Friday May 11 Presentation - Community Assessment Introduction


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  • Business in York Region are at a distinct disadvantage – not having access to broadband networks means that it is more expensive for them to operate in our area - $200/month vx. $1-2K/month for dedicated fibre. Businesses in Tillsonburg and Georgina have faster Internet access than in Newmarket, Aurora, and the rest of the N6. Beyond just connectivity for business: Dr. Williams: I can not do telerobotic surgery at Southlake today because of lack of infrastructure. Jeremy Laurin, ventureLab – the Regional Innovation Centre for York Region has no access to high speed R&D networks. Our post-secondary institutions/campuses in York Region do not have access to high speed R&D networks. This is a barrier to innovation, investment attraction, and growth.
  • CANARIE – DAIR Digital Accelerator for Innovation & Research Sm and med size companies Able to create new, complex, large scale products & demonstrate w/out building costly R&D infra computing., storage, bandwidth Accessed through regional networks
  • Friday May 11 Presentation - Community Assessment Introduction

    1. 1. D r. Sor i n Cohn 1
    2. 2. 1. Intelligent Communities Shanghai 1990 Framework 2. i-Canada Program 3. i-Canada Assessment Tools Sony – Did You Know? – 2010 Shareholders Video Build Canada Shanghai 2008 as a Competitive Innovation Nation Community by Community UsingBroadband Communications and Intelligent Services Anytime Anywhere M ay 10, 2012 p. 2
    3. 3. A Community May Be: A Community Must a Village Have: a Town  Distinct Identity with history & future A Municipal District  Ability to Act as an Entity a City  Core Elements Cooperating for the a Metropolis (City Good of the Whole Conglomerate)  Economic and Social Prosperity Goals a Region  Acceptance and Recognition as such a Country Communities must adapt to changing economical and social environments in their competition for success M ay 10, 2012 p. 3
    4. 4.  Broadband Connectivity  New essential utility vital for economic growth Knowledge Workforce  Creating economic value through processing & use of information Digital Inclusion  Bridging the gaps and avoiding social rifts Innovation  Capacity for economic & social renewal in businesses and citizen services Marketing & Advocacy  Building the vision and communicating the competitive values of the community 7 F ebr uar y 2011 p. 10 4 M ay 10, 2012 p. 4
    5. 5. South All residents and businesses to …with two differentKorea have 1 Gigabit per second Canadian perspectives: (Gbps) access by 2012 “By the end of 2015, the CRTC expectsSingapore To connect 95% of homes and all Canadians to have access to businesses to 1 Gbps fibre optic broadband speeds of at least 5 access by 2012 megabits per second (Mbps) forSweden 40% of households and downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads.” (CRTC News Release, May 3, 2011) businesses to have access to 100 Mbps by 2015 and 90% by 2020Denmark 100% of households and “Canada needs an unprecedented level of collaboration across governments, our businesses to have access to 100 educational system, and the private sector to Mbps by 2020 reach a moonshot goal for Canada as aAustralia 93% of homes, schools and digital society — where anyone can do businesses to have access to 100 anything online from anywhere, anytime, at a reasonable and appropriate cost by 2017.” Mbps by 2021. Source: OECD (Canada 3.0 Conference, May 2011)United 100 Million households to haveStates 100 Mbps access by 2020 MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION 5
    6. 6. EORN Eastern OTTIX Agilis Ontario Ottawa Greater Sudbury Utilities Lakeland Muskoka SCAN Comcentric Simcoe SW Ontario TORIX Toronto Gov’t or Co-op LARG*net London MUSH Network Internet Exchange MINISTRY OF Niagara Regional ECONOMIC ORION ServiceWEDnet Draft for Discussion BB Network DEVELOPMENT6Windsor Rhyzome WREPnet AND Stratford Kitchener-Waterloo INNOVATION 6 NOTE: Coverage ovals are diagrammatic only.
    7. 7. M ay 10, 2012 p. 7
    8. 8. Innovation is defined as activities that take ideas and convert them into products or services of commercial and/or social value. Council Approved Direction September 2011 Slide 8 M ay 10, 2012 p. 8
    9. 9.  Competitiveness Issue Business Retention & Expansion  Cost of doing business  Availability/Accessibility, collaboration access Critical Support Research  Health / Health ICT, Post-secondary research  Commercialization Need for an N6 Approach – sustainability “Innovation Needs A Backbone!” M ay 10, 2012 p. 9
    10. 10.  36,000 jobs created in Canada in 2012 -> cloud computing – infrastructure dependent (Microsoft/IDC) Each time country doubles broadband speed, economic output increased by 0.3% (Ericsson, Chalmers, Little, 2012) The inter-states of the 21st century New Brunswick: the Millionaire Ecosystem Slide 10 M ay 10, 2012 p. 10
    11. 11.  Understanding where we are  Beyond technical gap analyses  Local and N6 Perspectives Mobilizing stakeholder groups Engaging communities Exploring options Developing sustainable business case M ay 10, 2012 p. 11
    12. 12. Life: Live, Learn, Work, Play LIFE Solutions: Health, Education, Government, Safety, Community, Arts, Commerce, Traffic, Environment Collaboration Ecosystem: Innovation, Creativity, SOLUTIONS Community Animation, Facilitation, Social Networks Infrastructure: Communications, RoadsCOLLABORATION Rail, Transit, Water, Energy, Waste ECOSYSTEM Place: Buildings, Parks, Waterfronts INVESTMENTINFRASTRUCTURE HUMAN CAPITAL MARKETING +Leadershi PLACE GLOBALIZATION p M ay 10, 2012 p. 12
    13. 13. i- CAT = a framework to undertake consistent and comparative assessment of community status and performance progress Monitoring Tool  enables community leaders to understand and monitor the community’s performance  Retrospective  helps in assessing values and progress of programs  Prospective  helps in devising new initiatives and programs Competitive Tool  allows a competitive analysis against target communities Democracy Tool  enables & empowers community to active participation  Transparency  helps in making community programs and its progress transparent to its citizens  Accountability  : enables better accountability M ay 10, 2012 p. 13
    14. 14. Focus on Critical Aspects of what an i-Community Is & Needs Community Involvement Processes Infrastructure Financing Community Services Competitive AttributesProvide Map with Visual Analytics At-a-glance competitive assessment Critical priority dimensions for assessment Evolving performance targets M ay 10, 2012 p. 14
    15. 15. Living Living p. 15 Play & Culture Play & Culture Working Working Life Learning Safety & Health Safety & Health Social Cohesion Social Cohesion M ay 10, 2012 e-Arts e-Arts e-Education Solutions e-Health e-Health e-Business. e-Business. s zen e-Community e-Community Citi e-Government e-Government TH Factors (over 360) Dimensions (76) OUDomains (5) Know. Workforce Know. Workforce Areas (26) Indicators (over Collaboratio Perspectives Mkt. Connect. Entrepreneurshi Staff p p n Innovation Innovation 1200) Involvement Involvement & Utilities ness Mobile Infrastructu Mobile Broadband Broadband Busi re Comm. Assets Comm. Assets Finance Finance Transport Urbanism Urbanism Place Environment Environment Governance Governance
    16. 16. Tool Purpose Complexity & Usage  Upper layer of areas investigation Decision tool forIntroductory  Done by Community Leader  Mayor/CIO community leadership  About 100 questions  Approx 2 hrs Tool for determining  Investigates just the Collaboration DomainCollaboration community involvement  Done by i-Canada with staff support Specific and culture of  About 350 questions  Days to weeks collaboration Tool for getting quick  Specific Community PerspectiveDirected “Lite” community perspectives  Undertaken by i-Canada & community section Assessment from city officials,  About 600 questions  Several weeks businesses or citizens Planning and Operational  Complete investigation – multiple perspectives Complete Tool for concerted action  Done by i-Canada & all community sections Assessment by entire community  About 1200 questions  2- 4 months 16 M ay 10, 2012 p. 16
    17. 17. Living Living p. 17 Play & Culture Play & Culture Working Working Life Learning Safety & Health Safety & Health Social Cohesion Social Cohesion M ay 10, 2012 e-Arts e-Arts e-Education Solutions e-Health e-Health s zen e-Business. e-Business. Citi e-Community e-Community e-Government e-GovernmentDomains (5) Staff Know. Workforce Know. Workforce Perspectives Areas (26) Collaboratio Mkt. Connect. Entrepreneurshi p p n Innovation Innovation ss Involvement Involvement i ne us Utilities B Mobile Infrastructu Mobile Broadband Broadband H UT re Comm. Assets Comm. Assets YO Finance Finance Transport Urbanism Urbanism Place Environment Environment Governance Governance
    18. 18. L i fe Example of progressing W or k i ng intelligent community Safety & H eal th P l ay & Cul tur e L ear ni ng Soci al Cohesi on L i vi ng 100% e-A r ts K nowl edge W or k for ce C ol l a b or a m on s e-E ducati on E cos ys t e M ar k et Connecti vi ty u ti 50% e-H eal th S ol E ntr epr eneur shi p 25% t i on e-B usi ness 0% I nnovati on e-Community e-G over nment Communi ty I nvol vement G over nance Uti l i ti esExample of E nvi r onmentcomplacent M obi l ecommunity Ur bani sm B r oadband T r anspor t e ac Comm. A ssets Pl I n fr a F i nance str u c tu r e M ay 10, 2012 p. 18
    19. 19. E LFA SSE SS YOUR S M ay 10, 2012 p. 19
    20. 20. R SE L FA SSE SS YOU M ay 10, 2012 p. 20
    21. 21. R SE L FA SSE SS YOU M ay 10, 2012 p. 21
    22. 22. Develop XY Z as a competitive community What is our Status: Enable XYZ leadership to understand situation and plan ahead  Retrospectively: Retrospectively Assess achievements to date  Prospectively: Devise new initiatives and programs Benchmarking: Benchmarking How competitive are we? Engaging: Engaging Attracts & empowers community to active participation  With transparency: Make community programs and its progress transparent to its citizens  With accountability: : Ensure good accountability M ay 10, 2012 p. 22
    23. 23.  Date 0: Contract Agreement Date 1: Planning Session (30 April May 4) Date 2 (Date 1+ 3-4 days): On-line survey(s) for Basic i-CAT assessment available to selected representatives (May 3 May 8- if lists of reps available)  A specific survey instrument (on-line address) will be provided for each class of representatives. Date 3 (Date 2 + 1 week): End Assessment Undertaking (May 11 May 15 – if responses provided)  Selected representatives provide responses to Basic i-CAT survey tool  BD COHNsulting analyzes responses and prepare Assessment Map Visuals Date 4 (Date 3+ 1 week): Direct Client Presentation (May 18 – if…) (and Decision on Follow-through Optional Items)Optional + P r esentati on at M ay 23-24 Confer ence Date 5 (Date 4+ 3-4 days): Assessment Analysis Webinar Session  Presentation on community assessment results Date 6 (Date 5+ 1-2 weeks): Planning Session for Phase 2  Discussion and interpretation of results with action items and planning of Phase 2 follow-up work 23 M ay 10, 2012 p. 23
    24. 24. Safe Decent Canadian type L i fe ty & Learning So Working cia Social & Safety conditions ng Heal l Co Playi he ing th Good LIVING sio n on tio Liv E -S n W ea Should be quite attractive… or cr kf Re o ns r ati rc e- tio e ca ol u Ma 100% du r ke tin e-E e-EDUCATION needs a boost g abo th 75% eal t i on Entr epre e-H n eurs e-RECREATION is too weak h ip 50 % C ol lMARKETING & INNOVATION 3. MARKETING & e-Busin ess srequire significant improvement INNOVATION There is need for a bringing Innovationrequire significant improvement forward effective e-BUSINESS, e-Community GOOD COMMUNITY e-COMMUNITY & INVOLVEMENT e-COMMUNITY & ment e-Gov e-GOVERNMENT e-GOVERNMENT nity Involve ern ment Commu lit ies Uti art In Sm Go fr ob ile ve rn as M an ce tr ce d UTILITIES are perceived as uc an En db better than average a vir tu ts l oa sse o Br nm re P yA Urba e en nc Transport Great ENVIRONMENT nit BROADBAND & MOBILE t Fina u n to take advantage of… mm ism are in dire need for upgrading Co M ay 10, 2012 p. 24
    25. 25. iCanada, IBM, Waterloo, Stratford, INGDirect, Toronto Waterfront, Ministry ofEconomic Development and Innovation, IT World Canada, CIRILab, ORION,ventureLAB, CANARIE, P3Canada, Windsor, Tillsonburg M ay 10, 2012 p. 25
    26. 26.  Take the online survey – URL to be distributed by e-mail You do not need a technology background to do the survey Remember the survey is a subjective assessment – it is measuring your perceptions of the issues, in your role with the Regional Municipality of York Total time to complete the survey: 1 – 2 hrs.; can stop and save at any point, resume later Complete the surveys by May 17 Thank you for your interest and participation! M ay 10, 2012 p. 26