving after drinking > alternatives to buzzed driving are present, and the public transportation opportunities are vast - > statistical evidence to support buzzed driving is limited > all-inclusive venue (Wells Fargo Center) > focused campaign, centered directly around a single NHL team may limit the amount of campaign exposure > ability to partner with educational awareness programs like RAMP and CARE who promote safe serving habits for bars and restaraunts > responsible drinking campaigns are overused and popular amongst distributors (a lot of noise) > mediums for advertising on public transportation are well-established and well traveled by Flyers fans are associated with the fan experience > expand the Be My DD program across state lines and establish a partnership with the City of Philadelphia and Brown-Forman > fully integrated campaign that can be easily transferred and applied to other teams and venues in the NHL > opportunity to establish Brown-Forman as a leader in corporate social responsibility and the promotion of safe drinking habits within sports > fans will begin to discover who Brown-Forman is as a company and associate them with responsible drinking habits > success of the Flyers over the course of their regular season sorship/promotions by other alcohol-related brands - > Flyers fans are associated with being rowdy spectators > prominence of alcohol, bars and restaurants at and around Wells Fargo Center SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 6
  • 8. TARGET MARKET PROFILE CONSUMER ANALYSIS Our target audience consists of male and female hockey fans aged 21 to 45 from the Greater Philadelphia area. Our core focus is on alcohol consumers attending NHL league games, while targeting those seeking transportation to and from event venues, as well as surrounding fan bars. We believe that fans don’t associate themselves with buzzed driving and are unaware of local designated driver programs. They also may not associate corporate social responsibility with Brown-Forman and Tennessee Whiskey. AVERAGE NHL GAME ATTENDEE via MRI > Gender: Male Channel, VERSUS > Education: Graduated college plus > TV Show Type: Hockey, Baseball Specials, Pro Football Pregame Special, Soccer, Tennis > Age: 25 to 44 > Occupation: Management, Business and Financial Operations > HHI: $150,000 + > Census Region: Northeast & Midwest > Marital Status: Not Married > Child Age: 12-23 months & <2 years > Years at Present Address: 1-4 years > Home Value: $500,000+ > Race: White, Other and American Indian or Alaska Native > TV Shows: IFC (Independent Film Channel), MLB Network, MTV Tr3s, Palladia HD, Reelz 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE > Watch TV: Weekday 9AM- 4PM, Weekend Sports Sat. & Sun. afternoon > Magazines: The Atlantic, Audubon, Delta Sky Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Maxim, More, New York Magazine, New York Times (Sunday), Ski, Smithsonian, Southwest Spirit, Spin, Sporting News, Tennis, US Airways Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Wine Spectator, WWE Magazine > Magazine Types: Airline, Boating, Music >Listen to the Radio: Weekday 6AM- 10AM, Weekday 10AM- 3PM, Weekend 3PM- 7PM > Websites:,, Ticketmaster. com,,,,,,,
  • 9. [ SECONDARY RESEARCH [ ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION Studies show that even as little as one drink can impair driving ability. ONE DRINK ALCOHOL AMOUNTS 12 oz MODERATE DRINKING BUZZED DRINKING DRUNK/BINGE DRINKING + + + 5 oz + Accidents are 36.6 percent more severe even when alcohol was barely detectable in a drivers blood.” —David Phillips, Sociologist at University of California, San Diego 1.5 oz (80 proof) BUZZED DRIVING CAMPAIGNS The Ad Council was one of the first to develop a campaign focusing on ‘buzzed driving’ instead of ‘drunk driving’. They chose this focus because research reflected many impaired drivers excused dangerous driving habits by saying they were only buzzed. Since the launch of the campaign in 2005, the number of people who have died in a highway crash involving a driver or a motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher has decreased steadily each year, from about 13,500 in 2005 to just under 11,000 in 2009.” —Ad Council SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 8
  • 10. [ SECONDARY RESEARCH [ ALCOHOL MANAGEMENT Along with our target audience of hockey fans aged 21 to 45, we plan to create awareness of buzzed driving and promote responsibility when it comes to alcohol consumption with the help of the Wells Fargo Center’s restaurant and bar employees. By encouraging management and employees to take alcohol management courses, they will be better equipped to handle fans that choose to drink, as well as provide a safer environment for everyone. > C.A.R.E. (Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively) - This program is offered online through the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. > R.A.M.P. (Responsible Alcohol Management Program) - This is an umbrella term for a 5-step program, whereupon certification is given upon completion. The program was developed by the Pennsylvania License Control Board (PLCB), and once the establishment is R.A.M.P. certified, management must maintain compliance. WHY GET TRAINED IN ALCOHOL MANAGEMENT? 1 2 3 > Monitor and control guests’ alcohol consumption > Discreetly intervene before problems arise > Enforce ID-checking policies (spot fake or altered IDs) > Handle minors > Identify the physical effects of alcohol > Know and explain laws regarding alcohol service Recognition as a responsible company Knowledgeable and trained servers and managers 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE 4 5 6 Administrative Law Judge (R.A.M.P.) Possible liquor liability insurance discount (R.A.M.P.) Less likelihood of Dram Shop liability (R.A.M.P.)
  • 11. TRANSPORTATION According to Life and Leisure magazine’s “America’s Favorite Cities 2012” feature, Philadelphia was ranked number 17 in the nation for public transportation and pedestrian friendliness. Due to having one of the top public transportation systems in the nation, our campaign will promote using the local transportation system as a preventative measure for buzzed driving. Along with the subway, bus, taxi and trolley services, we will promote a partnership with designated driver services, such as BeMyDD, for fans that have driven to the game but have found they have consumed too much alcohol to safely drive home. BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES TO BEMYDD > Ride in the comfort of your own car. > Far more affordable than a limo or chauffeur > Professional drivers > Flexibility > Door-to-door drop-off > Eliminate the hassle of finding a taxi > Both you and your car get home SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 10
  • 12. [ PRIMARY RESEARCH [ SURVEY RESULTS As a part of our primary research, we conducted an online survey that reached 120 male and female hockey fans ages 21 to 64. The survey contained 16 questions related to hockey and alcohol consumption. The following information summarizes the overall results of the survey. *Some graphs may equal more than 100% because participants were able to answer some questions with more than one answer. GENDER 54.93% Female 45.07% Male HOW OFTEN DO YOU ATTEND NHL GAMES 58.57% 1-5 25.71% 0 11.43% 6-10 4.29% 10+ AGE 69.01% 12.68% 7.04% 8.45% 2.82% 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 WHO DO YOU ATTEND NHL GAMES WITH? 60.94% Friends 32.81% Family 1.56% Alone WHERE DO YOU LIVE? 59.15% Suburb 21.13% City 19.72% Rural HOW DO YOU GET TO & FROM GAMES? 7.04% Use a DD WHAT TYPE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE DO YOU CONSUME DURING HOCKEY GAMES? 86.96% Beer 15.22% Liquor 8.7% Wine HAVE YOU EVER HAD A NEGATIVE FAN EXPERIENCE CAUSED BY ALCOHOL? 82.09% No 17.91% Yes
  • 13. DO YOU CONSUME ALCOHOL AT THE RINK OR DURING THE GAME? DO YOU CONSUME ALCOHOL BEFORE OR AFTER THE GAME? WHERE DO YOU DRINK BEFORE & AFTER A HOCKEY GAME? 50.77% No 49.23% Yes 61.54% Yes 38.46% No 71.47% Bars 60.87% Home 15.22% Tailgate ON AVERAGE, HOW MUCH DO YOU DRINK AT A HOCKEY GAME? IF YOU AREN’T ATTENDING THE GAME, WHERE ELSE DO YOU ENJOY CHEERING ON YOUR TEAM? IF YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME AT A VENUE OTHER THAN THE RINK, HOW MUCH ALCOHOL DO YOU CONSUME? 45.9% 1-2 Drinks 34.43% 0 Drinks 16.39% 3-5 Drinks 3.28% 5 Or More Drinks 58.73% Home 34.43% Bar 16.39% Friend/Family Member’s Home 33.39% 3-4 Drinks 31.82% 1-2 Drinks 25.76% 0 Drinks 9.09% 5 Or More Drinks IF A DESIGNATED DRIVER SERVICE WERE OFFERED AT HOCKEY ARENAS, WOULD YOU USE IT? 60% Yes 40% No HOW MUCH WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PAY FOR A DD SERVICE? 31.25% $5-9 29.69% $10-15 29.69% Would Not Pay 9.38% $16-20 SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 12
  • 14. [ PRIMARY RESEARCH [ INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEWS As a part of our primary research, we conducted in-depth interviews with nine hockey fans. We asked them questions about their alcohol consumption at sporting events, attitudes about hockey games and perceptions of advertising during hockey games, among various other questions. Erin Carlson [21] Jacob Fischer [21] Becca Faherty [21] “I don’t drive buzzed, but I know that a lot of people do simply for lack of a better option for getting home and getting there when they want to.” “I absolutely love the experience of attending the games in person. There's always an electric atmosphere, and fans really get into the game. I've loved the sport for so long, and it's always a good time going out to support your team.” 13 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE Bryon McElwee Zach Weinberg [22] [23] Ethan Moses [22] “Buzzed driving is having had 4 beers in about two hours, or simply not having nausea—just depends on the situation I think.” Mike Schmidt [45] Wesley Davis [22] Amie Davis [22] “Sometimes public transportation is inconvenient, taxi’s are way too expensive and there are no buses that go all the way to the suburbs. Its also transportation after a sporting event because of the hectic nature when a sporting event ends. “ “I don’t really pay attention to advertising at hockey games that much. It doesn’t interest me. If it was more catch my attention more.” “I think jumbotron ads are the most effective because that is where my attention is if it is not on the game. I’m looking there to check the scores and see what I “There is no fan like a hockey fan. We are invested in not only the development of the sport itself, but also all of the games and the players. You go to a hockey game to watch the game and cheer on your team. I will say, however, we know how to drink. Hockey fans can be rowdy, and this usually stems from drinking before the game or drinking during so that you’re boozed up to celebrate a win or mourn a loss.”
  • 15. FOCUS GROUP As a part of our primary research, we conducted in-depth interviews with nine hockey fans. We asked them questions about their alcohol consumption at sporting events, attitudes about hockey games and perceptions of advertising during hockey games, among various other questions. Here are a few quotes from conversations we gained from our discussion: “If I’m drunk I won’t drive home, but if I only feel buzzed that won’t prevent me from driving home.” “Random fans screaming is annoying. People who don’t know anything about the sport can be “If there was a service that would pick me up at anytime within the hour for a reasonable price I SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 14
  • 16. KEY INSIGHTS According to our online survey, most hockey fans drive themselves to NHL games where they often consume alcohol. Because of this, hockey fans are the perfect market to target for designated driver services. Although fans may realize they are buzzed, they do not see themselves as a danger behind the wheel. Most hockey fans we spoke with have never used a DD service, but if it were readily available, they would use one that was reasonably priced and convenient. before and/or after they attend NHL hockey games. Although people recognize brand such as Jack Daniel’s, they are not familiar with the parent company Brown-Forman. 15 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE
  • 17. [ CREATIVE EXECUTIONS [ MEDIA STRATEGY Slapshot Creative will implement a hybrid media strategy. By fusing traditional methods of advertising with newer technologies we will promote responsible drinking habits while changing the behavior of our target market. Through radio spots, print advertising and social media engagement we will encourage fans to beat the buzz and find alternatives to driving after drinking. Bold, strategic promotion of the Jack Daniel’s brand will raise awareness of Brown-Forman and their commitment to corporate responsibility and enhancement of the fan experience. All media strategies will begin to be implemented one month before the first regular season NHL game in September and conclude after the Stanley Cup finals in April. CREATIVE EXECUTIONS The Beat the Buzz campaign centers around measures to prevent buzzed and drunk driving. The campaign’s tone will be fun and informative. We will stay away from being preachy and avoid using scare tactics. We want Flyers Fans to make the right decision on their own, with a little help from Brown- Forman. We have come up with a number of ways to execute our creative strategy and get our message across to Flyers fans. DRINK SCORECARD PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Flyers fans are important to us. We want to see you get to and from games safely. Use this drink scorecard to keep track of how many drinks you consume throughout the night. Have fun and stay safe—the Flyers need their fans. (averages) buzzed drunk SPONSORED BY: DRINK SCORECARD It can be difficult to monitor the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed in a night out on the town. The Drink Scorecard allows Flyers fans at participating bars to keep track of the amount of drinks they consume while watching Flyers games. This promotional item will help fans become aware of their alcohol intake so they can make smart decisions in regards to driving home from bars or the games. GIFT BAG We found a common theme in the interviews we conducted: people love free merchandise. Due to this insight, we will create a promotional bag of goodies with the Beat the Buzz logo on each item. They will be distributed to the first 2,000 fans at the beginning of two Flyers home games. Promo items will include water bottles, draw-string bags, keychains, T-shirts, pens, key chains, plastic stadium cups, etc. BEAT THE BEAT THE BEAT THE BEAT THE SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 16
  • 18. [ CREATIVE EXECUTIONS [ STANDING BANNERS One time purchase of two standing promotional banners to have at all promotional events. One Beat the Buzz logo and a second to raise awareness of the Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s brand. LARGE DD SIGN-UP TABLE BANNERS Banners to hang at the base of tables at Wells Fargo Center bars, as well as promotional events to encourage people to pledge to be a designated driver. POSTERS Beat the Buzz posters will hang up in participating bars and around the Wells Fargo Stadium. CUSTOM POP-UP TENT One time purchase to have at promotional events BEAT THE 17 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE TAXI COUPONS We want Flyers fans to get home safely, Since taxis can be expensive, we will hand out coupons for taxi services in the Philadelphia area.
  • 19. PROMOTIONAL EVENTS BEER GOGGLE SHOOTOUT Who says drinking education can’t be fun? One way to make an impression with our Beat the Buzz campaign is to host beer goggle shootouts during home games. We will purchase police-grade beer goggles and have contestants wear them while trying to shoot a puck into the goal. This promo event will remind fans how much their senses are impaired while consuming alcohol. BEAT THE BUZZ[ER] At half-time or during a timeout, 2 randomly selected contestants will navigate an obstacle course to get dressed in hockey gear. This will be timed and the goal is for one of the participants to complete the above task and score a goal before the buzzer sounds. The winner will receive Beat the Buzz promo gear. BUZZER BEATER GIVE-AWAY If a Flyers player scores on a buzzer beater Brown-Forman will donate money to a local DD service and will handout $30 taxi vouchers to adults 21+ SIGN-UP SATURDAY At one of the Saturday Flyers games, we will have a stand in the Wells Fargo Center where fans can take a pledge to be a DD for the night. Those that sign-up are given a Beat the Buzz member card and a promo swag bag full of Brown-Forman and Beat the Buzz gear. After the game, those with membership cards can go on the ice and meet Flyers players. BATTLE OF THE BARS Brown-Forman will invite bars in the Philadelphia area to a select few Flyers games throughout the season. At half-time, the bar owner and staff compete in an obstacle course on the rink. Winners will receive free R.A.M.P. or C.A.R.E. training for their bar, donated by Brown-Forman. SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 2
  • 20. [ CREATIVE EXECUTIONS [ PHILADELPHIA BARS 1. FIELD HOUSE SPORTS AND BEER HALL. Located on Filbert Street Phone: 215.629.1520 2. PADDY WHACK’S IRISH SPORTS PUB. 3 locations: 2nd and South, Welsh Rd., Comly Rd. 3. MIKEY’S AMERICAN GRILL AND SPORTS BAR Located on Chestnut Street PRINT BILLBOARDS | BEAT THE BUZZ To be placed alongside highways that are traveled on when en route to Philadelphia Flyers games at the Wells Fargo Center. Two medium billboards on I-95 North to Broad Street Exit Two medium billboards on I-95 South to Broad Street Exit Two medium billboard on Pennsylvania Turnpike east to Exit 6 SEPTA LINES | BEAT THE BUZZ We will purchase advertisements on blue and orange subway lines in Philadelphia to promote the use of public transportation to avoid buzzed driving. LOCAL TAXIS Taxi top advertisements will be purchased in order to promote our campaign message, as well as to attract the attention of those who may utilize public transportation instead of a DD program after Flyers games. WELLS FARGO CENTER A dasherboard advertisement will be purchased at Wells Fargo Center for the duration of the Flyers season. This advertisement will attract the attention of the over 15,000 Flyers game attendees and encourage responsible drinking. 19 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE 4. PJ WHELIHAN’S PUB Located in the Wells Fargo Center 5. CADILLAC GRILLE Upscale and members-only
  • 21. RADIO, TV AND DIGITAL RADIO SPOTS > Utilize Comcast networks that serve the Philadelphia community and broadcast all Flyers games: > On-Air Features after sports report about Flyers on days of games sponsorship > Advertising on AM frequency on WIP- CBS Sports Radio 610 > Sirius XM Radio NHL Network Radio > Game day spots played during morning and afternoon commutes JUMBOTRON Average of 2 advertisements per home game SCOREBOARDS Advertisement for a full season TELEVISION SPOTS Advertisements will be on local FoxSports station for the Beat the Buzz campaign. The creative idea for the TV spots will be “Don’t be that fan.” We’ve all been to sporting events where there’s that one fan that gets a little too drunk. The ads would center around a character that becomes way more intoxicated than he should be. He’ll do things in hockey game situations like spill his drinks on other fans, fall down the aisle, cheer for the wrong team and anything else that would be considered annoying at a Flyers game. INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DISPLAY SCREEN “Help Bobby Beat the Buzz”: and interactive game that allows people to direct a character “Bobby” to consume alcoholic beverages and perform tasks. It will allow people to see the side effects to unhealthy consumption of alcohol, raise awareness about buzzed driving and encourage our target audience to change their behaviors. The digital display will be featured at all promotional events and Flyers home games. SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 20
  • 22. ONLINE FLYERS WEBSITE Run digital advertisements on the Flyers website to reach our target market directly. ESPN MOBILE APPLICATION Advertisements on mobile site for both pre and post game coverage BROWN – FORMAN WEBSITE Place information about success of latest campaign on website, as well as links to important information about taxi and DD services in the Philly area. TWITTER Create and manage a Beat the Buzz account. Tweet facts, information and run Twitter contests in order to interact with target market. FACEBOOK Create and manage a Beat the Buzz account promoting responsible drinking habits. This site will be utilized for photo posting and as a way to share content with the target audience. CPM Advertisements (200,000 impressions) INSTAGRAM Create and manage a Beat the Buzz account. Encourage fans to snap a picture of their DD for the evening using the hashtag #NumberOneFan for the chance to win free tickets to Flyers games. Purchase of Flyers tickets (4 tickets per each home game) VINE Create free Beat the Buzz account and post videos of promotional events, DD sign-ups, as well as game action. HOOTSUITE Pro upgrade to assist in the monitoring and management of social media accounts. 21 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE
  • 23. [ CREATIVE EXECUTIONS [ PARTNERSHIPS COMCAST SPECTATOR/ FRONT ROW MARKETING The Comcast Spectator and Front Row Marketing will be hired to run analytics on the Beat the Buzz campaign and assist in evaluating the success of our programs. SEPTA LINES IN PHILLY The Philadelphia transportation system is a great resource for this campaign. We will partner with SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) to make sure fans get the best deals on rides home after games. RAMP AND CARE Free staff training for the five dining and entertainment areas within Wells Fargo Center. They include, The Cadillac Grille, Cigar Bar, Lexus Club, Cure Insurance Club and P.J. Whelan’s. We will sponsor training for 30 staff members at each establishment. SPONSORSHIPS PHILLY FLYERS GAME SPONSORSHIP Sponsor two home games at Wells Fargo Center at which all game attendees receive promo items, as well as get that chance to participate in awareness activities that be held during the periods at the Flyers Games. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS PLAYER SPONSORSHIP Sponsor one Philly Flyers player who will be the face of the Beat the Buzz campaign. They will promote responsible drinking, encourage fans to seek alternatives to driving buzzed and be present at said promotional events. SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 22
  • 24. [ PR KIT [ >> FACT SHEET CONTACTS LOGO ABOUT > The Beat the Buzz campaign is a product of a partnership between BrownForman and Slapshot creative with the goal of promoting responsible alcohol consumption among hockey fans, starting with fans of the Philadelphia Flyers > Beat the Buzz will utilize public transportation, and designated driver services such as BeMyDD for preventative drinking measures > Beat the Buzz will define 3 steps of drinking: moderate, buzzed, and drunk/binge drinking to raise awareness > Beat the Buzz’s 3 campaign phrases are: Mr. Rob Frederick VP and Director, Corporate Responsibility at Brown-Forman BEAT THE 1. Brown-Forman (the makers of Tennessee Whiskey) will always be your number one fan. 2. We want to see you at the next Philly’s game. Don’t drive buzzed. 3. Sometimes fans get a little rowdy; we’re here to help get you home safely. > Beat the Buzz hopes to encourage alcohol management programs, such as C.A.R.E (Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively) and R.A.M.P. (Responsible Alcohol Management Program) among bar employees and owners. > Lastly, Brown-Forman and Slapshot Creative seek to encourage hockey fans to “Beat the Buzz” and truly have the opportunity to “experience life.” 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE Miss Erin Duff Account Manager, Slapshot Creative (909) 753-5438 SLAP SHOT CREATIVE
  • 25. >> MEDIA ADVISORY August 1, 2013 For more information contact: Sarah Cowden (724) 816-2932 Brown-Forman and Slapshot Creative team up with Philadelphia Flyers for “Beat the Buzz” campaign For the 2013-2014 hockey season, Brown-Forman (makers of Tennessee Whiskey) and Slapshot Creative will work with the Philadelphia Flyers in preventing buzzed driving. They hope to do so through raising awareness, gauging perceptions, and consequently encouraging responsible drinking behavior among Flyers fans. Expect to see Jack Daniels promotions, kiosks for designated driver programs and beer-goggle shoot-outs at this season’s Flyers games. Pledge to become a designated driver at: Remember that a standard drink is defined as: a 12 oz. beer, a 5 oz. glass of wine, or 1.5 oz. of 80-proof liquor. SOCIAL MEDIA @BeatTheBuzz, #BeatTheBuzz @BeatTheBuzz, #numberonefan @BeatTheBuzz SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 2
  • 26. [ PR KIT [ >> SOCIAL MEDIA CONSIDERATIONS INSTAGRAM “#NUMBERONEFAN” HASHTAG > Hockey fans can take a picture of their DD for the night and include the “#numberonefan” hashtag in the post, along with tagging “@BeatTheBuzz” > If fans also use public transportation/BeMyDD services, they can photograph their driver (with permission) and do the same > Brown-Forman can take these photos from the hashtag and create a link on their corporate responsibility page, saying thank you to all the “numberone fans” out there TWITTER #BEATTHEBUZZ TWITTER CHAT > At various games, handbills notifying fans of the upcoming Twitter chat and corresponding information will be handed out. > The @BeatTheBuzz Twitter account will ask questions pertaining to: > The participant with the most helpful/compelling/unique responses will win 2 free tickets to next Flyers game FACEBOOK The social media manager will create a Beat the Buzz Facebook page and a four-month content calendar for the entire > Share content that appeals to hockey fans > Talk about/provide forums for hockey game discussion > Promote Beat the Buzz programs, such as pledging to become a designated driver VINE The manager of social media will set up a Vine account linking to the @BeatTheBuzz Twitter account and share > Hockey games > Beat the Buzz events/promos Fans are also encouraged to post Vine videos, if their accounts are linked to their Twitters, and include the #BeatTheBuzz Twitter hashtag > Beat the Buzz, Brown-Forman, and Slapshot Creative can use the videos as they see fit 25 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE
  • 27. BUDGET BUDGET BREAKDOWN TV, RADIO AND DIGITAL = $1,358,400 SPONSORSHIPS = $950,000 ONLINE = $358,900 PRODUCTION = $300,000 PRINT= $194,000 PARTNERSHIPS = $103,000 >> 4,972,915 GRAND TOTAL SLAPSHOT CREATIVE | 26
  • 28. Sponsorships Online Radio/TV/Digital Print 1 | SLAPSHOT CREATIVE November December January February March April $100,000 October Taxi Wells Fargo $320,000 $54,000 $8,000 Subway R.A.M.P and CARE Player Sponsorship Flyers Game Sponsorship Facebook Instagram Vine Hootsuite Flyers Website ESPN Mobile App Brown-Forman Website 150,000 $100,000 $3,000 $800,000 1,718,615 $28,800 $120,000 $0 $0 $200,000 $0 $0 $100 $500,000 Scoreboard Display Jumbotron $40,000 $38,400 $300,000 Sirius XM TV Spots $160,000 Radio $32,000 Billboards September MEDIA FLOWCHART
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