How HR Can Create a Culture of Innovation

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An overview of trends and how a

An overview of trends and how a

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  • 1. Creating a Culture of Innovation Presented by Kevin Wheeler
  • 2. Fewer Constraints - More ChoiceLittle Choice Much ChoiceScarcity/Control Surplus/Freedom Information Communications Purchasing options Education/Learning Lifestyle Entertainment Food Transportation
  • 3. 3 Emerging Biggies! 1 2 3 3
  • 4. Age of Collaboration & Community 4
  • 5. n  20th Century: n  Control information n  Cloak it in secret/File patents n  Do it all yourselfn  21st Century: n  Open sharing of information n  Transparency n  Share/partner/co-create 5
  • 6. Collaborating/Crowdsourcingn  A way to . . . n  Do complex, ambiguous, multicultural work n  Find scarce talent n  Seek multidisciplinary ideas 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. Rise of the Creative Class -Thomas Malone @ MIT 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. Top 10 Countries 1.  Singapore 2.  Netherlands 3.  Switzerland20 57 4.  Australia 5.  Sweden 6.  Belgium 7.  Denmark 8.  Finland 9.  Norway 10. Germany 11
  • 12. GEN Y VALUES GO MAINSTREAM Optimistic Empowered AmbitiousResourceful Passionate Loyal CommunicatorsConfident
  • 13. GEN Y’sn  Work for love, not moneyn  Attracted to opportunities, not statusn  Look for challenge, not tenuren  Demand that work be engaging & fun, not drudgeryn  Believe work is NOT location specific 13
  • 14. Blurring of Employee/Work Boundaries Free Agents & Employees Work, Enterprise, Partners, Leisure, Suppliers, Customers Home Consultants
  • 15. Flexible Work Patterns WORKER TODAY WITHIN 3 TYPE YEARS Regular 85% <50% Part-time/ 5% 10-20% Flextime Sometime 1% 5% Contractor 5-10% 15-20% Consultant 5% 10% Insourced 5% >20%
  • 16. R do to driveWhat C an Hin nova tion? 7 IDEAS
  • 17. 1. Remove Barriersn  HR policies aligned to support innovation. n  Encourage learning/exploration n  Allow easy internal movement n  Hire for innovative mindset n  Punish rigidity, chain of command thinking 17
  • 18. 2. Foster Collaborationn  Use collaboration tools/platforms n  Move away from emailn  Encourage sharing of ideas/brainstormingn  Focus on Accountability-Based Influence (ABI) n  Facebook n  EmpireAvenue n  Rypple 18
  • 19. 3. Leverage Analyticsn  Use data to look for opportunities & uncover needs & predict the future. 19
  • 20. 4. Pioneer New Models ofLeadership
  • 21. The Emerging Leadership Modeln  It’s Concurrent n  Several may co-lead at the same time based on skills or experiencen  It’s a Collective activity n  Many leaders /leadership of the teamn  It’s Collaborative n  Shared ideas/collective decisionsn  It’s Compassionate n  Emotion is allowed, Differences honored.
  • 22. 5. Flatten the Organization Partners•  Eliminate layersTrusted Partners•  Broaden spans•  Shrink headcount Core•  Reach across the globe•  Build networks Consultants/Specialists Partners 22
  • 23. 6. Honor the Oddballn  Seek out the mavericks, the loners, those with unsupported ideas & give them opportunities.n  Find people who can n  Deal with ambiguity n  Analyze the complex n  Live with interdependencies 23
  • 24. 7. Experiment Often & Fastn  Try new ideas – use pilots and test groupsn  If something seems counter-culture, give it a try.n  Be open to new technologies that could enhance collaboration, communication.n  Never punish failure. Learn and move on.n  Encourage the entire firm to embrace change. 24
  • 25. IBM “HR ThinkFuture”n  Think of talent as a cloud, as mobile, possibly working for IBM in the morning virtually and someone else in the afternoon.n  Focus on developing leaders with multicultural competence.n  Use social media as an HR tool replacing periodic performance reviews and enabling daily, continuous feedback.n  Use predictive analytics as an innovation tool. 25
  • 26. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” -Steve Jobs