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  • 1. Egypt in Revolt andDavid D. Kirkpatrick in Slight Denial By: Katie Webb
  • 2. First Story of the World Section:
  • 3. Where are the military? Anarchy in the streets, but only theprotestors get portrayed as wild and violent.
  • 4. Other photos not chosen to illustrate article: The Military Headed to Attack Protestors
  • 5. A Wounded Protestor Hit by a Molotov Cocktail
  • 6. Article’s Title: Facing Calls to Give UpPower, Egypt’s Military Battles Crowds
  • 7. Attack on protestors and their credibility?
  • 8. Supreme Council of the Armed Forces:The council expressed “sorrow” over the situation. Itsaid it had ordered an investigation and it asked thepolitical parties to “contain the situation.”Uses quotes like air-quotes to almost mock ArmedForces for lack of action. First time he fairly critiquesmilitary.
  • 9. Concentrated much more on the military then the protestors. The words government, elections, and political represented.
  • 10. The Power of Political PersuasionWas the journalist censoring his writing or swaying it for political purposes?
  • 11. David D. Kirkpatrick’s Most Recent Articles
  • 12. “U.S. Hones Warnings to Egypt as Military Stalls Transition” Article from November 16, 2011
  • 13. Washington Correspondent!
  • 14. Importance of Protestors on January 29, 2011
  • 15. Photos attached to January 29,2011 article before possibly biased November articles.
  • 16. Protestors began as most important aspect, but overa few months did Kirkpatrick and the NYTimes begin falling in line with the Obama administration?