Mission-Oriented Social Media


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This presentation was delivered on September 26 to the Mills Community Support lunch and learn event in Almonte, Ontario, and then a slightly revised version was presented the following day at the Community Integration Network conference in Toronto.

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  • Thanks Glenn, I am astounded by the number of 'gurus' that are posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a single 'feed.' It's like wearing the same clothes for going swimming, attending a wedding, and going to the office. It usually doesn't work!
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  • Favourite slide = 'Facebook is not like Twitter'
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Mission-Oriented Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media: Pursuing Mission-Oriented Social ChangeThis presentation will be available from this link: http://socialkeenan.com It only sounds scary, please come in and have a seat!
  2. 2. Will your social media strategy get you murdered in a lake?PEOPLE OR MACHINES? “FOR ME THE CHOICE IS EASY”
  3. 3. Keenan’s social media passion: made, not born!
  4. 4. LiveWorkPlayRegistered charity, full-time operation 1997Government 55% of revenuesCurrently equivalent of 11 full-time staff, 120 volunteersDirectly support 65 peopleMission: helping our community welcomepeople with intellectual disabilities to live,work, and play as valued citizens.
  5. 5. Website and Partner Websites Social media helps turnmoments into movements
  6. 6. If you remember nothing else….• Keep it mission-oriented• Share real stories about real change• Say thank you and say it publicly• Be timely, social media is a “now” tool• Social media is about social capital• Social capital is about reciprocity + time = trust• Non-profit agencies using social media are proving to be dramatically more successful at it than those who are not using it.
  7. 7. Marketing? Me? No no no, I work for a charity!
  8. 8. Is your organization engaged in marketing? It’s commonis yournon-profit organizations don’t How well that organization positioned in the wish tocompetitive world of social marketing? see themselves as being in competition Social mediaan integrated sociala fringe activity Do you have is often seen as media strategy? Seldom considered that social media might How can social media help improve the rest of actually help improvecommunications work? your marketing and other marcom activitiesSocial media often exposes outputs or outcomes? Are you concerned with outputs-focused marcom Social media is an opportunity to both enhance and challenge your organization’s mission-oriented pursuits!
  9. 9. Posted January 6, 2011 by Social Media ClubWhat are non-profits doing with their social media channels?1) traditional marketing — to promote the non-profit’s brand, programs, events or services — with 92.5% of survey respondents indicating this role as the purpose of their presence on commercial social networks.2) the second most popular role is for fundraising (45.9%).3) program delivery (34.5%)4) market research (24.3%)
  10. 10. Not using commercialsocial networking websites like Facebook and YouTube? Good for you, you must have one of the world’s greatest non-profit websites!
  11. 11. Ignoring the elephant in the room?
  13. 13. Hello, my name is:LiveWorkPlay Marketing Budget!
  14. 14. Where it all started…
  15. 15. @LiveWorkPlay
  16. 16. Top 30 20 in Canadian non-profit community? If only we’d been trying! (YouTube is more thankittens and hits to the groin)
  17. 17. 715 Views of Moira and Caroline [So Far]: Important Events AnalyticsSocial media analytics bring surprising levels ofunderstanding and transparency to relationshipsI-J: Posted on Facebook and LiveWorkPlay.caH: Posted on WordPress at keenan.wellar.caF-G: Shared with YouTube friends/subscribersC-D-E: Featured in stories on partner websitesA-B-C: Post-conference presentation buzz
  18. 18. What matters is “Where are the real relationships?” ~ Seth Godin
  19. 19. If you got there what would you do next?Those were the droids I was looking for!
  20. 20. slideshare Being completely current on social media is a simple matter of the impossible, so reinvigorate your joy of discovery! My advice is learn all the tricks you can while you’re young!TOOL TIP: SLIDESHARE.NET
  21. 21. “The ability for you to have a thoughtI might not share the sameand be able to publish that thoughtinstantly to the worldtheseplatformappearance as in any “baldyou desire,black”images, audio, video,men in in text, but I reallyand it comes up immediately, is brandspanking new.” – Mitch Joel to say!like what they have(from Six Pixels of Separation)
  22. 22. Seth Godin on leadership:Leadership is scarce because few people are willingto go through the discomfort required to lead. Thescarcity makes leadership valuable. If everyone triesto lead all the time, not much happens.It’s uncomfortable to stand up in front of strangers.It’s uncomfortable to propose an idea that might fail.It’s uncomfortable to challenge the status quo.It’s uncomfortable to resist the urge to settle.When you identify the discomfort, you’ve found the place where aleader is needed. If you’re not uncomfortable in your work as a leader,it’s almost certain you’re not reaching your potential as a leader.
  23. 23. For some,social media is understoodas a tool, a job, a skill, a choice…For myself and others,social media is understood as themost profound confluence ofhuman discourse the world hasever seen…
  24. 24. Some non-profits may fear that social media resistance is futile… Those who are in proper mission-oriented focus will understand it as a new universe of opportunities…
  25. 25. Nobody likes making public mistakes!
  27. 27. Social Media as Marketing Monster(Text of actual email, names removed)Keenan, thanks so much for permission to usethose images. The only problem is I can’tuse anything from Facebook from theoffice as the agency has blocked it.I’ll have to try it from home later.Director of MarketingMajor Non-Profit Organization
  28. 28. You are likely offending one or both audiences. You are putting disregard for authenticity on public display.On Facebook, updates have a full day life span! On Twitter, 95% of re-tweets happen in the first hour!
  30. 30. Do as we say, not as we do: social media engagement (non) strategy Hi, I’m the CEO of a local charitable organization. I don’t have time for social media, but our summer intern is posting some of our pressreleases on Facebook, you should check those out and make a donation!
  31. 31. Use of social media tools does not guarantee that people will listen. Engagement is shaped by the It is unrealistic to expect interpretation ofmore of your audience than its intentions.you would expect from your Brian Solis leadership and staff. Author of Engage! Lead by example!
  32. 32. The conversationMonetizing social media is like might lead somewherePutting theconversation monetizing the cart beforebut it definitely didn’t the horse and you had while waiting start with an ask declaring social media a failure? for your mocha java! for $20 before you’d start conversing!
  33. 33. After you listen – have conversations!
  34. 34. Do your practices alienate youth? Seniors? Both?“I think a lot of the demographics that we’regearing toward might not be your typicalFacebooker or techsavvy person. Maybe theyounger crowd and students for sure, but olderprospective volunteers don’t use that tool, and alot of our clients don’t use that as a tool,” sheexplained, noting that the agency is “busy enoughwithout maintaining Facebook and Twitter pages.” - Coordinator of Volunteers quoted in newspaper
  35. 35. It’s Not Just About Gen Y! The Digital UniverseIs Expanding And People Of All Ages Are Getting Out There! Even My Mom And Dad!
  36. 36. I’m afraid to usesocial media because someone might say something bad about us! So conversely…
  37. 37. Why do I needsocial media when I cancount on my buddies down at the newspaper!
  38. 38. If you build it, theywon’t come. In orderto host a party, youneed friends.
  39. 39. Are you expecting a mob of supporters to magically appear? Charity begins at home – build your tribe!
  41. 41. If you remember nothing else….• Keep it mission-oriented• Share real stories about real change• Say thank you and say it publicly• Be fast and have a plan – tomorrow is late• Social media is about social capital• Social capital is about reciprocity + time = trust
  42. 42. Effective use of Social Media is all about building Social Capital Reciprocity Time Trust
  43. 43. Partnerships: How can we give value to funders?They have many gooddeeds to choose from!
  44. 44. Rome was not built ina day and neither is asocial media strategy! 1Keenan Recommends:Start With These And NOT ALL AT ONCE! Pick One, Do It Well
  45. 45. @socialkeenanContact information and slides:socialkeenan.com