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Incredible FInal Project

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Final presentation

  1. 1.  This project engages students to prepare a digital, online presentation the persuades their classmates to invest in a fictional European vacation.
  2. 2.  This Project is: › Authentic because students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills which include researching, planning, budgeting, designing, and collaborating. › Cooperative because students work in groups in order to help foster socialized learning and better their communication skills. › Active because students engage the material by reading, writing, talking, listening, and reflecting. This differs from a traditional classroom in which the teacher delivers most of the information.
  3. 3.       Students will learn standard research methods Students will use different types of technology in order to create a final project Students will demonstrate teamwork. Students will experience a workplace environment. Students will demonstration organization skills for both written and oral communication. Students will demonstrate proper communication skills.
  4. 4. ISTE NETS Standards -All standards are met by this activity but these are emphasized most: 1. Research and information fluency 2. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making 3. Creativity and Innovation
  5. 5. SD Content Standards 9-12.G.1.1. Students are able to use resources, data services, and geographic tools that generate and interpret information 9-12.G.2.4. Students are able to identify the main characteristics of cultural geography.
  6. 6.  Computer w/ Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote  Internet Access  Enroll in › How to use (TUTORIAL)  World Geography Text Book
  7. 7.   You are a travel agent and are planning a European Vacation. You are competing with your classmates to create the vacation that your customer wants to travel on. The winning presentation receives 10 extra credit points. You will create your presentation on either Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or . These MUST be included:  Map of your country.  Maps of the cities you visit.  The country’s national flag.  At least 4 sites or cities of interest. › › › Round-Trip Airline Ticket Hotel (For each city) Inter-country Transportation (As necessary)  Train Tickets  Car Rental (If you choose to rent one)  Public Transportation (A must in big cities) › › ›  Many European countries use the Euro, be sure you know what your country’s currency is. (Google a currency converter) › › ›  Picture of place Description of why your customer wants to go there. Admission to Sites (Google them) Estimated food costs and souvenir money. TOTAL COST The currency in the country and what the exchange rate is with the $. A total estimation of cost (Provide a charted breakdown of cost)  Many cities will have a tourist pack you can buy that includes Metro Tickets.  You can include any other information you think necessary such as history, climate, special cultural differences from America, important holidays or events a tourist should go to, etc…  This presentation must be shared publicly at with link to the URL posted on the discussion board on our class Blackboard site.
  8. 8. Students will be assessed on the rubric provided on the next slide.  Students will be assessed based on their introduction, content of the presentation and PowerPoint, writing mechanics, layout, graphics, and teamwork.  Students will be assessed individually and as part of a group. 
  9. 9. Day 1: › Teacher will introduce project and rubric. › Using Instant Classroom, the teacher will randomly assign students into groups of three. › Using a computer cart, each group will register for a Slide Share account and watch the tutorial at  Day 2: › Teacher will distribute a list of possible countries for students to explore on the internet. › Students will spend 10 minutes of the class period researching countries from the list. › Teacher will number each group and randomly draw a numbered playing card from a deck. The corresponding group will have first choice of countries. Once a country is selected, no other group may select that country. The process will continue until every group has selected a country. › Students will use the remaining time to become more familiar with their country. Teacher will serve as a resource person. 
  10. 10.  Day 3/Day 4 › Students will research and compile information for their presentation making sure to include all required elements (see slide 7). › Students will review, organize, and edit information. › Students will create a Prezi, PowerPoint, or Apple Keynote presentation. › Teacher will serve as a resource person.  Day 5 › Students will present their project to the class. Teacher will evaluate using the rubric (see slide 9).